Dear Sesshoumaru by LadyDaniTar

A Storm Is Brewing

Beige linen sheets danced lazily in the breeze while the young priestess attempted to tame them down. Smaller hands reached up to help her keep the fabric still enough to pull off the makeshift clothesline.

Kagome smiled down at Rin and together they worked to fold and carry the sheets inside the small hut before rain fell. The humid scent started to grow stronger into the morning and about noon a downpour had begun.

Most days were peaceful like this one. Kagome had been caring for Rin during the warmer months and autumn until the first snow would powder the land. Lord Sesshoumaru usually arrived a day before a winter storm to retrieve Rin. Sometimes Kagome wondered if by chance the demon lord himself controlled the weather, or perhaps his senses could detect changes in the atmosphere much like a meteorologist. Kagome much preferred her more fanciful theory on the matter.

This arrangement between the demon lord and priestess has been going on for three years now to ensure Rin gets the education she needs from a female mentor. There were subjects and needs Sesshoumaru found he was not able to see to for his young ward. Though, he had a many great resources within his shiro it was difficult to find anyone within its walls to answer Rins questions regarding human changes into puberty.

Kagome was more than thrilled to step in to assist with Rins care. Living outside of the small village left her feeling more alone and isolated than she was prepared for. After Naraku’s defeat more than five years ago Kagome was left in the feudal era following the completion and banishing of the Shikon Jewel. Sango and Miroku had move on to rebuild the demon slayer village and recruit residents for its growth. Inuyasha decided to venture out on his own as a roaming vagabond helping where needed. By then it become obvious to both her and Inuyasha that only friendship remained between them.

After Kaede’s passing Kagome no longer wished to remain in the small village. After the older priestesses burial Kagome set out to find a remote location closer to the bone eater well. It took a year, but she was able to build her own modest two room hut to her liking. There was a small vegetable garden behind it and just beyond led to a stream for fresh water and bathing. By no means was it luxurious, but it was home.

After those two years living alone and three more after Sesshoumaru appeared on her doorstep to request her help, Kagome was finally content with her life. She had no need to find herself a husband or start a family of her own. Right now… she was happy.

With those peaceful thoughts Kagome smiled and turned to watch Rin carefully place the fresh folded sheets into a cedar chest. Now that the young girl was growing taller, she could help more around the homestead. The kettle she had placed over the hearth began to whistle signaling time for afternoon tea.

“Rin, could you set the table?” Kagome asked while gathering some cooked rice and pickled vegetables to have with their green tea.

“I hope Lord Sesshoumaru comes to visit soon!” Rin chirped. “He always brings the most exotic treats from the Western ports!”

She wasn’t wrong, Kagome thought. During the time his young ward stayed with her Sesshoumaru would visit once a moon cycle to check in and deliver supplies to ensure both females stayed healthy. What Kagome didn’t expect was to also be receiving various gifts such as bounds of silk from China, Portuguese wines, various spices, what appeared to be a Persian rug, and many other odds and ends. The small hut was starting to resemble a gaudy museum. Truthfully, she would have been happy with more vegetable seeds and maybe even a few chickens.

Once the tea and food were set both girls sat around the polished old Japanese cedar table, another one of his lordship’s gifts, and watched the rain fall through the open shoji door. Rin resumed her daydreaming and wondering what the demon lord would bring next for them to try. Last month it was a week supply of wagashi. Unfortunately, Kagome had did not have anywhere to store the confections, so they were eaten over two days. She still felt nauseous thinking about it.

“Maybe he will bring something savory, like a fresh boar or even venison would be nice.” Kagome mused followed by a small laugh at Rins disappointed expression.

“We can’t live on sweets alone Rin. It may sound nice in theory, but I don’t think Lord Sesshoumaru would be pleased to find us bloated with our teeth falling out.” Now that got through to the young girl. Rin scrunched her face up and began prodding each tooth with her tongue to make sure all were accounted for.

A flash of lighting and a crash of thunder caused them both to jolt and once again look out into the rain. The wind had begun to pick up and the downpour became heavier. Neither said a word until the next lighting strike lit up the sky to reveal a tall figure slowly trudging through the storm towards the hut.

The recognition of white silks and spiked battle armor had Kagome letting out a breath in relief. She really didn’t want to engage in a fight while getting soaked at the same time. So, she continued to sit and wait until the demon lord made it onto the small, covered patio just outside the shoji doors.

His ward on the other hand did not hesitate to grab her washi paper umbrella before dashing barefoot into the storm. By the time she met her lord halfway between the hut and forest edge she was drenched and still clutching her now wind torn umbrella.

Sesshoumaru came to a stop before his ward and let out a soft huff before quickly picking up the grinning girl and within a blink was already setting her down under the covered porch. He placed a large hand on Rin’s head, mentally noting how she seemed to have grown more since his last visit, before quietly admonishing her. “Foolish girl. Go change before you become ill.”

Kagome sipped the last of her tea while watching their interaction. She knew better than to get between Sesshoumaru and his ward during these moments, once he left, she would have a talk with the girl about safety during lightning storms. For now, she would hold her tongue and fetch another place setting and start a new batch of tea for his lordship.

Sesshoumaru remained just outside the door and used his aura to remove any water still on his person from the rain. Once satisfied with his level of dryness, he carefully toed off his boots, removed his mokomoko and armor before stepping into the dwelling. He sat by the low table crossing his legs and observed the priestess as she placed the kettle back over the fire to warm. While he had noticed the subtle changes in his ward, he was becoming more aware of how the priestess remained unchanged the last couple of years. Many mortals began to show signs of age such as winkles or even their hair slowly becoming white. But this woman appeared untouched by time. He would have to wait to confront her about it.

While both adults seemed to be lost in their own thoughts, a now dry Rin came bounding back into the open room and knelt on the rug close to her demon lord.

“Welcome back Lord Sesshoumaru! Kagome and I were just talking about you!” Her toothy grin had him giving her a soft smile in return.

“What was the discussion pertaining to this Sesshoumaru about?” He asked while glancing over at the priestess as she returned with fresh tea and a cup for him. She lifted her head while pouring the beverage and couldn’t help the light blush when they made eye contact.

“We were curious as to what kind of delicacy you would bring on your next visit.” Kagome answered for Rin while taking her seat across from the large demon. She always felt cool and calm unless she was in his presence. Sesshoumaru had a way of making her feel like bugs were crawling under her skin with just one look. She poured herself and Rin a cup before asking, “I am surprised you are back so soon. Ah-Un are not with you?”

“No.” he stated before turning to Rin. “This One is here on a different matter.”

Known to never be in a hurry, he paused to take a slow drink of his tea before looking back to Kagome.

“We will speak with you later this evening priestess. Until then you and Rin will inform This One on your activities since our last visit.”

Rin was quick to tell him all about the cave she had found with a small pool filled with glowing blue fish. She came upon this discovery while checking rabbit snares. It led to a lesson on cave life and one of Kagome’s biology books depicting all types of creatures to be found. His ward spent the better part of the evening telling her lord all about the cave ecosystem.

The rain outside began to thin out into a drizzle once night fell. Kagome prepared a simple dinner for her and Rin and set out a bottle of warm sake for Sesshoumaru. She would occasionally chime in when Rin stumbled on a word and giggled when the girl recounted her first experience with bat guano. All and all, it was a pleasant ending to the day.

Struggling to stifle another yawn, Rin insisted she wasn’t ready to sleep yet. One stern look from the demon lord was enough to shut down her protests. Kagome stood to clear the table while Rin reluctantly went to the other room where their beds lay.

“Sit priestess.” His deep baritone command startled Kagome before slowly making her way back to sit opposite of the demon.

They sat like that for what felt like eternity. Sesshoumaru continued to stare, and Kagome would fidget and attempt to look anywhere but the bare chest peeking out from where his robes fell slightly open. Finally, he broke the deafening silence.

“There is a war beginning between the Southern and Eastern territories. This Sesshoumaru has been summoned to fulfill the oath made by the former Western Lord to provide aid to Lord Haruto of the East.” He waited and when Kagome made no interjection he continued. “While away This One will see that you are compensated and have all that is required to care for Rin. Protection will also be provided and a Western soldier will be at your disposal ”

With a small nod, as if congratulating himself on a job well done, Sesshoumaru waited to hear any concerns the seemingly immortal priestess had. She found that she only had one.

“How long?”

Amber eyes looked up from his cup of sake and burned into Kagome’s blue ones.

“No more than ten years.”


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