Chiaztolite (Chapter 2) - Thu 04 Aug 2022


The feeling of uneasiness continued. I'm glad we are getting Sesshomaru's POV in this chapter. He does seem like he loves Kagome and is trying to perform nice little gestures for her. Kagome, however, seems on edge the whole time - with the exception of when Sesshomaru is out of the house and she is in the company of her son and Inuyasha. 

I wish Asashi and his father can talk through their issues. It might be a bit of a wishful thinking at this point, as Sesshomaru is not warm and welcoming towards his son and Asashi has been conditioned to see his father in a cruel light. Dare I hope that one day they can be a proper, happy family? 

Inuyasha continues to be a watchful protector for Kagome and Asashi. For this, I am glad. 

I hope even though their son is moving away, he is able to stay relatively close and watch over his mother. 

Chiaztolite (Chapter 1) - Wed 03 Aug 2022

Hello! I find the idea intriguing and it is interesting to watch the story unfolds from the point of view of their son, Asashi. Needless to say, I am a bit worried for Kagome though she specifically does not say she is "abused", the story is titled "500 Years of Stockholm Syndrome" so it does feel ominous. 

There is definitely an uneasy feeling as I read through the passages. Asashi's worry for his mother and his contempt for his father are quite palpable, so you did wonderfully in conveying those atmosphere. Sesshomaru's treatments of his son are also quite cold and distant and I hope we will learn more as to why this is so. 

So far, Sesshomaru does not seem like the good guy, and I do hope this will change as we hopefully unearth his redeeming features. However, I am happy to know Kagome and Asashi still have a protective figure in Inuyasha. 

I will be back for chapter 2! 

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