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Can't remember name
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Just make a thread outlining as much about the general plot as you can remember, and any defining details that made the story stick with you. Good luck!
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TOPIC: Can't remember name
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Can't remember name 2 Months, 3 Weeks ago Karma: 1
I remember a fanfic that had I think kagome travel further in time, meets sesshomaru. He has a braid thinks to her, something happens, she gave him something to forget about her. She kisses him, goes back to her time with Inuyasha and doesn't remember that he has a brother, they see each other again, something happens, they remember again. I know this is vague, but I've only read it like 2 times a long time ago, so that's all I can remember about it.
There's another one I'm looking for as well. Kagome immortal, sesshomaru marks her but the mark doesn't stay on her, everyone knows her, like his father met her when he was young once. Something about time or something. Learns what she is and why she occasionally has to leave the palace.
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Re:Can't remember name 2 Months, 2 Weeks ago Karma: 4
Wait, is that the one where she goes back, and she meets midoriko when she gets stabbed, and then almost dies and midoriko puts her in a sleeping spell and Sess rushes her back to his father to revive her and on the way fights a dragon. Then they meet baby kouga and his parents and the darkness attacks them, and the they get attacked by the time youki, and visit a holy lady and the potion I think tastes like orange peels?

I *THINK* that’s the Once and Future Taiyouki. By RosieB it’s rated T on FFN, not sure what it would translate to here.

EDIT BY WICCAN: Owing to the amount of descriptive gore, this story would be rated MA on our site, just as an FYI.
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