Queen of Sheba by zodiak023

Chapter 1

"The moment you have all waited for, introducing the seductive, Egyptian queen herself, Queen of Sheba!" the owner of the strip club announced. There were cat calls and whistles screaming throughout the crowd as men and a few women crowded around the stage.Egyptian music started playing following the sounds of what sounded like bells as a young, curvy female with inky black raven hair came out in a belly dancing costume and was moving her hips to the music. She wore make-up to conceal her face, it was Egyptian make-up, upon her head she wore a fancy fake gold head piece jewelry that had tiny beads hanging over and mixing with her raven bangs and dropping over her forehead.

Her bikini top had fake coins and beads hanging off it as did her mini mini skirt. Now she danced with a small scarf flowing gracefully around her hips seductively. She even had a fake metal gold snake cuff wrapped around the upper part of her arm with a scarf tucked into it. It was something new other than just stripping and dancing around a pole, after a few minutes of getting the male populated room with an occasional women here and there in the crowd aroused she dropped her mini skirt which revealed a thong which also had fake coins attached, the males went crazy. 

Slowly she swayed her hips as she stalked the edge of the stage in her gold stilettos, as if she were looking for a prey. She had had more than just one scarf around her waist, it was something for her to play with and tease the crowd with. Slowly and seductively she made her way up to a man and took the scarf she was currently playing with and had let roll down her neck and over her breasts and slowly wrapped it around the man's neck and left it on his shoulder as a gift. Painfully slow she moved herself down into the floor and seductively played with another scarf, this time letting the scarf roll over her spread eagle legs and leaned back as she floated the scarf slowly up to her mid inner thigh, to her stomach, to her breasts, and around her neck as she closed her eyes with a playful smile on her lips.

Then she felt it, an overbearing aura, powerful, a demon. She knew she was in the middle of her dance and she needed to act as if she were clueless to what she had just felt. Quickly she hid her own aura not wanting to draw attention that she was a miko to this demon. Brown seductive eyes with black lines extending out from her eyes in an egyptian style was cutting through the crowd while she moved her hour glass of a body to the music was dancing with her scarf in front of one customer making him pant. As she cut her eyes across the crowd in her seductive prowliness she found a tall species of a man but the Queen of Sheba sensed a very powerful demon.

She focused more on her dancing before the tall male saw her staring too long at him, however, she knew the demon knew she had been staring already.

~It can't be, he doesn't even look like him.~ Kagome throwing her hips at another customer. Slowly she untied the top of her bikini top holding her bikini top just above her nipples, hesitating for a minute to get the men and women chomping at the bits and then took the rest of the bikini off and dropped it to the floor.

Again the men howled and whistled in pleasure, some women followed along, afew minutes later Kagome took a man's money as she held her thong stringed material out and as the man slipped a ten dollar bill into the space she snapped the material back onto her hip, moaning for a little effect. She moved along the floor, moving her hips in an seductive way, this wasn't an all nude club she still had to wear her thong but that left little to imagination.

"Hey, do we have any birthdays out there tonight?" Queen of Sheba shouted out, one man raised his hand, she motioned with her index finger seductively to make the man come closer the stage. She checked his licenses,

"Well, well, you are in for a treat tonight, 21st birthday, I hope your pockets are filled tonight. You shall buy a lap dance from the Queen of Sheba but as for now, you will be my king, Mr. Hitachi. I Queen of Sheba will be your entertainment, come, have a seat in my king's chair," Queen of Sheba helping the embarrassed fool on stage. Hojo, the assistant manager put a king's cape around him and laid a fake crown on his head. She bowed with her hands in prayer form,

"Milord, I hope my dance pleases you," Queen of Sheba starting to move slowly then moved faster. Hitachi, her birthday king grew red and swallowed hard, Kagome got her breast swinging and bouncing as close as she could get to him without touching. She moved her little scarf around him and as it left feathery touches on his skin goose bumps appeared. Soon her dancing was over with Hitachi was having a little trouble walking but managed to walk off stage.

"Now, I hear we have one more birthday king out there in the crowd, so come up, take your rightful spot as my king for a night," Queen of Sheba still moving her hips as her breast swayed to and fro. Finally the supposed man came and was dressed in the cape and a crown, he stood tall and proud, then sat down in the chair. 

She swallowed hard but made her way over to the male who she knew now, for a fact was the ice lord himself, she did something out of the ordinary, she dropped to her knees as her brown seductive eyes caught his and slowly laid her forehead on the stage.

"Milord, please accept this dance," Queen of Sheba slowly standing and starting to gracefully moved her body for him,

~So the miko lives, how would this be possible?~ Sesshomaru thought as he watched her seductively move,

~She has a great body and great hips, good for birthing pups, she knows who we are.~ his beast alerting him.

~She was always a smart human, though falling for my half brother was an ignorant move.~ Sesshomaru thought as he caught her eyes, beautifully brown but there was something hiding behind them, something that had caused the shine to disappear.

~We must ask for a private dance tonight, look, she doesn't fear us, she is respecting us, and her scent, reminds me of home.~ his beast getting sentimental.

~Of course, there is a reason behind all this, disrespecting herself as such, this Sesshomaru will find out.~ Sesshomaru thought as the dance ended.

"Please milord, enjoy your night tonight," Queen of Sheba bowing to the floor again.

"Yes, I shall, I accept your dance," Sesshomaru bowing to her, he took the robe and crown off and laid it on the chair, he exited the stage. As Queen of Sheba finished her rounds the last customer sitting at the bar was Sesshomaru,

"Milord, Queen of Sheba is pleased you have moved to a better spot to enjoy the view," she explained in a soft voice as she nodded low as a silent bow. Sesshomaru bowed his head,

"This lord is fairing better tonight than most," Sesshomaru glancing at her eyes.

"Then I shall stop speaking and let your wandering eyes take in the few more minutes of my dancing in silence," Queen of Sheba shutting up and moving her hips to draw in his attention as her breast moved with the graceful sways of her body. Soon the dance was over and Sesshomaru took his human finger and gently lifted her string material to leave a $100 dollar tip.

"Queen of Sheba shall dance for you another time," Queen of Sheba whispered seductively in low voice for only him to hear.

"So you shall little miko," Sesshomaru smiling on the inside as he drank his beer and removed himself from the bar and moved to talk with the manager. Queen of Sheba seductively danced her way to where she left her top and some scarfs on the stage, picked them up and went to the bathroom to put her outfit back on.

Sesshomaru went to sit in the far dark corner, strippers came over to try to get his attention but he always gave them a $50 dollar bill to remove themselves. Again Queen of Sheba came out to start making her rounds with the customers, she gave Hitachi his private dance, when it was over the manager caught her.

"My queen, Mr. Takehashi wishes for his lap dance and for your time for the rest of your shift," the manager informed her.

"Huh, oh, right, uh sure," Kagome swallowing hard, she quickly found her courage that she had had before as she slowly made her way over to the dark corner, her hips swaying a little more to catch attention

"Milord, may I have permission to lead you to our VIP room?" Queen of Sheba asked as she held out her hand. Sesshomaru nodded slightly as he slowly slid his hand into hers and she gently grasped his hand and led him upstairs. Once in the room Queen of Sheba led him to the fluffy couch with a mini fridge beside it full of strong alcohol.

"So, you know of me," Sesshomaru stated,

"Yes, but I can't really talk about things of the past here, if you would like you can come have coffee with me at the café," Kagome opening a beer that he had already pulled out of the mini fridge.

"No, it has to be more secluded than that, what about your place?" Sesshomaru asked,

"My place? Well, um, I guess, just keep in mind, I'm not as successful as you are, at least not yet," Kagome explained.

"I do not care of how you live," Sesshomaru explained, Kagome nodded,

"Alright, well, you just try and relax and I'll try to take your troubles away," Kagome picking music from the juke box.

"Miko, I do not require you to dance for me," Sesshomaru explained deeply and in a monotoned voice.

"My manager would not be pleased if I didn't dance for you," Kagome explained,

"Very well miko but I have a question for you, why do you disrespect yourself in this way?" Sesshomaru confused,

"Because its fast cash, I have to pay out of pocket for my schooling, I didn't make such good grades in high school because of, well you know," Kagome moving her hips. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at her, her eyes werent looking at his anymore, he could scent it was not the whole truth, there was more to her story. With all the smells violating his nostrils he couldn't smell Kagome's scent was mixed with another human's smell.

He let Kagome get away with it for now, Kagome gave him another lap dance but this was more intimate. Sesshomaru himself was swallowing hard with her actions, finally her shift was over. Kagome got dressed in her wintery clothes and pulled on her heavy wool coat that her mother had gave her as a Christmas gift. She got her money for the night, she put it inside her coat, and she then left the club, meeting Sesshomaru out in the parking lot.

"Miko, where is your vehicle?" Sesshomaru looking around the parking lot,

"I don't have one, I can't afford the upkeep or the gas," Kagome unlocking her bicycle.

Sesshomaru gave her a glare and came over, picked her bike up and put it in the trunk of his black impala.

"Please Lord Sesshomaru, I hold respect for you, can you call me by my name, and really, its not necessary," Kagome shyly,

"You would catch your death out in this weather," Sesshomaru shutting the trunk.

"Thank you Lord Sesshomaru," Kagome softly, Sesshomaru cut his eyes at the one who he thought of as Inuyasha's wench,

"Kagome, why is it you respect me when I am no longer the lord of my lands?" Sesshomaru confused.

"That would best be answered in the…" Kagome being interrupted by one of the girls pulling Kagome's hair out, she was shoved onto the snowy ground, as she glanced up at the other girl.

"You whore, you took the best man in the city, not to mention you make the most money!" the girl screamed, Kagome was staring up from the snow at the girl.

"Candy, you need to calm down, I know this man, that is why he preferred my services tonight, just go back in there, I believe you can make up the loss on your double shift. You know I need the money just as bad as you do or I wouldn't be here," Kagome strongly. The girl punched Kagome in the nose, giving her a bloody nose and a busted lip in the process, Sesshomaru watched the two girls,

"Yeah, run home to your bastard kid, I'm sure she wants to be just like her mommy," the girl trying to grab for Kagome. Sesshomaru caught her wrist,

"I suggest you return to the stage, I have never hit a woman before so do not give me a reason to do so now," Sesshomaru lowly rumbled. He let go of the woman's wrist, Sesshomaru was putting his arm around Kagome's back to help her into the car.

"Kagome, this is all you will ever be, this is the best you will ever be, a whore and a stripper. That's all your bastard kid will be!" Candy shouted angrily. The assistant manager came out,

"Oh shit," Hojo running to Kagome,

"Hey, are you okay?" Hojo looking at the damage,

"No, I'm okay, I don't want her fired Hojo, she's got kids too, she needs this job as much as I do. Just let it slide, please?" Kagome begged him. Hojo looked at Candy,

"I don't want to see anymore cat scratches, Candy you need to get back inside," Hojo harshly.

"I don't need your handouts Kagome," Candy spat,

"You know what Candy, I am paying my way through business school. I am going to be better because I am not addicted to drugs or this kind of life, and I put food on the table for myself and my kid. And one more thing, my kid is going to be a hell of a lot better than me, she's going to be able to do anything she sets her mind to," Kagome wiping the blood from her nose with Sesshomaru's handkerchief. Hojo looked back at Kagome,

"Make sure my girl here gets home safely," Hojo glancing at Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru nodded, he helped Kagome in the car, as he turned to walk around the car he heard Hojo talking to Candy,

"You know Kagome deserves a little credit, but the next time I catch anything going on between you two you are out of here," Hojo harshly. Sesshomaru got in the car, Kagome sighed,

"So you have a kid?" Sesshomaru raising a brow,

"Yes, but I rather talk while we aren't moving," Kagome holding her nose.

"The car isn't even turned on yet," Sesshomaru explained. Kagome stared at Sesshomaru,

"Alright, um, it was when I was 18, it had been a year after I got done with the jewel, um…I was raped, um, I was at death's door when someone found me and I turned out to be pregnant, I didn't believe in getting rid of an unborn baby, I love kids and besides, it wasn't her fault, she didn't tell that man to rape me, so, I have a daughter, she is my world, my everything," Kagome breathing slowly out. Sesshomaru stared at her, he didn't smell any deceit on her, he actually was getting pissed as his knuckles turned white when he was gripping the steering wheel.

"And that guy?" Sesshomaru asked,

"Who, Hojo? He was one of the guys I attended high school with, he found out about the rape and ever since then has been like my big brother trying to protect me," Kagome shrugged. Sesshomaru started the car,

"He is attracted to you," Sesshomaru pulling out of the parking lot.

"No, no, he is nice and all but no, I don't really have a knack at dating, it took a while to get over the whole rape thing but I had an unborn kid to think about. I had to get ready to be a mother and before that I had a crush on Inuyasha. He never knew I don't think but I got hurt because I saw him so many times kissing Kikyo and in his arms he held her.

I was nothing but a jewel detector, a copy of the real thing he once had or was close to having, but I got over him, but the thing is I told myself I wasn't ever lucky enough for love. I didn't deserve it because I was just a copy, wow, okay, sorry for rambling, but now I am scared because if I start bringing men I date home and my kid gets attached then it doesn't work out its not only me getting hurt but her as well," Kagome feeling of her nose. Sesshomaru took in all her nervous babblings,

"Your nose is not broke, and Inuyasha was stupid. I saw the loyalty you gave him that he did not deserve. You were always by his side, even when he changed and let his demonic side take over. So you have a child, what is her name?" Sesshomaru curious. Kagome stared at him, then looked down at her hands,

"She's six years old and is very smart, she knows the correct history of feudal Japan or at least what I lived of it," Kagome changing the subject around a little.

"Miko, you eluded my question," Sesshomaru explained,

"Her name…well, really what's in a name?" Kagome hesitating,

"Kagome," Sesshomaru growing impatient,

"Rin, her name is Rin," Kagome softly as she hung her head a little but kept her guard up, watching him to see how he would react, his jaw muscles clenched together as a tiny sparkle of a tear ran down his cheek. Kagome's mouth opened a little, she had never seen the ice lord shed tears, she quickly started to explain,

"I-I named her that because Rin looked like she could have been my daughter even back in the past and because... because I missed her, I missed everyone...including you Lord Sesshomaru," Kagome letting a single tear slide down her own face. Sesshomaru glanced at her as se turned her head, he could smell her tears. She had waited for him to shred her in pieces for naming her child after his own ward,

"I will not harm you, however, I would like to see your daughter," Sesshomaru strongly. Kagome nodded stiffly,

"You may, she'll be asleep when we get to my apartment so it will be alright," Kagome explained.