Waves by Sereia

Chapter 1

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Sesshoumaru touched down in the eastern garden, the sound of laughter a welcome reprieve to the silence that had followed him through his recent round of patrol. It had been a calm venture, though he had expected nothing less now that Naraku and his shadows had been vanquished.

The call of nature, of freedom, had always been like a buoy upon the waves, luring him further and further from shore. There were always new scents to experience, new sights to behold, but now he found himself stagnant—returning to land more often than not.

And enjoying it.

Slender arms wrapped around his waist. "You're home early."


"I prefer to be here," he said, laying a hand over hers.

"Good." Kagome smiled against his back before tucking herself against his side. "We prefer that too."

He was immediately accosted by the twins, both boys chattering happily about how glad they were to see him, Sora quickly grabbing onto mokomoko and climbing onto his shoulders. "Did you fight any scary demons, Papa?"

"There are no strangers in the surrounding forest at this current time."

Riku reached up for him, tiny hands opening and closing in a silent plea. Sesshoumaru chuckled, Sora managing to hold on as he bent over to pick up his brother. Riku bumped his nose against his, green eyes shining up at him.


"Did you behave for your mother?" he asked, giving Sora a sideways glance. The twins nodded, Sora rubbing his face against Sesshoumaru's pelt.

Kagome chuckled softly. "If you don't count them trying to add Jaken to their latest concoction in the kitchen."

The boys looked at each other, mirrored guilty smiles on their faces. "We needed something green," Riku said, as if that explained everything.

"I said seaweed, but the tide was in," Sora pouted, blowing dark bangs out of his face.

Sesshoumaru met his mate's gaze, blue eyes twinkling. "He didn't stop screeching for an hour. Your mother eventually threw him into the pot herself."


The twins dissolved into a fit of giggles, dark heads bobbing in unison. Sesshoumaru tried to glare at them, but they were too busy laughing to notice.

"Grannie was great!"

"She even held him under the water to make him be quiet!"

"It was his own fault. He refused to help in the first place," Mizuki said, walking up behind her mother, bowing slightly. "Hello, Father. I am glad you returned safely." Their eldest was the most like Sesshoumaru, stoic and quiet, even though she looked no older than thirteen.

He raised an eyebrow, grabbing the twins by their collars and handing them off to his mate.


Sesshoumaru laid a hand on his daughter's head, gifting her a soft smile. The girl stood tall, her brothers wriggling free of their mother's hold and tugging at her kimono, the silk moving like waves upon the shore.

She started to lean into the touch, catching herself at the last moment. "Did you come across anything interesting during your travels.?"

"Shall I take you with me next time?"

Mizuki couldn't contain her joy, blue eyes lighting up as she grabbed onto his sleeve. "Can I?"

He pulled her into a brief hug. "Do not be so quick to grow up, little one. Leave the responsibilities to those who wish to gain your favour." His daughter returned the embrace, lingering in her father's arms.

"Yes, Papa."


It didn't take long for the twins to convince their sister to play with them, Mizuki transforming and chasing them further into the garden.

"You never invite me to go on patrol," Kagome said in a salty tone.

Sesshoumaru smirked as he watched their children frolic. "You require a destination."

She crossed her arms. "Is that a bad thing?"

"Of course not, but the point of patrolling is to travel."

"So, we travel to specific places," she said. "Like the southern shore or the valley north of Bokuseno's forest."

Sesshoumaru's eyebrow quirked as he turned to his mate. "If I recall, our pups are the result of stopping in those places."

Kagome pretended to study her fingernails. "What's your point?"


Sora flew up in the air, Mizuki catching him in her jowls before bounding towards Riku, reiki surging as the outline of a barrier shimmered around him. His sister froze, slowly placing Sora on the ground as she pawed at the bubble, it repelling her for a few moments before popping.

Mizuki immediately pounced on Riku, lapping at his face, the boy giggling as he wrapped his arms around her muzzle. "I did it!"

Kagome looked on fondly, sliding up to her mate. "He really wants to impress her." Riku was the only one of the three that had been born with holy power, though Sora was oddly immune to it.

"He has much to be proud of."


"You should tell him that more often."

"Actions speak louder than words, mate," he said, Sora tackling his brother to the ground like a tsunami.

The boys linked hands, spinning around in a circle. Mizuki barked, drawing their attention before lowering the front half of her body, tail wagging happily.

Riku and Sora looked at each other for a moment, grinning, then ran after her, their battle cries echoing around the garden.

Kagome waited until they were out of range, then tugged on Sesshoumaru's hair, pulling him down far enough to slide her tongue along the shell of his ear, teasing the tip with her teeth. "And what do my actions say?"


His arm snaked around her waist, pulling her body flush with his own. "Do not toy with me, mate. Our children are present."

She slid her hands inside his collar, pushing the crests on his shoulders out of the way to tease the stripes hidden beneath. "Mizuki can handle the boys for a few minutes."

"It is never a few minutes with you," he growled.

"I would hope not," she said, leaning up to tease the underside of his jaw. "Especially when I missed you so much."

Sesshoumaru snorted. "I was only gone two days."

"One day and twenty-three hours too long." She pulled him the rest of the way down, moaning softly when his claws dug into her hips.


"Please," she murmured, hands delving inside his haori.

"You are not a miko, you are a vixen." He plundered her mouth as he lifted her off the ground, his erection nestled between her thighs as she wrapped her legs around him.

The scent of her arousal threatened to consume him, but Sesshoumaru managed one last coherent thought, flying them out of the garden and into the forest he had just finished patrolling, pinning her against a tree.

He tore at her clothes, Kagome crying out as he plunged into her, pupils dilating until only a thin sliver of blue could be seen, both of them shuddering.

They stayed like that for a moment, breathing heavily as they clung to each other, Sesshoumaru latching onto the mark on her neck.


She clenched around him, urging him deeper as her head lulled to the side. Gasping her name, he sank into her again.

It didn't take long for either of them to reach their peak, collapsing against each other, a thin layer of sweat on their brows, his mate gripping him fiercely.

"If this is the greeting I receive," he said, tongue flicking out at her skin, "perhaps I will travel more often."

"Don't you dare," she hissed, nails digging into the back of his neck. He chuckled softly, appeasing her with soft kisses along her jaw before claiming her mouth.

"It would never prolong our time apart, mate. I enjoy your presence too much."

She nipped at his bottom lip, smiling up at him. "I love you too."

When they returned, Mizuki wrinkled her nose, giving them a knowing look before advising them to take a bath.

They made plans to explore a new destination the following day.


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