A Walk in the Park by Sereia

Chapter 1

Smuttening Prompts (August 2022): Park, lap dance, tea, "I can't get enough of you.", scent

Inspiration: "Just Getting Started" by Jason Aldean


"Where are we going today?" Kagome asked, intertwining their fingers together over top of the gearshift.

"The park," he said stiffly. If her natural scent wasn't enough to drive him to insanity, the constant mix of her arousal was.

It had begun as friendship; she had been so happy to find him, to have someone to talk to, and Sesshoumaru had quickly grown to enjoy her company, both through innocuous texts and meetups after work.

Sleeping together had been a surprise, albeit not an unwelcome one. With her, he could let go, devolve to his instincts, and there was never any judgement in her eyes.

She usually ended up begging him for more.

He had become addicted to her—her scent, her touch, the sound of her crying out his name. So much so that the thought of her doing the same with anyone else had his fangs elongating and eyes bleeding red.

Kagome was his.

And it was time she knew it.

He tried to ignore how her dress hiked up around her thighs as she got out of the car but found it exceedingly difficult, especially since he knew she'd done it on purpose. Grabbing the basket from the trunk, he led her towards a secluded spot, away from prying eyes.

"Is it a special occasion?" she asked, not even looking at the food as she sat down next to him on the blanket. "I didn't miss the anniversary of someone's death, did I?" Kagome gnawed on her lip.


She breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good. Why all the food, though? Normally when you cook, we stay at your place."

Pleased that she'd noticed the spread wasn't store-bought, he held up a small tart. "I thought we would try something new."

She raised an eyebrow, keeping her eyes on him as she sank her teeth into the treat, tongue curling around his fingers. Sesshoumaru hissed—the little minx was starting early today.

She pulled back with a seductive grin, licking the crumbs off her lips in a slow, purposeful motion. "You don't need food to seduce me."

He ground his teeth together. "I am aware."

"Are you? Maybe I should make sure." Grabbing his wrist, she pulled his hand closer, dragging her teeth down his fingers as she ate the rest of the tart. Sesshoumaru shifted, his pants already tight, instincts screaming at him to take her, considering the blatant invitation she was offering.

He clamped down them—there was a goal to accomplish today.

"Kagome, it has almost been a year since our paths crossed, and I—" She didn't let him finish, already climbing into his lap, hips pressing firmly against his. Her hands slid under the collar of his shirt, mouth latching onto the side of his neck, and he trembled under the onslaught. "Kagome—"

"Less talking," she said, gyrating her hips in a tantalizing dance. The scent of her arousal was overwhelming, permeating his senses with each breath he took. "Isn't this why you brought me here? No one can see." She nipped at his skin, hand travelling lower to grip him through his pants.

He wanted to say yes, especially when she pulled back, sapphire eyes half-lidded with desire as she grabbed his hands, placing them on her chest.

"Touch me," she breathed, grinding against him as she arched into his hands. "Don't make me do it all myself."

"Kagome—" She swallowed his argument, cupping his face with both hands, moaning in tandem when he rolled her nipples through the fabric of her dress. Her hips rotated again, and he growled into her mouth, wanting nothing more than to sheath himself inside her, to claim her until neither of them remembered their own names, but he grabbed her wrists, pinning them against her sides as he yanked his mouth away.

"I have something to ask you."

She pouted, tugging against his hold, pushing her breasts closer to his face, causing saliva to pool in his mouth. "Can't it wait until after?"

He sucked in a ragged breath—this woman would be the death of him. "Kagome, I wish to court you. To make our relationship official, and you are distracting—"

"Weren't you doing that already?" She'd stopped trying to escape, giving him an odd look. "I mean, people don't normally sleep with their friends unless it means something."

Sesshoumaru felt colour seep into his cheeks.

"Was I supposed to have asked you first? I know youkai haven't different customs than humans, but we—"

"You are always attempting to rid me of my clothes," he accused. "I had thought it was just for sexual satisfaction."

It was Kagome's turn to blush, worrying her lower lip as she squirmed in his lap. "Have you seen you? Who wouldn't want to take your clothes off?"

He released her wrists, wrapping his arms around her waist as he buried his face against her neck, all the tension that had been building up at the possibility of her refusal leaving his body. "Then you accept my offer?"

Her chuckle wafted through his hair, following the movements of her fingers as she combed through the silver locks. "Kind of hard not to." She kissed his temple, then his ear, her mouth slowly moving down the line of his jaw before her tongue slid into his mouth.

The sweetness of her scent turned to honey as the heat began to build again, and soon she was left whimpering. "I can't get enough of you."

"I can assure you, the feeling is mutual."

"Good. Glad we cleared that up." She started unbuttoning his shirt. "Can I take these off now? Or are you going to stop me again?"

His chuckle was low and full of promise, his hands sliding under her dress to grip her thighs. "I never knew you to be such an exhibitionist."

"I'm not. Not usually." The lapels of his shirt parted, and she hummed in approval, tracing the stripes that disappeared under the top of his pants. "Only with you."

"You will never do anything like this unless it is with me." He meant it as a light retort, but instincts took hold, and it came out as a growl. But her acceptance knew no bounds, soft laughter escaping her lips as she pressed their foreheads together.

"Of course not."

He kissed her thoroughly, his growl turning into a groan when his hands slid up her thighs, not finding anything else. "You planned this from the start."

"I didn't want there to be any panty lines," she said innocently, pulling out his erection, a delightful shiver running through both of them as she gripped him firmly. He would've commented on how horrible a liar she was if she hadn't chosen that moment to shift forward, his length sliding between slick folds.

Her name came out as a desperate groan, and she rose up onto her knees, positioning him at her entrance before sitting back down. His hips jerked under the edge of her skirt, muscles clenching as she rose again, adjusting the angle.

She took him fully this time, grinding their bodies together, breath coming out in short pants. "Don't make too much noise," she said with a grin. "We don't want to get caught."

Claws dug into her ass as he thrust his hips up. "As I recall, it is you who is most likely to do that."

"Don't know what you're—" She gasped as he thrust up again, nails digging into his shoulders as she smothered a moan.

"Perhaps I will make it a goal the next time we are out in public, Kagome." He leaned closer, fangs gleaming. "To make you cry out in ecstasy for all to hear."

She shook her head, her gaze intense and filled with heat as she moved up and down. "That's only for you."

The only thing that kept him from flipping her onto her back was that it would be much harder to hide what they were doing, but he grabbed a fistful of her hair, latching onto where her throat met her shoulder. "Mine."

She whimpered but nodded. "Yours. Always yours."

Her words heated his blood like nothing else could, and he slammed into her, forcing her hips down every time he thrust up, the flames of her desire soon consuming them both, Kagome barely able to contain her scream, face buried against his shoulder.

Neither of them wanted to move, content to keep their bodies connected beneath the folds of her dress as he slowly released her, drawing calming circles on her back.

"We didn't even get to the tea this time," she mused, chuckling softly against his skin when she could finally breathe again.

"I learned from last time and brought it in a thermos," he replied, placing a chaste kiss against her temple.

"You say that like I always choose sex over everything else." A silver eyebrow raised when she pulled back, blue eyes twinkling with mirth. They stared at each other for a moment before Kagome kissed the moon on his brow, the significance not going unnoticed. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I thought you knew."

He didn't move, eyes fluttering shut as he relished the feel of her lips against his skin. "Perhaps we are both at fault for that."

"You? At fault for not talking enough? Never." He responded by thrusting his hips up, Kagome hissing through her teeth before tweaking his ear. "Brat."

"I will reiterate that you are the one who showed up without being fully dressed."

"Like you didn't enjoy it," she said with a snort, draping her arms over his shoulders as her expression turned serious. "You didn't bite me."

His pupils dilated. "I thought it might be too soon."

"I've technically known you for over five centuries," she said. "I don't think we really need to wait."

He ducked his head, sliding his tongue up her collarbone, the strap of her dress falling away. "As much as I would enjoy claiming you here, there are protocols that must be adhered to."

She shivered, goosebumps roughening her flesh. "You're not going to leave dead animals on my doorstep, are you?"

He pinched a nipple in response. "No. But there are certain things I wish to give you."

"Can I give you things too?" she asked, rolling her hips against his.

"As long as they are appropriate to be presented in front of my mother."

Kagome straightened, a bright smile on her face. "Do I finally get to meet her?"


She cupped his face, kissing him deeply. "That means you have to come to the shrine and meet Mama, too." She began chattering about how she'd been trying to keep him a secret, but her mother had known it almost from the start, and Sesshoumaru idly wondered how blind he had been to the obviousness of her feelings.

He tugged on a lock of her hair, returning the kiss on her brow, heart swelling at the look of sheer joy on her face when she pulled back.

"Careful, I might seduce you again," she warned.

Sesshoumaru smirked, his gaze already sliding to her lips. "Challenge accepted, mate."