Sniffle by Madam_CocoNut

drip drip

Authors note: Ok guys I've had this little idea for a one shot floating in my head for a while but figured why not try my hand at telling it in snip-its. It's been a few months since I've been in the mood for writing so let's see how this goes.

He huffed at the bangs currently plastered to his forehead. The motion causing little water droplets to run down his face into the collar of his already drenched shirt. It was just another annoyance to add to the ever-growing list from dayShuffling the grocery bags to one hand he started to dig into his pocket for the door keys only for them to snag when pulling them out. He took a deep breath to try and calm the irrational anger that was threatening to boil out before slowly releasing it. Instead of kicking the door down like he envisioned he calmly inserted the keys into the lock. After a few jiggles of the key, a death grip on the doorknob and a cliched jaw later he managed to open the door.  


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