Knock Three Times by Sereia


The apartment was simple, which was what he liked. Sesshoumaru hadn't bothered to fill it with unnecessary furniture or useless knick-knacks, though he'd replaced all the kitchen appliances as soon as his first paycheque had come in.

The old ones were functional, but some of the stains had refused to come off. Plus, one of the elements didn't work properly, and he was tired of guessing what temperature it was at every time he turned it on.

He needed to be able to practice.

Working at a restaurant on the other side of town wasn't ideal, especially since the other line cooks resented his sudden promotion, but Bokuseno was no fool. He knew exactly what Sesshoumaru was capable of.

The head chef had given him an opportunity, one that he'd been clamouring for for months, the words barely out of his mouth before Sesshoumaru accepted.

It was due to his accomplishments, his talent, not the connections of his family, and Sesshoumaru was going to make the most of it.

If he could just manage to sleep.

Rolling over, he glanced at the clock, groaning at the time staring back at him. It was only a few hours until his alarm was set to go off, but the music pounding through his ceiling had yet to cease.


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