Three Knocks on the Door by Chiaztolite


They were lovers, but they were not together. He had no label for what they had become. All he knew was that he spent the entire week waiting for her, and on Saturday morning, Kagome always came and stayed for a while.

But he knew what she was.

In this dark, lonely world of his isolation, she was the light.

Sometimes, he forgot how long they had been doing this. Sometimes, it felt like it had been decades. Yet, other times, everything felt so new that he thought it was the first time they ever lay together.

In truth, it had been three years. Three years since Kagome hopped into the well in Sengoku Jidai and returned to the modern era. She inadvertently strolled into his life, all because Inuyasha was moving abroad with his family for a job and could not leave his agoraphobic brother behind “without a single friend".

And her kind, generous heart could not leave him alone. Inuyasha knew what he was doing, because the former miko was tenacious, amongst other things. She plainly refused to let up until she barreled through his defences. She banged on his door until he opened it – over and over, until she conquered him. Now, she only had to knock three times, and he let her in.

She became his only friend. His constant visitor. Soon after, his lover.

And still, they were not together.

This morning, still reeling from his failure, he was intent on proving to her and himself that he was capable of something. His mouth in her ear, he pressed himself into her and relished the tight, wet clasp of her body. The sting of her nails raking his shoulders grounded him. Her broken gasps filled his ear as he slid deep, deep, and deeper still. Her legs wrapped around his waist the moment his pelvis met her core.

Kagome whimpered when he cupped her rear and carefully lifted her off the kitchen counter before he carried her into his bedroom. It was only a short distance away, but he knew she felt him prodding deep inside her with every step.

Inside the bedroom, his curtains were drawn shut. They always were; it helped to keep the overwhelming city of Tokyo at bay. But, even with only dim light filtering through the tiny slivers of windows at the edges of the curtains, he could see her so clearly.

Lying down on his bed, her blue eyes glittered in the darkness as she looked up at him. He hovered above her, bracing himself on his arms as he began to roll his hips into her. Those lashes fluttered close and she arched her spine, taut as a bow. He repeated his thrust, surging into her, and she opened her legs wider. He increased his pace, she clawed his back with the ferocity that surprised him. When he pumped even harder into her, she opened her mouth and pleaded for more.

And he gave it to her.

As her climax neared, she clenched around him so tightly he could barely pull out. One more thrust had him pushing against the soft wall of her womb, and she reached her completion, crying out against his shoulder.

He bent his head, panting in her ear. His silver hair mingled with her raven locks, sticking to their sweat-slicked bodies as they both savoured the ebb and flow of their orgasms, taking their time to come down from their high.

Out there, he was nothing.

But in this apartment, within these walls, he could be everything she wanted and needed.


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