Alone no more by zodiak023

Dark purple veins

They had just defeated Naraku together and now they all were disheveled and exhausted even the pristine-looking Lord Sesshomaru was a bit out of sorts. Kagome watched him as he rode his two headed dragon back to the castle. She couldn’t be sure, but he looked severely hurt. After they all healed there was a small gathering in the village for the group who took down Naraku.

Kagome had wished away the jewel and had decided to stay in the feudal era. She had dropped a letter into the Bone Eater’s well hoping the magic would carry it back to her mother to let her know her decision and the magic came through for her. Now two months had passed, and Rin came running to Kagome worriedly. She had been staying in the village learning as much as she could since she had shown signs of being a miko herself.

“Kagome, Rin is worried for Sesshomaru-sama, he has not been to visit Rin in a long time.” Rin crying.

“Hush now little Rin, he is probably doing his chores of fixing the damage Naraku did. I am sure he will come see you soon.” Kagome giving the child a reassuring smile, but even she was worried for him, no one had seen him since the battle against the evil spider.

“Ms. Higurashi, Lord Sesshomaru’s guard has come to seek you out.” one of the village older men came running. Rin and Kagome both stared at one another, and panic rose, she knew better than to try to leave the child behind and she could possibly help. Kagome knew when a personal guard came in Lord Sesshomaru stead that he was in dire straits. Kagome grabbed Rin’s hand after she had stopped to grab her bag,

“Lady Kaede, I am taking Rin with me to visit the lord.” Kagome running out of the hut and toward the Bone Eater’s well to meet with the guard Once they met with the guard who was on horseback and saw that Ah-Uhn was there, Rin jumped on the back on the dragon,

“How bad is he?” Kagome asked,

“He weakens every day, he is not aware I have come to seek you out, we must hurry.” the guard’s youkai horse getting restless. Kagome gave a sharp nod as she jumped on the dragon behind Rin, she had never ridden Ah-Uhn but it wasn’t the time or place to be afraid of falling off. Once Kagome was behind Rin, she threaded her arms around Rin’s sides to grab the reins and the horn of the saddle.

“Go Ah-Uhn, we must hurry!” Kagome shouted, they nodded their heads and quickly stood as they started running and flapping their wings. In no time at all they were touching down in the courtyard, Ah-Uhn laid down as Kagome and Rin ran in the castle.

“Where is he?” Kagome asked a guard,

“You have no place…” the guard trying his best to do his duty. Kagome grabbed a piece of the guy’s armor and brought him down to her face,

“I have been sent for by his personal guard, so help me if you delay the reason why I am here I will make sure your head…” Kagome being interrupted,

“Lady Kagome, it is not necessary for you to threaten my guards. My health is none of your concern.” Sesshomaru coldly stated, but when Rin ran and tackled his waist Kagome watched closely at how the small teen tackling him had made him stumble back. She wasn’t going to let him hide his wound, she marched up to him and grabbed his yukata and tore it open, she gasped, dark purple veins crawled up his body, he quickly hid the sight from the little girl.

“Sesshomaru, this is bad.” Kagome looking up at him with tears in her eyes, he grabbed her wrists,

“Papa, are you sure you are alright?” Rin asked as she looked up at him.

“I am a little under the weather, nothing for you to…” Sesshomaru being interrupted, he coughed a little,

“Papa, you’re bleeding! Kagome, please help my papa!” Rin crying and begging her. He touched the stream of blood running from his nose, Kagome came running over,

“You need my help.” Kagome hissed out,

“Maked sure Rin is fed.” Sesshomaru still having a firm grip on Kagome’s wrists as he ordered a passing maid. He dragged Kagome to his chamber’s, there he slammed the door behind them and shoved her toward his bed, but it was more of a human shove than one of his caliber was capable of.

He stared out the window, he had hoped that his poison would cancel out the poisonous miasma coursing through his veins since the battle against Naraku. It was time to accept the help from the miko, he carefully discarded his top and let her take a long look at his back. Kagome saw the dark purple veins running everywhere, they were up to the middle of his back, she couldn’t help but run her small feminine hands and fingers over the veins on his back, he could feel her deep concern for him, but he could also feel her anger. He turned just in time to take a fist to the chest and another one,

“You egotistical, prideful, arrogant…” Kagome being interrupted, he grabbed her wrists to stop her.

“Keep your voice down.” Sesshomaru growled out, Kagome noticed that when she hit him some of the purple went away.

“This is miasma. My reiki could purify this in no time, but why isn’t your poison doing anything to counterattack it?” Kagome asked.

“I do not need your help, go eat and leave.” Sesshomaru dropping her wrists, he picked his top back up and put it back on.

“You don’t need my help? Sesshomaru you will be dead within the week if you don’t accept my help! Is that what you want?” Kagome shouted at him. He had her pinned to the wall and growled in her face, suddenly a burst of blood poured from his lips.

“Kami! Sesshomaru, let me fuckin’ help you! When you do die from Naraku’s poison you do realize that Naraku will be known for taking your life, is that how you want to be remembered?” Kagome playing against his prideful side. Sesshomaru clawed the thick wood she was pinned to as he slowly raised his head.

Kagome wasn’t afraid of him, she never had been, gently she cupped his cheek, when he looked in her eyes, he could see her tears and see and feel compassion and her eyes were begging him not to die this way. He closed his eyes, he couldn’t bear to see the care and her tears, he fell to a knee in front of her. Kagome clenched her eyes shut as her tears fell, she silently prayed that he would live, because this was bad.

“I am exhausted, I do not want to do it anymore.” Sesshomaru whispered.

“We defeated Naraku, please don’t give him the satisfaction of taking you with him. The west still needs their lord.” Kagome falling to her own knees and hugging his neck tightly.

“I do not want to rule alone anymore.” Sesshomaru admitted to her, she was quiet for a few minutes, seeming to be thinking,

“I can stay and help you.” Kagome volunteered.


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