500 Years of Stockholm Syndrome by Haven

Chapter 1



This story is rated MA for a reason. There are mentions of rape and trauma in this story. If you aren't comfortable please turn back now. 




Moments like these caused Asashi's eyes to fill with tears. Not tears caused by sadness, but tears that were fueled by rage. Day after day, he had to watch his mother's shell staring out the window. Dull and unmoving, slumped in the armchair she always sat in. He had lost his mother, then the only man he had seen as a father figure had left him too. Inuyasha. The man who had been in every memory he had up until a few months ago. Sesshomaru; the father he had never gotten close to. Never bonded with. Ran Inuyasha out of the house once Asashi's mother Kagome had begun to share her feelings about the past.

What she remembers and how it made her feel. Asashi yearned for Sesshomaru as a child. Desperately wanting the man who helped create him to pay him even a morsel of attention. If he had then maybe, just maybe he wouldn't have spent most of his life resenting the man. He wanted what anyone else would have. To have memories of his childhood filled with laughter and happiness. Memories of his mother and father loving one another. Instead, he remembered the nights they had to spend on the run. Moving from place to place, never being able to settle down. His father was never around and he had always wondered why. After spending years waiting for his father, that fateful day had finally come. This tower of a man. The air around him was different. He had so many questions, so many things to tell him. It was not until he looked over at his mother and locked eyes with her did he regret the entire meeting. He had known that his birth was an accident. A mistake in his father's eyes, but sitting there looking at his mother, shaking with fear. It made him wonder, what exactly had happened. How could his sweet, strong, beautiful mother who was never afraid of anything, be reduced to this?

Coming back like this, running Inuyasha off. He was planning on staying and Asashi was no longer sure if that was what he wanted. Months went by and Asashi slowly saw that fear "disappear". eventually turning into something that resembled love, but wasn't really true. Asashi had another name for it. Stockholm syndrome. His mother went from walking on eggshells around his father to hugging and kissing him when he returned home from a long day's work. Stockholm syndrome was the perfect way to describe what he had watched happen to his mother. It made him sick. He heard the front door open, in walking his father. Traipsing past Asashi and going straight to his mother. Without so much as sparing him a glance. His father was present and around but to Sesshomaru, Asashi was still invisible. Sesshomaru leaned down, giving Kagome a kiss on the cheek, glancing over at Asashi while doing so. The corner of his mouth turned upward, but only for a second. He looked away whispering something into Kagome's ear and helping her up.

His mother turned to him, giving him a smile. "Your father has decided that he wants to go out and have dinner tonight. Maybe he's finally sick of my terrible cooking." she joked.

Sesshomaru looked down at her. "I remember you saying you wanted to try the new steak restaurant. I want to treat you." he'd said.

A smile did not for, on her face until she had looked up; her eyes meeting Sesshomaru's. Something that did not go unnoticed by Asashi.

"That is so sweet of you my love, but what about Asashi. We cannot leave him alone... Inuyasha just left. He would be lonely." she'd said

Asashi hurried over to his mother's side, grabbing her arm and pulling her away from his father. Placing himself between the two, something Sesshomaru did notice.

"I'll just come along. We can also ask Inuyasha if he wants to come along."

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed, unbeknownst to Kagome, but Asashi noticed right away.

"You will stay home and study, boy," he said coldly. "He and Inuyasha will not join us tonight. I wish to have you alone tonight." Sesshomaru said, placing a kiss on her cheek." Staring at Asashi as he did so, flaring his aura for Asashi to feel. Letting him know that he was the alpha; not him.

Kagome let out a small sigh. "I guess you're right... but do try to be nicer to Inuyasha. He is my closest friend, and Asashi loves him dearly."

"Hn." Was all Sesshomaru said.

Kagome kissed Sesshomaru's hand before turning to her son, placing a chaste kiss on his forehead.

"There will always be next time my sweet boy," Kagome said. "I wil gol freshen up, I will be right back." She said before herring off.

Bothe Sesshomaru and Asashi waited until her footsteps faded before facing one another. Their eyes narrowed, glaring at each other.

Sesshomaru stepped forward. "Watch yourself, boy."



Asashi awoke to the smell of tears. He glanced at the time and saw it read 2:39 am. He must have fallen asleep after his parents left for dinner.

He got out of bed and made his way down the hall and then down the stairs. The kitchen light was on and he could smell the herbs of his mother's favorite tea. He walked into the kitchen and saw her staring blankly at the cup. Tears streaming down her eyes. For a moment he listened to see where his father was. The heartbeat of that man was slow and steady, he was sleeping.

He poured himself a cup of tea. "He raped you again."

Kagome looked at her son with a sad smile. "Don't say such things, your father wouldn't touch me without my permission." She saw her son's eyes narrow. "Not anymore. I promise."


Kagome frowned and looked down at her tea. "I'm not, sometimes it's just hard to cope with after the fact."

Asashi said nothing. He knew arguing with his mother or trying to convince her otherwise was pointless.

The two sat there silently for a few minutes until an uninvited guest joined them.

Sesshomaru woke up to Kagome's side of the bed empty. He frowned and got up. He didn't like waking up without her by his side, but it was not something he would deny her. After the grief, he caused her it was hard to say no to anything.

He could smell the tears coming from downstairs. His fist clenched, drawing blood. He shouldn't have even asked her or tried to touch her. She didn't say no, but she didn't say yes, so he did what he wanted. He thought it was ok since she did participate, but now he was doubting his actions. He could smell his son with Kagome so he didn't go down just yet. First, he cleaned up his hand, his Kagome didn't like to see him bleed.

He took a few minutes procrastinating before going down the stairs. He entered the kitchen in nothing but sleep pants and a pair of slippers, a pair of monster feet ones Kagome bought him for his birthday one year as a joke, maybe this would put a smile on Kagome's face.

Asashi stood up and blocked his mother from Sesshomaru's view. He narrowed his eyes.

"You caused enough harm to my mother tonight." His body tensed and his aura flared.

Before Sesshomaru could even blink Kagome had her aura suppressing their son's.

"Asashi, go to your room. It's so late and I know you have your volunteer work in the morning."

He wanted to protest, but he knew not to. He didn't want his mother to be more stressed. He left passing by his father and whispered so low that only Sesshomaru could hear.


He knew that would piss his father off, he knew he would be in for a beating disguised as 'training' at some point tomorrow, but it was worth it.


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