Queen of Sheba by zodiak023

Pity from the ice lord

Kagome and Sesshomaru were quiet on the way back to her place. When they finally got to Kagome's place Kagome got out and Sesshomaru got her bike out of the trunk. Kagome led him up to her apartment,

"You can rest the bike just behind the door here," Kagome unlocking the door quietly. Sesshomaru had to blink, not once but twice, he couldn't believe his eyes, the hell that she was living in, it was a run down apartment, having two rooms, a kitchen and a bedroom, a very small living room, having only an old recliner and an old, old small chair.

"Kagome," the babysitter giving her a questioning look,

"Oh, um, this is Mr. Takehashi, he is an old friend, its alright," Kagome explained.

"Alright, Rin is asleep, she ate a good dinner tonight, um, I know you are strapped for cash at the moment but I need the money you owe me," the woman softly.

"Um, okay," Kagome pulling out the money she had made for tips and counting it, she had made a fair amount of money that night but she owed the babysitter over half of what she had made. Kagome stuck a 100 in her pocket and gave the rest to the babysitter.

"You know I feel bad about breaking you like this but I don't have any other job but this one," the woman explained.

"I know, I'll be fine, we'll be fine," Kagome looking toward her bedroom,

"I'll leave you two alone," the babysitter leaving the apartment, Sesshomaru watched the woman leave. He stared at Kagome, she could feel the pity in his eyes,

"Sesshomaru, don't do that, I am fine, we are fine," Kagome smiled and shrugged but Sesshomaru noticed the smile didn't last long. Sesshomaru walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder,

"If you are going to pass judgment on me and how I live, you can just leave," Kagome shrugging him off.

"I am not here to pass judgment, however Kagome, you can not live like this. Your daughter can not live like this," Sesshomaru strongly.

"Damn it Sesshomaru, I am trying the best I can, she has clean clothes, she has enough food in her stomach and a roof over her head. I work my ass off to get this much, that's why I am going to college, to hopefully get a better job. What the hell do you want from me?" Kagome screamed, her veins and muscles popping out of her head and neck.

"Mommy," a young female voice coming from the doorway of the bedroom,

"Damn it," Kagome mumbled, she looked over to the doorway,

"Mommy, you're bleeding," her little girl running over to Kagome,

"I'm alright honey," Kagome picking her up, the little girl looked over at Sesshomaru.

"Mommy, is that the man from the pictures with the little girl that looks like me?" the girl asked.

"Um, yes honey, this is Lord Sesshomaru, Lord Sesshomaru, this is Rin," Kagome softly. Sesshomaru stood there taking in the small girl in front of him, she looked very similar to his little ward.

"Hello Rin," Sesshomaru clearing his throat.

"Hi, Lord Ses-sho-maru," Rin sounding out his name in a shyly manner, he smirked a little,

"Such a word for a little girl like yourself and you said it very well," Sesshomaru trying to have a gentle voice around the child.

"My mommy had helped me with it, can I see you?" Rin asked,

"If I can see this picture that you talk of," Sesshomaru explained. She wiggled out of her mother's arms and took his hand and led him to the kitchen.

"It's right there, mommy keeps all her friends and family on the fridge, I want to see you now," Rin tugging on his pant's leg.

"Alright," Sesshomaru removing a necklace, there he stood tall and proud with his long silver hair and his pointed ears in his white and red haori with his mokomoko fur on his shoulder but he didn't have the armor on. The little girl was in awe,

"You're pretty," Rin giggled. Kagome blushed,

"Honey, guys are handsome and girls are pretty," Kagome laughed a little. He was about to put his necklace back on,

"Don't put it back on yet," Rin begged

"Rin, it is very dangerous for me to be in this form. I am not human," Sesshomaru explained.

"But you look better this way," Rin whined, Kagome felt awkward having the stoic lord in her apartment, he was always clean and rich enough to afford new things, the stoic lord felt embarrassement rolling off of Kagome, he knew it had to be because of her place of residency.

"Okay sweetheart, its time to go back to bed, mommy has school in the morning," Kagome picking her up.

"No, mommy, I want to stay and play with Lord Sesshomaru," Rin's lip quivered as if she were about to cry.

"I shall come tell you a story about the little girl in the picture, perhaps your mother will allow this Sesshomaru to take you on an outing tomorrow," Sesshomaru glancing at Kagome.

"Oh yes, please mommy?" Rin begged,

"I don't see why not," Kagome giving her daughter a soft smile and glancing up at Sesshomaru and giving him a serious look.

"Alright then, play date with Lord Sesshomaru, it will save us a little money on a babysitter," Kagome mumbling the last part of the sentence, but they both heard her.

"Come Rin, I shall tell you a bed time story, while your mother takes a shower herself," Sesshomaru taking her from Kagome,

"Goodnight mommy," Rin kissing her cheek,

"Goodnight sweet baby," Kagome giving her daughter a kiss back.

"Do not forget to wash the blood off your face," Sesshomaru looking down at her,

"Nothing I cant handle Lord Sesshomaru, you should know," Kagome seriously, she walked into their bedroom and grabbed her clothes, then went to the bathroom and shut the door, Sesshomaru looked at Rin, he smirked,

"Mommy takes good care of me," Rin softly.

"I understand, however…" Sesshomaru being interrupted,

"This place isn't big but it works, at least we aren't on the street," Rin softly.

"You make a good point, I shall take you tomorrow to purchase necessities." Sesshomaru asked.

"I don't have any money," Rin explained,

"This Sesshomaru will buy you and your mother some nice things," Sesshomaru explained.

"We have nice things, clean clothes and things, my mommy looks out for me," Rin proudly,

"I can see that, however, who looks after your mother?" Sesshomaru asked as they entered the bedroom. Kagome heard their conversation,

"Mommy says she cant trust anyone anymore to take care of her, are you here to take care of my mommy?" Rin asked as she got under the blankets and snuggled with a teddy bear.

"I didn't know she was living in town, your mother and this Sesshomaru were only allies in the past. I don't really know much about her but I owe her for helping this Sesshomaru's little girl, so we shall see," Sesshomaru looking at the bathroom door. He got Rin tucked in bed and laid down by her and started telling her about the little girl that used to follow him around, Kagome took her time in the hot shower. Sesshomaru laid by Rin as she snuggled up to him, he stared at her.

~She looks much like Rin, I…Kagome's life is worse than it was in the past. I have to help them.~ Sesshomaru falling asleep with his necklace on and with his arm around Rin. Kagome carefully stepped out of the shower and dried off and put her pajama pants and t-shirt on and brushed her hair and teeth then stepped out to see Sesshomaru laying in her bed cuddling up to her daughter, she smirked, she went to the fridge and took the picture of Sesshomaru and his ward and she walked back to the bedroom and placed it in his hand. Kagome stared at them making a mental picture and walked back into the small living room. She grabbed the small throw that was on the recliner and reclined the chair, she went and locked the door and went back to the chair and curled up in the recliner and fell asleep.


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