Sesshomaru a Restless Soul by zodiak023

Chapter 1

There was a crescent moon hanging in the sky, but clouds were rolling over it, a little bit of thunder rolled and the angry sea waves crashed against the shore. She was never afraid of thunderstorms she had always thought they were pretty how the lights danced in the sky, but then again she always thought that the most dangerous things in the world were beautiful, like Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's half brother.

Kagome was taking a vacation with her daughter Rin, Rin wasn't really her daughter because she belonged to the demon lord that she had found quite beautiful over the last year that she had actually been in the Feudal Era. Rin had came to Kagome's group because Sesshomaru had disappeared into thin air, or so Rin had said, she had been hiding in the bushes when it happened.

Kagome had returned with Rin back to her time after a long search for Sesshomaru and Naraku but when she had tried to return through the well with Rin it didn't work, she even tried to go through the well without the little girl…nothing. Nothing but a dried up well. Kagome assumed it was Naraku's doings. She racked her brain trying to figure out what happened to them, why they would just disappear into thin air like that.

It had been five years since the well closed up, Rin had always missed the one demon that had took her in, he had been the only father figure she had ever had in her life and would always remember him though it had been five years now, her mind was trying to tell her it was all a dream, but Kagome would always tell her the stories of her and the little toad that she used to torture when she traveled with Sesshomaru.

According to Rin, Sesshomaru wasn't all that bad, she had managed to see Sesshomaru smile on occasion when she tortured his little imp toad. Tonight was one of those nights, Rin had grown up, standing up to Kagome's shoulders, she was 15 years old now, and if Kagome was older than 21 years Rin would look just like her daughter, but they looked like sisters.

Rin had kept her long black hair to the length of her shoulders, it was easier to take care of, but tonight she seemed to miss Sesshomaru the most. Kagome was laying in the hammock on the porch, she looked like she was thinking. Rin didn't want to bother her so she just walked out onto the porch and leaned on the railing to see if she could see any stars or the moon, she had just caught a glimpse of the crescent moon right before the clouds covered it.

"Hey Rin, are you alright?" Kagome confused,

"I miss…daddy," Rin turning around with tears dripping down her face, Kagome got up and walked over to her, she pulled her close,

"I'm sorry honey, I wish we could go back and search for him, he would be really proud of how well you've grown up, he would be so pleased to know your really smart and pretty, and the main thing is you have never forgotten about him," Kagome trying hard to stay strong for the little girl, well, she wasn't really a little girl anymore, she was a teenager now.

Rin hugged her friend who had over time became her mother, the only mother she had ever known. Kagome hugged the young girl back, she shut her eyes tight, Kagome had blamed herself for not staying at Kaede's with the rest of the group, if it hadn't been for her coming back to the modern era, back to her family then they could still go back and search for Rin's daddy, it was because of her that Rin was sad.

"Come on lets go inside," Kagome softly as she pulled away,

"I'm going to go to bed, goodnight mom," Rin rubbing her eyes.

"Goodnight honey, do you want me to come tuck you in bed?" Kagome following her into the little beach house,

"I'm all grown up now mom," Rin giving her a soft smile,

"Yeah, sorry, I'm still trying to keep you the little girl you were," Kagome's voice failing her. Rin knew Kagome felt at fault for all this, she had apologized to Rin over and over again, but Rin had never once blamed Kagome for any of it happening, Kagome and her gang had searched for Sesshomaru for a month, they had no leads to where Naraku or Sesshomaru were, it was as if they had disappeared into thin air. Rin ran and hugged her mother,

"You tried Kagome, you have searched the world over for him and that was even more than I could ever hope for, its not your fault, I'm sure if Sesshomaru was here he would be proud of you as well," Rin hugging her.

"Why would you think that?" Kagome almost laughing.

"I couldn't have made it this far by myself, or here to your time," Rin smiling,

"He would have probably have found it a waste for me and my group to have searched in vain for him, he would have said it was a waste of time, he wouldn't have been grateful, that man is never thankful for anything," Kagome laughed a little. Rin cracked a small smile,

"Deep down he would have been surprised and proud, at least that's what I think anyway," Rin whispered softly. Kagome had believed in Inuyasha, this kid had believed in Lord Sesshomaru since she was a little girl, so what was wrong with that? Rin started moving into their room, yes they still slept in the same room and sometimes in the same bed if the room didn't have two separate beds because Kagome was still very cautious about something or someone hurting her 'little girl'.

"You know I honestly think he liked you," Rin smirked. Kagome was hit with confusion and more guilt than ever,

"Goodnight Rin," Kagome seriously as she started to walk away,

"Goodnight mom," Rin mumbled as she slowly closed the door. Kagome went to the bar that was in the house and poured herself a strong drink, she then went and sat on the couch, and drank.

~I didn't give up on you Lord Sesshomaru but I guess you and everyone else will never know that now.~ Kagome swallowing her drink in one gulp, she always had a funny feeling ever since she came back from the Feudal Era like something was always watching her and Rin and voices she had never heard before started to plague her when she drank and sometimes late at night when she hadn't even had a drink, that's why she slept in the same room as Rin, it chilled her to the bones so she never dared told Rin or anyone else for that matter, she was a miko, she could handle anything.

~I am sorry Lord Sesshomaru, please forgive me, we should have never stopped searching, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Rin.~ Kagome letting tears drench her cheeks, silently.

"Woman, you do not need to drink, stop this foolishness, right now." the voice explained to her,

~This is my fault, this world and the Feudal Era would have been better off if I had never been born.~ Kagome getting up and going and grabbing a bottle of sake and drinking it down. When she was good and drunk and reached for another bottle, that was when all hell broke lose, the bottle flew across the room and smashed into the wall.

"I said ENOUGH!" the voice screamed at her,

"You want a piece of me, come on give me your best shot," Kagome screamed as she started laughing. Rin jerked up out of bed and opened the door to the living room, from the end of the room she could see Kagome practically glowing pink, and the stench of alcohol was everywhere.

"Mom," Rin seeing bottles of alcohol flying across the kitchen,

"What the…" Rin running to the kitchen and dodging the bottles to get to Kagome,

"Rin, I'm so sorry, its all my fault, its my fault you are in so much pain," Kagome hugging her.

"Mom, it isn't your fault, what is going on?" Rin watching bottles fly, one dropped right on Kagome's head and busted, one hit her in the back and busted.

"It's a restless spirit Rin, its been watching us ever since we came back from the Feudal Era," Kagome bleeding from her forehead and back. Rin tried protecting Kagome from the bottles and 'it' though she noticed that whatever was throwing the bottles seemed to avoid hitting Rin with them, she only had one guess to who it might be.

"Sesshomaru," Rin whispered, suddenly the bottles stopped flying from the shelves.

"Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin covering her mouth, the lights flickered on and off, a way of telling her she had guessed who it was.

"Daddy is here," Rin smiling and crying,

"Daddy, I've missed you so much," Rin bawling, a cold breeze came by and seemed to be trying to wipe her tears away. Kagome was now leaning against Rin and groaning,

"Kagome, come on, lets try and get you to the bathroom and get you cleaned up," Rin groaned as she gathered her strength and got Kagome to the bathroom. She took a rag and dampened it and started cleaning the blood off her forehead,

"Rin, there's a spirit after us, its been watching us ever since we came back here," Kagome mumbled,

"I know, its daddy, he is watching over us," Rin bandaging her head. Kagome laughed a little,

"If Sesshomaru's a spirit, it means he is dead, and a demon like Sesshomaru does not die so easy," Kagome holding her head, Rin held her nose as Kagome breathed out,

"Feeling guilty so you decided to get drunk huh?" Rin a bit upset,

"Sorry…mom," Kagome smiled,

"That's why he was throwing bottles of alcohol everywhere, he didn't want you to drink, he was trying to stop you from drowning in your own guilt," Rin taking her shirt off, she saw a large piece of glass in her back, she gasped, slowly she pulled the glass out and put a bandage on it,

"Good thing you can heal fast," Rin getting Kagome to the bed.

"Night Daddy, I love you," Rin smiling although her heart sank from what Kagome had said about spirits,

"Come on mom, lets get you to bed," Rin getting Kagome up and taking her into the bedroom.

"I'm going to take a shower," Kagome sighed,

"Are you sure you'll be able to stand on your own?" Rin asked.

"Yeah, you just try and get some sleep," Kagome explained as she groaned,

"I'm worried about you," Rin seriously,

"I'll be fine, I'll wake you if I need you," Kagome pushing her hair away from her face, Rin nodded,

"I love you mom," Rin beaming a small smile at her,

"I love you too honey, are you going to be okay out here by yourself with Sesshomaru, he seems a bit insane," Kagome whispering. Suddenly things rattled the wall and the lights flickered on and off,

"Lord Sesshomaru, please stop, you are freaking mom out, he wont hurt me mom," Rin explained.

"Alright, I'll be out shortly," Kagome seeing the room calm down, she staggered into the bathroom and shut the door. Slowly she started stripping out of her bra and pants, hissing when her skin pulled back apart from her back wound, she finally managed to get her clothes off and stepped into the shower and got all the blood off and cleaned the rest of her drunken self.

She then stepped out of the shower and dried off, she wrapped the towel around herself and walked out to grab some clothes to sleep in and threw them on leaving her top off and letting her back heal. Covering her breasts with her arm she walked to the couch and laid down on her stomach,

"Lord Sesshomaru, if you can hear me, I need to talk to you," Kagome softly. A fog started to form and Sesshomaru came walking out in his stoic self, Kagome had her eyes closed, she could feel his demonic aura, he stared at the wound slowly healing,

"What is it that you acquire from this Sesshomaru?" a cold voice calmly asked. Kagome stared at him as she slowly sat up and already had covered herself, she flinched from her wound, sitting up had tore the skin open,

"I'm sorry Lord Sesshomaru," Kagome softly,

"The fault of my disappearing is not yours, seems as Rin has done well in finding safety, this Sesshomaru would never admit it but you were right, he is very proud of both of you, you have took great care of my ward who has come to know me as her father," Sesshomaru sitting on the other end of the couch. Kagome stared, she moved to touch his hand, he didn't move away, he watched her carefully, she gasped,

"You are a solid form," Kagome whispered,

"Yes, though this Sesshomaru cannot stay in this form for long, what is it you needed to talk to me about?" Sesshomaru keeping the cold tone,

"I need to know where Naraku took your body, we couldn't find you, we searched the lands for a month, we would have searched longer, but I couldn't have Rin getting sick, and the well, it doesn't work anymore," Kagome explained.

"In order to find him you will have to sleep as I do, I am yet to die, you will need to find a witch who can conjure up a spell of sleep upon you, it is a spell that will slow the heartbeat so low that your body will assume you died, and you will know where to find this Sesshomaru, your soul will pull you, you will go the direction that it pulls you in," Sesshomaru explained.

"How do I get through the well, how do I kill Naraku?" Kagome puzzled of how Sesshomaru could be solid form, as if he were alive and sitting right next to her.

"There is only one way to kill him, in the form of a spirit, in this solid form," Sesshomaru coldly.

"Rin will not take kindly to this, she wont let me do something like this, not if my life is at the cost, she wouldn't even dare dream of it, she wont lose a mother too, I have caused too much pain to that little girl, you disappeared on her when she was such a little girl," Kagome crying and hitting him over and over again,

"How can you ask me to die on her?" Kagome crying as she hit him some more. Sesshomaru pinned her to her back and hovered over her, he was close enough to kiss her,

"This Sesshomaru does not die so easy, you will not die, this Sesshomaru will help you," Sesshomaru sternly.

"Why haven't you done anything about it, why have you not tried to save yourself?" Kagome confused,

"This Sesshomaru only remembers being pulled to you and when you and Rin came through the well so did he," Sesshomaru growled a little.

"So, how do I return to my body?" Kagome staring into his golden orbs,

"You will tell the witch to put you under for three days, you will not have long in this form, until your energy runs out," Sesshomaru fading away like a wisp of fog or steam. Kagome blinked,

"Are you still here Sesshomaru?" Kagome looking around, the lights flicked once. Kagome slowly sat up,

"I will come and help you Sesshomaru, I swear to you," Kagome getting to her feet, she was about to fall into the glass table but she fell into invisible arms that placed her on the couch.

"I have to lay next to Rin, I have to watch over her," Kagome drowsy, she started to try to get up, but she was lifted into the air, only then did she realize she was topless, she blushed and covered herself with her arms. Slowly she seemed to float into the bedroom and gently be deposited on the bed by Rin. Slowly she got under the covers,

"Thank you Lord Sesshomaru, can you stay and watch over us tonight," Kagome softly, the lights flicked once,

"She always knew you would come back," Kagome drifting to sleep.

"I never left," Sesshomaru whispered into her ear. The covers seemed to pull up around Kagome's shoulders as if he was making sure she was warm enough. Sesshomaru had watched her take care of Rin, she always did such a good job of it, but he had realized there was no one to take care of her when she had moved out of her mother's house and he decided he would take up the job of caring for her.

Plenty of guys had asked her out but she would always decline and Sesshomaru knew it was because of Rin, she seemed as if she had given up her life once again to care for Rin, she worked two jobs just to live from day to day, she had made it through high school but Sesshomaru saw her talk with her mother about college;

"Honey I can help out with Rin while you go to college," her mother offered,

"Mother, all due respect Rin is my child, I brought her into this era, its just as if I had Rin as my own daughter, she is my responsibility, and I made a vow to someone long ago if something ever happened to him that I would protect her, and besides mom you have Sota to worry about, its fine mom, we'll be able to make it," Kagome trying to seem as if it didn't bother her.

~You had to grow up quick, you never really got to live your life as a normal human, always responsibilities popping up.~ Sesshomaru thought as he gently pushed her hair back,

"She is my daughter, I love her," Kagome mumbled in her sleep, he smirked,

"Sleep easy, you will need your strength," Sesshomaru whispered, he walked over and crawled onto the bed by Rin and curled under the covers and wrapped his arms around Rin in a protective way although all that could be seen was a lump in the bed and a indention in the pillow where his head laid.


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