Etsy by Haven

Chapter 1

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“Kagome. Explain.” Sesshomaru could feel the frustration grow as the delivery boxes kept piling up at the front door.

“Sesshomaru~ Darling. You know how I just LOVE to support small businesses right?”

Her mate could only raise an eyebrow to her. “And the new manga Souta had recently published has been getting so many fans…”

“Kagome. What did you do?”

Kagome couldn’t help but grin. “You know I’m your number one fan…and I just couldn’t help myself…”


Kagome watched as the delivery man scurried quickly back to his truck, possibly most happy to be away from the irate demon, who was disguised as a human with black hair, and no markings.

Sesshomaru reached down for a package and quickly tore it open. He could feel the anger boiling over.

He looked down to his mate, turned around and walked away, dropping the item.

Kagome couldn’t help but giggle as she picked up a stuffed animal, a tiny replica of his demon form to be exact. “It’s just so cute!!! And the creator from etsy even sent a thank you note!!” 


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