Stress Relief by LadyDaniTar

Stress Relief

Yes, this is another porn with plot oneshot. I love to write them and no one can stop me!!!!!

This story also features artwork from the wonderful JulyTheLily! Check out her stuff it's amazing!


Sesshoumaru was about to kill everyone in the high-rise building. The sales team fell behind on their projected quarterly goal for signing new accounts, the finance department screwed up the payroll so all the employees would be getting paid late, and his idiot half-brother had sent his secretary home when there were still mountains of work to be done. The demon rubbed his temple to ease away the migraine beginning to form.

“You need a break, okay? That useless secretary of yours just sits there and paints her nails all day. The smell is making us all sick.” Inuyasha leaned back in his seat across from Sesshoumaru’s desk. His older brother was looking worse for wear after taking over their father’s company a few months ago. The once formidable demon was now seated at his desk, appearing exhausted. His elbows were propped up on the desk, supporting his upper body, while his usually impeccable silk tie hung loosely over an unbuttoned collar. Even his signature silver locks, which were typically sleek and straight, now seemed lackluster and disheveled, fanned out around his head. “I sent your idiot secretary home, and the rest of the employees, so you can have some time to relax.”

Dark molten gold eyes peered at Inuyasha through messy bangs. “Relax? How is dismissing the entire staff early going to help me relax?”

Scratching the back of his head and looking at anything other than his brother’s murderous eyes, Inuyasha tried to think of what to say to stall the demon a little longer. Fortunately, he was saved by the light knocking on the office door. “Because, I have ordered you something to get your mind off all the problems at work. Well, temporarily at least.”

Sesshoumaru eyed his annoyingly peppy half-brother as he bounced towards the large double doors of his office and cracked one open. He heard a few quiet words being exchanged before the half-demon opened the doors wide enough to allow someone in. He did not expect it to be his younger brother’s childhood friend.

Kagome awkwardly stepped into the massive office while lifting and partially dragging a folded table behind her. When she made it to the middle of the room, she set up an extra-large spa table before pausing to catch her breath. After setting down her tote bag filled with everything she would need for this session, Kagome stretched her arms high above her head before turning to the irritated demon behind the desk and bowed. “Good afternoon, Lord Sesshoumaru. Today I will be providing you with a deep tissue massage using warm oils.”

Sensing his brother’s growing displeasure, Inuyasha stood beside his friend and asked, “You remember Kagome, right Sesshoumaru? She just completed training and got her Anma Massage Shiatsu Therapist license.” Seeing no change in the demon’s expression, he continued, “Um, well she is still trying to find a permanent workspace and new clientele, so I hired her to take care of you this evening.”

Looking between the two uninvited troublemakers, Sesshoumaru scoffed. Yes, he remembered Kagome. The last time he had seen the girl, she was still a scrawny little thing who never seemed to stop talking. She had a playful and carefree spirit and used to follow Inuyasha around everywhere like a lost puppy. But life had taken them on different paths, and they both ended up attending different universities. However, fate had other plans and now Sesshoumaru finds himself paying the price for their reunion.

“Get out.”

As Inuyasha watched his brother begin to shuffle through paperwork to do more work, he rushed over and took the documents away. “Come on, we both know you need this. I promise to work overtime the rest of the month if you just stop pushing yourself and enjoy your gift.”

Sesshoumaru stopped glaring at his half-brother and released the contracts he had held on to so they would not be torn apart. Sliding narrow amber eyes, he took in the girl's changed appearance; she was no longer all wiry limbs and had filled out nicely over the years. The deep shade of blue in Kagome's mid-thigh length uniform dress made her stunning sapphire-colored eyes pop and drew attention to her full, ruby-red lips. The combination of the two created a mesmerizing effect that was hard to look away from. A belt held the wrapped dress in place while also showcasing her hourglass figure and large bust. Although she was still quite petite, shapely legs fidgeted as she shifted her weight from one wedge heel to the other.

Deciding he might as well take his brother up on this impromptu rubdown, Sesshoumaru looked back at Inuyasha and gave him some unwanted advice, “Next time, I would prefer that my ‘gift’ have more experience in her field of work.”

The insult had Kagome seeing red. Reaching down into her ridiculously large tote bag, she pulled out a white sheet and whipped it open, so it flowed down gently on the massage table. Scowling back at the demon she yelled, “Dammit Sesshoumaru! Just get over here so I can start already!”

Ah, there she was. The little spitfire of a woman finally dropped her professional facade and revealed her true nature. Sesshoumaru had forgotten how much fun it was to tease the tiny human. While standing up, he removed his crimson tie and began to undo the rest of the buttons on his white dress shirt. “Unless you are planning to stay and watch, I suggest you leave Inuyasha.”

Pumped that his intervention worked out, Inuyasha quickly gathered the rest of the paperwork scattered all over the demon’s desk and made a hasty exit. Now alone, Kagome continued to glare at Sesshoumaru while he undressed. After he removed his undershirt and reached for his belt, he stopped and raised an eyebrow at her, silently asking if he should proceed. Narrowing her ocean eyes she said, “You better keep going. Massage oil can be a real bitch to get out of clothing.”

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes as he unlatched his belt buckle and pulled the long strip of leather away from his black dress pants. Dropping the item onto his desk, he moved to undo his pants while never looking away from stormy blue eyes. Wanting to tease her further, Sesshoumaru lowered his already deep voice and added a husky tone to it. “I hope I am not making you uncomfortable. In your chosen profession, one must remain unbothered by the sight of naked male and female bodies.” Now only in his black silk boxer briefs, the demon slowly made his way around his desk to stand before Kagome.

A mantra had been set on repeat in Kagome’s head from the moment Sesshoumaru started to undress. She needed the money, she needed real-world experience, she could get through this without making a fool of herself. But her chant went out the window when she saw his nearly naked body. The demon was huge. Peering up at his wide, muscular chest Kagome wondered if he had always been this tall. Her eyes slid down to his rippling abdominals and stopped when she found a trail of silver hair that disappeared into the briefs. Turning her head away to hide flushed cheeks, Kagome coughed a few times before instructing the large male to lie facedown on the table.

The demon smirked down at the flustered girl, satisfied that he could still get under her skin. The long table creaked and wobbled as Sesshoumaru climbed on and got comfortable. Placing his head over folded arms, he let his tired golden eyes fall shut and was tempted to take a nap while the young woman ‘worked’.

Happy that she could no longer see the demon’s smug face, Kagome dug through her bag and pulled out a Bluetooth speaker and portable oil warmer. She set up her equipment on the low coffee table behind her and used her phone to play calming ocean sounds. “Do you have a preference on scented oils? I have lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood…”

“I do not care, woman. Just get on with it.” He snarled into his arms. The sooner she started the sooner he could get back to work.

She bit the inside of her cheek to keep herself from telling him off. Sesshoumaru was her client, so she needed to treat him like one. Through gritted teeth Kagome responded, “My apologies. I will go with bergamot oil then. It has a fresh citrus scent with a hint of spiciness and helps reduce anxiety and stress.”

Deciding it was best to just keep her mouth shut until the end, Kagome carried on and placed a small towel over the demon’s surprisingly firm and plump backside. Looking over the expanse of clenched muscles covering his back, she couldn’t help but be intrigued by the number of stripes he kept hidden under his clothes. Twin burgundy stripes covered broad shoulders and hips, disappearing as they wrapped around the front of his body. Their satin-like texture was calling to Kagome, begging to keep her attention on only them. No matter how smooth the rest of his pale skin was, the stripes had an alluring facet to his already mouthwatering physique. Taking in the back of his long legs, she spotted more delectable stripes as they ribboned around massive thighs and thick ankles.

Looking back at the white towel covering his underwear Kagome wondered if he was hiding more stripes under them. Letting curiosity get the better of her, she reached down and moved the cloth aside and gently tugged the silk briefs off his perfect rump. A large hand suddenly grabbed hold of Kagome’s wrist, stopping her from revealing more of his shapely bottom to her hungry eyes.

“Are you mad, woman?!” He snapped while sitting up on his other arm turning. He was met with large, innocent blue eyes gazing back at him, widening in surprise.

She chewed on her full bottom lip, a nervous habit she couldn’t quite shake. Her hands still clenched the waistband of his briefs, and she could feel the heat radiating from his body. "I just thought—"

"You thought what?" Sesshoumaru interrupted. His eyes bore into hers, searching for an explanation. "That you could undress me completely without permission?"

"I was trying to make sure the oil didn’t stain your clothes," Kagome managed to say, her voice barely above a whisper. She felt like a deer caught in the headlights, unable to look away from his piercing gaze.

Sesshoumaru’s expression softened ever so slightly, though his eyes remained narrowed. He released her wrist, allowing her to move back. "Very well," he said, his tone clipped. "But be more careful next time. I do not appreciate being manhandled."

As Kagome stepped back, her cheeks still burning, Sesshoumaru reached down and carefully slid his briefs off his rear enough that she could pull them down his legs and off. She replaced the small white towel over him, ensuring his remaining modesty was preserved.

She took a deep breath, trying to steady herself. "Understood, Lord Sesshoumaru," she replied, trying to make her voice sound composed and professional. She retrieved a small bottle of warm oil, her hands shaking slightly as she poured some into her palms.

Sesshoumaru watched her every move, his eyes never leaving her face. There was something about her nervous energy that intrigued him, a stark contrast to her usual fiery attitude he was accustomed to. As she began to apply the oil to his back, her touch was tentative at first, but she gradually grew more confident.

The warmth of the oil and the gentle pressure of her hands began to soothe his tense muscles. Sesshoumaru closed his eyes and laid his head back down, allowing himself to relax slightly. "You have a decent touch," he admitted, his voice now barely audible.

Kagome’s heart skipped a beat at the unexpected compliment. She continued to work, her fingers kneading the knots in his back. "Thank you," she said softly, trying to concentrate solely on her task and not the delicious stripes that crept into her field of vision.

For a moment, the tension in the room seemed to dissipate. Kagome found a rhythm, her hands moving with purpose and skill. Sesshoumaru's breathing steadied, and he could feel the stress of the day slowly melting away under her ministrations.

"You have changed since the last time I saw you," Sesshoumaru mumbled into his folded arms, "You were always following Inuyasha around, getting into trouble.”

Kagome hadn't expected Sesshoumaru to try and make small talk while she worked. Maybe it was because he was now feeling comfortable with her touch. Looking down, she watched as her skilled hands gripped, pushed, and pressed into the hard, firm muscles on his back. She had never felt anything like it. Past clients had either felt soft or stiff under her fingertips. She was vaguely aware of him still speaking but her focus was now solely on the burgundy slashes on his shoulders.

Kagome pushed her hands up until they brushed over the tip of the markings. When she didn't hear any further protest from Sesshoumaru, she felt emboldened and fully pressed her palms onto the stripes. His skin felt like silk under her hands, and the heat emanating from his body was almost intoxicating.

Sesshoumaru’s muscles tensed slightly under her touch, a subtle reaction that didn’t escape Kagome’s notice. She glanced up at his face, noting the way his jaw tightened and then relaxed as her hands moved over the stripes. Intrigued, she traced the markings with her fingers, feeling the slight ridges where they contrasted against the smoothness of his skin.

"Do these... feel different?" she asked.

Sesshoumaru opened his eyes, turning his head back to look at her. There was a flicker of something in his gaze. "They are sensitive," he replied, his voice slightly husky.

Kagome nodded, her fingers continuing their massage. The stripes seemed to pulse under her fingertips, and she wondered if they were connected to his demonic energy. She worked her way down his back, her hands moving in slow, deliberate strokes. The warmth of the oil combined with the steady pressure of her hands created a soothing effect, and she could feel Sesshoumaru’s muscles gradually loosening.

As she reached the base of his spine, she paused for a moment before gently pressing her thumbs into the small of his back. Sesshoumaru let out a soft, almost imperceptible gasp, and Kagome couldn’t help but smile at the sound.

"Is this helping?" She was curious to know how he was feeling.

"It is... acceptable," Sesshoumaru replied, his tone almost grudging. 

With the stripes on his hips now in her sights, Kagome didn't even hesitate before latching on to them. She enjoyed the velvet-like feel as she kneaded the area, her fingers tracing the patterns of his demonic markings. The unexpected sensation caused Sesshoumaru to involuntarily jerk.

His body was reacting in an unforeseen way, a shiver running down his spine as her trained hands slipped just beneath the towel covering his bottom and pressed down. A low groan was forcefully pulled from him, his composure slipping under the enticing feel of her hands.

Sesshoumaru should stop this session now before Kagome became aware of the effect her touch was having on him. It would do no good to frighten the girl and have her cry to his idiot brother, accusing him of indecent behavior. Yes, it was time to call it quits and get some more work done.

Just as Sesshoumaru was preparing to push himself up, Kagome's hands latched onto the back of his thick thighs and squeezed. He let out a sharp hiss from the way the tips of her fingers were digging into the stripes down there. The sensation was electric, sending jolts of pleasure through his body. He clenched his fists, fighting to maintain control, but it was a losing battle.

Kagome's grip was stronger now, her fingers pressing into the powerful muscles of his thighs. She could feel the way his body twitched under her hands.

"Sesshoumaru?" she stopped for a second to get a read on his reaction. "Do you want me to stop?"

Honey golden eyes met hers, a storm of emotions swirling within them. For a moment, he seemed to struggle with his response, the conflict evident in his gaze. But then, with a slow, deliberate movement, he reached down and placed his hand over hers, guiding her touch higher along his thigh.

"No," he said roughly. "Continue."

Kagome's breath caught in her throat, the way he was looking at her was causing heat to pool between her own thighs. She slowly resumed her ministrations, her hands moving with a blend of eagerness and hunger to feel more. The stripes on his thighs pulsed under her touch, each stroke pulling a soft moan from Sesshoumaru.

As she worked her way up his thighs, the towel shifted, revealing more of his flawless, round ass. Sesshoumaru's breathing grew heavier, his control slipping further with each passing moment. Kagome's touch was both arousing and maddening.

Her hands moved higher, slipping under the towel once more to caress the firm, smooth flesh beneath. Sesshoumaru's hips reflexively bucked into the table, his now erect cock seeking relief. 

How was this girl eliciting such a response from him? It had been some time since he had bedded a female, but that didn't explain why a mere human's touch could excite him so intensely. Peering back at her, his darkened amber eyes zeroed in on the exposed cleavage peeking out from the top of her uniform as she bent over his body. Every time she inhaled, her bosom would expand, revealing just a bit more to his hungry gaze. As his eyes trailed further down her body, he nearly whined when he noticed the back of her dress had risen up, showing off more of her supple legs.

Another well-placed squeeze had Sesshoumaru biting his tongue to hold back a groan. He wanted nothing more than to grind his pelvis into the sheet, to find some release for the growing ache she was causing.

Then, Kagome removed her hands from him completely. Her next words made his whole body go rigid, like being doused with cold water.

"Can you please turn over so I can do the front?"

Sesshoumaru's eyes widened, the tension in his body palpable. He hesitated, torn between the desire to continue feeling her hands on him and the need to maintain some semblance of decency and control. Slowly, he turned his head to look at her, his gaze unsure.

"Kagome," he said, his voice low and rough, "do you know what you are asking?"

Her confused expression met his tensed one. "I do," she replied while furrowing her brow, "I need to finish, Sesshoumaru. Completely." She knew he was beginning to enjoy the massage, and it made no sense to stop now. Especially since she secretly wanted the excuse to keep touching his godlike body.

For a moment, Sesshoumaru remained still, his mind racing. Then, with deliberate slowness, he shifted, rolling onto his back. The towel fell away, revealing his powerful, toned body in its entirety. His erection stood proud, a testament to the effect she had on him.

Kagome was frozen in place. Her wide sapphire eyes were unable to look anywhere but at the largest dick she had ever seen and the stripes that hugged it. When feeling came back to her legs, she slowly knelt down to pick up the wayward towel, all the while her eyes never leaving the twitching male organ. Towel once again in hand, she draped it over the aroused flesh, trying to regain her composure.

Sesshoumaru watched her with mild amusement, his arms raised and his hands behind his head. He knew he had an impressive length and was not ashamed of it, but the situation in which he was showcasing it was indeed peculiar.

Kagome turned her back to him and closed her eyes. She needed to get it together. Things like this would happen, and how she dealt with them would reflect on her skills as a professional. Putting on a brave face, Kagome spun back around, grabbed the warm oil, and squirted it into her palm.

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow at her determined expression. He had expected her to tell him to get up and dress before packing her things and fleeing. The little minx intended to finish what she started. The thought brought a fanged smirk to his lips. If he played his cards right, perhaps he could get a different kind of stress relief from her.

Kagome's hands were steady as she started at his shoulders again, her fingers kneading the tension out of his muscles while avoiding his gaze. As her hands traveled down his wide chest, she couldn't help but marvel at the hard planes of muscle beneath his skin. His body was a work of art.

Golden eyes remained locked on her face, watching every flicker of emotion. Her determination, her professionalism, and the underlying current of desire that she tried so hard to suppress.

As Kagome's hands reached his abdomen, her fingers brushed against the edge of the towel covering his arousal. Sesshoumaru's breath hitched, a low rumbling began in his chest. "Careful, Kagome," he growled, his voice laced with warning and challenge.

She met his gaze, her cheeks flushing but her resolve unwavering. "I know what I'm doing," she replied, though the slight tremor in her voice betrayed her nerves.

With a deep breath, Kagome allowed her hands to slip lower, her fingers grazing the base of his erection through the towel. The contact was electric, sending jolts of pleasure through both of them. Sesshoumaru's hips lifted slightly, seeking more of her touch.

Then his hand suddenly shot out, capturing her wrist in a tight grip. "Do you truly know?" he asked, his gravelly voice vibrating through her. 

Kagome 's tongue wet her dry lips drawing his darkened eyes to them. "I want to help you," she quietly stated, "I want to ease your tension."

He released her wrist, his fingers lingering on her skin for a moment longer than necessary. "Then continue," he urged her. "But be aware of the consequences."

Kagome resumed her movements, her fingers dancing over his skin, tracing the stripes that adorned his hips and thighs. Sesshoumaru's body continued to respond to her touch, his muscles clenching and relaxing under her skilled hands. His erection strained against the towel, begging for her attention.

Kagome worked meticulously, uncovering every knot and applying firm pressure wherever she could reach. When her hands glided along the inside of his parted thighs, Sesshoumaru took in a sharp breath, brushing his bangs from his face and tilting back his head.

She had been so close. Each time her dainty hands neared his throbbing cock, his excitement grew, only for it to be thwarted when she moved away. He was convinced she was doing it on purpose—teasing, tempting him, goading him to lose what little control he had left.

"You are playing with fire, Kagome," Sesshoumaru growled, voice husky with barely restrained desire. His golden eyes darkened, watching her every move like the predatory he was.

She bit her lip, her heart pounding in her chest. She could feel the tension coiling tighter between them, an invisible thread pulling them closer. "I'm just doing my job," she responded, her voice betraying the tremor of excitement coursing through her.

"Is that so?" Sesshoumaru's tone was thick with carnal need. His hand moved to cover hers, guiding it back to the sensitive skin of his inner thigh. "Then finish it," he commanded.

Kagome's breath hitched at his touch, her resolve wavering. She let her fingers slide higher, closer to his arousal. The towel slipped further, barely covering his rigid length. Sesshoumaru's hips thrusted up, a silent plea for more.

Her hand spread out as it grazed the bottom of the towel. Fingers finally making direct contact and brushing against the base of his cock. The reaction was immediate—a guttural groan escaped Sesshoumaru's lips, his hips bucking involuntarily.

Sesshoumaru's eyes flashed crimson. Kagome's touch became more purposeful, her fingers wrapping around his length, feeling the velvety smoothness of his skin. Sesshoumaru's body tensed, undoing all her hard work, and his breath coming in ragged gasps as she stroked him.

"Yes," he hissed. Voice strained and claws digging into the table "Just like that."

Kagome's movements grew bolder, faster, her confidence rising with each gasp and moan she elicited from him. She could feel the power she held over him, the control she had over his pleasure. It was exhilarating.

Tangling a hand in her hair, Sesshoumaru pulled her closer. "You have no idea what you are doing to me," he growled, his lips dangerously close to hers.

Kagome's breath mingled with his, the desire between them becoming unbearable. "Then show me," she whispered.

With a swift motion, Sesshoumaru pulled her onto the table to straddle his massive frame. The towel was discarded, forgotten, as Kagome's hand gripped him and her fingers lightly traced the stripes on his hips.

Sesshoumaru's fist tightened in her hair, yanking her head down. His lips finally captured hers in a searing kiss, his tongue demanding entrance. Kagome's body responded instinctively, her hands moved to his herculean chest, as she returned the kiss with equal fervor.

Strong hands ripped away the belt at her waist and pulled open the blue dress she wore. While pushing it off her shoulders Sesshoumaru purred against her lips, “I hear massage oil can be a real bitch to get out of clothing.”

Kagome gasped into his mouth when she felt the cool air against her skin as the dress slid down her body, pooling to the polished wood floor. "Then it's a good thing I'm not wearing much," her breathy reply dancing over his lips.

Sesshoumaru's red-hazed eyes roamed over her exposed skin as she sat up, taking in the sight of her black lacy undergarments. A hungry growl bubbled in his chest. "Indeed," he crooned, his hands moving to cup her breasts, thumbs brushing over her hardened nipples through the thin fabric.

The feel of his calloused hands had Kagome's hips rolling, causing his cock to slide between her covered folds. She was already wet, making her movements smooth and fluid. When the mushroom tip pressed against her clit, Kagome threw her head back and let out a keening moan. Placing her hands behind her to rest on his powerful thighs, Kagome surrendered herself to the erotic sensations.


Claws expertly sliced through the middle of her bra, freeing her aching breasts. Nipples harden further in the cool air. Her tits gently bounced with each grind of her hips. Sesshoumaru was captivated by them, grabbing her waist, and urging her to move faster as he thrust upwards, elevating both of their pleasure.

Sesshoumaru's hands tightened on her waist, guiding her movements with increasing urgency. His eyes never left her face, watching the expressions of bliss and pleasure that played across her features. "You are dedicated to your work," he remarked. "I like that."

Kagome's response was a breathless moan as she felt the tip of his cock now brushing against her entrance. The thin barrier of her panties was the only thing preventing their full union, and the friction was maddening. "Sesshoumaru, please," she begged, her body trembling with need.

In one fluid movement, Sesshoumaru tore away her panties, the delicate lace no match for his strength. Lifting her above his weeping erection, he positioned himself at her entrance, his eyes burning onto hers. "Do you wish to continue?" he asked, his voice a low rumble.

"Yes," she breathed, her eyes wide and filled with anticipation. This was really happening. She was about to have sex with her best friend's brother.

He didn't need any more encouragement. With a powerful thrust, he entered her, their bodies finally joining in a near-perfect fit. Kagome cried out, her nails digging into his rock-hard abs as he filled her completely. The sensation was overwhelming, a mix of pleasure and a slight sting from the sudden stretch. He was big—no, he was huge! Kagome panted above Sesshoumaru, her hands clenching and releasing as her body adjusted to his size.

Sesshoumaru claws pierced her skin, droplets of blood staining her wide hips. Her sheath was so tight, so wet, and almost unbearably hot. He could feel his cock twitching inside her, seeking more of the delicious friction he felt upon entry.

The heat, the tightness, it was almost too much to bear, but he relished every second of it.

Kagome's breath came in ragged gasps, her body trembling with the intensity of their connection. Every movement sent waves of pleasure coursing through her, and she found herself losing control. "Sesshoumaru," she moaned, her voice a desperate plea.

He responded with a deep growl, "Ride me, Kagome. Finish what you started."

The sound of his deep voice mixed with the feel of him buried deep within her had Kagome's sex gripping him tighter. When Sesshoumaru let out a hiss and threw his head back, she began to move.

At first, her movements were slow, experimental. She leaned forward, supporting her upper body on his chest as she raised her hips and lowered them. Each thrust gradually became faster. Her breath hitched every time he stretched her, filling her completely. When her thighs began to burn, she sat back on his cock and placed her hands on his thighs again, rocking her body forward while moaning out her pleasure.

Sesshoumaru's hands clung onto her shaking thighs, his inhuman eyes watching as his swollen cock would disappear inside Kagome whenever her hips fell back. It was enthralling, but it wasn't enough. The sight of her bouncing on him, her breasts swaying with each movement, her face flushed with ecstasy—it was addictive. Yet, he needed more.

Kagome had just found the right rhythm and depth and was so close to climax when Sesshoumaru pulled her down flat against his chest. Two large arms wrapped around her waist, and he bent his knees, giving him the leverage to pound into her from below.

The sudden change in pace and force had Kagome's orgasm hitting her with such intensity that she had to muffle her scream in his shoulder. Her body convulsed around him, her inner walls squeezing him tighter as waves of pleasure crashed over her. Sesshoumaru felt her climax, her slick heat milking him, trying to drive him to the edge.

But Sesshoumaru wasn't ready for this to end just yet. He was promised a service, and he planned to use it to the fullest. Kagome was still coming down from her euphoric high when Sesshoumaru sat up and repositioned them. When she felt the firm cushion covering her massage table against her back, she opened dazed ocean eyes and looked up. Staring down at her was a beast. Sesshoumaru's eyes were now completely blood red, and the markings on his face had become ridged and untamed. 

He did not wait for her to comprehend what was happening as he moved her legs over his forearms, lifted her ass off the table, and rammed back into her. The force of his thrusts sent shockwaves of pleasure through her, causing her to arch her back and cry out in ecstasy. Kagome's nails clawed at the table, her body overwhelmed by the relentless rhythm he set.

"Sesshoumaru!" she cried out

"That’s it," he growled, his voice guttural and filled with raw need. "You will take everything I give you."

Her body obeyed his command, meeting his every thrust with eager desperation. Each movement seemed to carve a deeper connection between them, making her acutely aware of every inch of him inside her. The friction, the heat, the intensity—it was all too much, yet not enough. Her senses were engulfed in a whirlwind of pleasure and submission, every nerve ending on fire.

Sesshoumaru's movements were relentless, his hips snapping forward with a force that had her seeing stars. His eyes were predatory and filled with hunger, locked onto hers, watching every flicker of emotion, every gasp and moan that escaped her lips. He was intoxicated by her reactions, her submission, her pleasure. Her face, a vision of raw ecstasy, urged him on.

He lowered his head, capturing her lips in a searing kiss, his tongue invading her mouth with the same dominance he exerted over her body. Kagome moaned into him, her hands moving to grip his biceps, feeling the power and strength beneath her fingertips. She could feel the muscles ripple and tense with every thrust, evidence of his inhuman strength and endurance.

Sesshoumaru broke the kiss, his lips trailing down her neck, nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin. His teeth grazed her pulse point, sending shivers down her spine. "You feel incredible," he groaned against her throat, his voice a deep, rumbling purr. "So tight, so perfect." Each word was a seductive caress, inflaming her desire.

Kagome's response was a series of breathless moans, her body writhing beneath him. She was on the edge again, the intense pleasure building to an almost unbearable peak. "Sesshoumaru, I—I'm going to—"

"Come for me," he ordered, his thrusts becoming even more forceful. "Let me feel you." His words pushed her to the precipice.

With a final, powerful thrust, he drove her over the edge. Kagome's body arched off the table, her head thrown back as she screamed his name, her inner walls clenching around him in a vice-like grip. Her orgasm was explosive, waves of pleasure crashing over her in relentless succession, each wave more intense than the last. She felt like she was shattering, only to be rebuilt with each shudder.

As he leaned forward, pressing a hand onto the table for support, the force of his climax caused him to push down on the table so hard it gave out under Kagome and collapsed. He quickly grabbed hold of her waist, keeping her suspended in the air as he pushed his knot into her, roaring his release, the sound primal and victorious. The feel of his knot stretching her even further brought another wave of intense pleasure, her body trembling uncontrollably.

Kagome hung onto his arms, her body still convulsing with the aftershocks of her climax. She was in a haze of pleasure, her senses overwhelmed by the intensity of their coupling. Sesshoumaru's eyes slowly began to turn gold again, the red haze fading as he regained his composure.

Once the tension left his body and he was able to move, he pulled Kagome up, holding her against his chest. Her legs remained locked around him, her hands clutching his shoulders for support. He turned and walked them over to his desk, sitting down in his chair with her still in his lap. Their bodies remained joined.

Kagome rested her head against his shoulder, her breaths gradually calming. Sesshoumaru's hands moved to her back, gently stroking her skin. They stayed like that for a while, the silence filled with the sound of their breathing, the warmth of their shared aftermath wrapping around them like a blanket.

As the intense afterglow began to fade, Kagome became aware of a burning sensation between her legs. She shifted slightly, trying to alleviate the discomfort, and attempted to stand up, but the large male beneath her let out a hiss and held her still.

"Do not move," he growled. Sesshoumaru's knot was still swollen and locked inside her, preventing her from leaving.

Clarity came crashing down on Kagome like a tidal wave. Her upper body shot up straight, and wide eyes looked at the demon under her. Panic and realization flooded her senses. This was supposed to just be a massage. What had she done?

"Let me go, Sesshoumaru!" she shouted while trying to pull away. The reality of their situation was finally sinking in.

He tightened his grip on her hips, his claws pressing into her scabbed over skin. "I cannot. My knot has not loosened yet," he snarled, his eyes narrowing slightly. 

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she felt his knot begin to recede. With a heavy sigh, Kagome prepared to stand, her mind focused on leaving before Inuyasha caught them in this embarrassing situation. She tried to lift herself off his still-hard cock, but before she could, Sesshoumaru stopped her with his steel-like grip.

"I do not think that was the type of ‘gift’ my brother intended, Kagome," his words had her flushing all over again. “In fact, I would like to hire you as my personal masseuse.”

She was speechless, utterly stunned by his proposition. The audacity, the sheer nerve of him to suggest such a thing after what they had just done. Her mouth opened and closed, searching for words, but nothing coherent emerged.

“Naturally, you must not take on other clientele," he growled, his voice low and possessive. "Shall we discuss your new employment over dinner?"

She could barely process what he was saying. The room seemed to spin as she tried to wrap her mind around his offer. The idea of becoming Sesshoumaru's personal masseuse, of being exclusively his, was both thrilling and terrifying. The possessiveness in his voice, the way his eyes bore into her, left her feeling exposed, vulnerable, and inexplicably excited.

Sesshoumaru's hands slid up her back, his touch surprisingly gentle, contrasting sharply with the earlier ferocity. He pulled her closer until their foreheads touched. His breath was warm against her skin, his presence overwhelming her.

"Kagome," he muttered, his voice softening, "you have a choice. Accept my offer and become mine, or walk away. But know that if you choose to stay, you will belong to me alone."

Her heart pounded in her chest, the weight of his words sinking in. Despite the chaos in her mind, there was a part of her that was undeniably drawn to him.

"I... I don't know what to say," she finally managed to whisper.The idea of discussing this over dinner seemed surreal, almost absurd given their current state. But the look in his amber eyes told her he was serious.

She must be crazy, she thought. She had worked so hard to get her license, dreaming of building a successful business, helping various clients heal and relax. But now, looking into his intense, honey gold eyes, she felt her resolve weakening. The idea of being tied to him, of belonging to him alone, sent a strange thrill through her.

"Say yes," Sesshoumaru urged, his tone coaxing as he flexed his hips upwards. "Say you will work exclusively for me. That you will not take on other clients. Your skills, your touch, will belong to me alone."

She took a deep breath, trying to suppress a moan as began to gently rock into her, "Yes," she conceded. "I will be your personal masseuse, Sesshoumaru."

A satisfied smile curved his lips, his eyes gleaming with approval. "Good," he said, his voice a purr of happiness. "We will discuss the details tonight."

Pleased that he now had her to himself, Sesshoumaru released his hold and allowed her to finally stand. Kagome shakily rose, her body still tingling. She barely had time to pull herself off of him when the office doors flew open and Inuyasha barged in.

"I hope you behaved yourself, Sesshoumaru, and didn’t—" Whatever else he had planned to say died on his lips as his eyes took in the scene before him.

The spa table lay crumpled on the floor, broken in half. Sheets, towels, and bottles of massage oil were scattered around the room, evidence of the chaos that had just unfolded. Behind the desk, Sesshoumaru sat with a smug look on his face, holding his best friend, who was now naked and staring back at him with wide, panicked blue eyes.

Inuyasha stood there, frozen in shock, his mouth opening and closing. The air was thick with sex and embarrassment, the silence stretching unbearably.

Finally, he turned around abruptly and  slammed the door behind him with such force that the walls seemed to tremble.

Kagome let out a groan and covered her face with her hands. "Well, shit," she muttered, her voice muffled by her fingers while Sesshoumaru just laughed. 


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