Reviews for Alone no more by zodiak023

Gimmemore75 (Chapter 7) - Mon 15 Jul 2024

Yes. Yes it is. That's pack Sessh. And Kagome is your future mate. She literally died for you. This is your family and they love you. Even Yasha.

SmilingFool (Chapter 7) - Thu 11 Jul 2024

wow, love the story... wonder why Inu Yasha is not yelling at Kagome for being nesr Sesshomsru.

Gimmemore75 (Chapter 5) - Thu 06 Jun 2024

This is really interesting! I like it so far. She already said she'd help rule the West with him. Kagome though is having a one track mind. I guess save him first and then get woo'ed. Sesshomaru's bbeast is already moved by her actions.

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