Stressed by Sereia

Chapter 1

For "The Smuttening"

Prompts (July 2022): Office, Seduction, Towel, "If I have to stop what I'm doing, you won't be able to walk for a week.", Sound


She could hear the frustration in the low baritone of his voice—the meeting clearly was not going well.

Kagome bit her lip, stifling a giggle as she walked silently from the bathroom to his office. Working remotely had opened more travel opportunities, especially with how spread out their pack was now, and Sesshoumaru had refused to go back to in-person negotiations.

This particular meeting, however, had been going on for three days straight, and Kagome was starting to lose her mind. Her mate was so stressed that he'd actually been sleeping. Every night. Usually, he could go for weeks without rest, but he was determined to see this deal through and refused to let anyone else handle the fine print.

Which was why she was so determined to distract him.

She tiptoed into the room, clad only in her towel, skin still tingling from her shower. The one good thing about having grown children was being able to walk around the house naked.

Sesshoumaru was hunched in front of his computer screen, chin resting on his hands as he spoke into his earpiece. His eyes moved back and forth on the screen, addressing each member individually as he tried to get his point across.

He looked so tired.

She dropped her towel, holding it in one hand as her other went to her hip. "Sesshoumaru?"

He held up a finger and kept talking. If she hadn't been mated to him for over five centuries, she might have been insulted.

She tapped her foot loudly, but his eyes stayed glued to the screen. She opened her mouth to speak again, then a bout of mischief struck her, and she threw the towel at him, landing it perfectly on his head and obstructing his view.

"Mate, you know I am busy," he growled, pulling it off. "I do not have time for—" His pupils dilated as he looked at her, the muscles in his throat working slowly as he swallowed.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" she asked, hands still on her hips as she leaned on one leg. "What do you not have time for?"

He swallowed again, eyes flickering to the screen. "Mate…"

Kagome shrugged, massaging her breasts before sliding her hands down her body. "I just thought you could use a break, that's all." She knew the moment he caught on to her plan, his eyes narrowing with heated promise.

He managed to remember to mute himself. "If I have to stop what I am doing, you will not be able to walk for a week."

She merely raised an eyebrow, jutting out her chest as she bent over a little. "Promise?" She knew his hesitation was only due to reigning in his control, but she egged him on all the same, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she turned around. "I guess if you're that busy, I'll just take care of things myself."

"I will have to call you back. Please think on the points I brought up today in the meantime." She heard a click as his laptop closed and ducked out of the room, dissolving into laughter as he caught her against the banister. "You are not funny."

"Aren't I?" She tried to turn around, but he kept her pinned against the decorative wood. "I thought that was hysterical."

"Who knew I had such a temptress for a mate," he said, one hand cupping her breast as the other slid between her legs.

"You knew what you were marrying—" She gasped as he rolled a nipple between his fingers, arching against him. He was already fully aroused, and she reached between them, stroking him through his pants.

"What would you have done?" he whispered, already sliding a finger into her. "If I had ignored you?"

She ground against the intrusion, muscles gripping him firmly. "I told you, I would've done it myself—"

"And left yourself thoroughly unsatisfied?"

"Well, yeah." She wrapped her other arm around his neck, appealing to his basic instincts as she kissed the underside of his jaw. "Why do you think I keep you around?"

He shuddered but didn't take the bait, shoving another digit inside her. "I can think of many reasons." He pumped his fingers into her, releasing her breast before grabbing a fistful of her hair and devouring her.

Kagome moaned against his mouth, the position forcing her to let go of him. She hadn't been sure that he would follow her out of the room, and it warmed her heart that no matter what, she was always his first choice.

She dragged her tongue over his fangs, grateful that her time in the past had changed things enough that he didn't need to hide his true self. Seeing him lose control, watching the crimson bleed into his eyes and knowing she was the cause of it only turned her on more.

His fingers hit a particularly sensitive area, and her nails dug into the back of his neck as she pulled her mouth away. "Please! It's not enough. I need you."

"Should I not return the favour of you teasing me in the middle of my meeting?"

She grabbed his hand, putting it back on her breast. "Would you have preferred me crawling under your desk the next time?"

"You are too talented with your mouth, mate. I would be unable to keep my composure," he growled softly, leaning close and tugging at her ear with his teeth.

"The feeling's mutual," she said, pressing back against him. "Feel free to use it anytime."

"I will not last that long." He pulled his fingers out of her, and she whimpered in protest, but his hand splayed on her back, bending her over the railing as he undid his pants. Kagome rubbed her thighs together, slick and ready for him.

He skimmed against her folds, coating his length in her arousal, and she saw stars as the head bumped her clit. "Sesshoumaru," she whined, reaching between her legs to put him where she wanted—where she needed him to be.

He caught her before she could accomplish her goal, pinning both hands against the banister, their fingers intertwining. His length slid between her thighs, driving her insane before he tilted his hips, finally slipping inside her.

They moaned collectively, buttons of his shirt digging into her back as he leaned over her. There was something stimulating about the fact that he was still completely dressed while she was completely naked. She bent further over the banister, already moving her body back and forth, too impatient to wait for him to take the initiative.

She flipped her hair over her shoulders, eyes hooded as she clenched around him. "I thought you weren't going to last. Come on, Sesshoumaru! Give it to me!" Her breath hitched as the beast took hold, the stripes on his cheeks turning jagged as he released one of her hands. Claws digging her into her thigh, he lifted one leg, finally giving her what she wanted.

His name continued to spill out of her mouth, nails digging into his hand as the wood strained under the power of his passion.

His possession.

The fever built rapidly, neither of them fighting it, and Kagome was quickly thrust over the edge, crying out as she slumped over the railing. True to his word, Sesshoumaru was soon to follow, his body jerking as he slammed his hips forward.

She purposefully clenched, prolonging his release as he gasped against the back of her neck. It had been a while since he'd climaxed that fast, and Kagome was made to wonder just how much he needed it.

Reaching behind her, she wrapped her arm around his neck, nuzzling the side of his face until he kissed her. She hummed softly, and he released her leg but didn't straighten, not allowing her to either.

"That was fun," she said, giving him another peck.

"I am not finished with you yet."

"I was hoping you'd say that," she grinned, already teasing the bottom of his ear. "Especially since you said I wouldn't be able to walk after."

His arms tightened around her. "Is that a challenge, mate?"

"When is it not?"

"You owe me dinner."

"Bullshit!" Inuyasha exclaimed on the other end of the phone. "No way you got him to cut the meeting short!"

"Did too!" Kagome said smugly, leaning back against the headrest of the bed. "He's showering right now."

"Okay, gross, I don't need the fucking details."

"And yet you make puns."

"That's 'cause I'm so good at it," he said, the image of him grinning clear in her mind.

She heard the shower shut off and rolled over, making sure Sesshoumaru would have a full view of her body when he exited the bathroom. "Double or nothing says Kouga does the same thing if you do it."

Inuyasha snorted. "Yeah, right. When he starts playing those stupid shooter games, he forgets to eat. There's no way he'd—"

"Is it a bet or not?"

There was a pause. "Keh, your loss. I'm gonna order the good shit."

"Keep telling yourself that, dog-breath. Call me when you can walk again." She ended the connection and tossed her phone onto the side table as the bathroom door opened, Sesshoumaru freezing when he noticed her on the bed.

"You have not dressed."

She raised an eyebrow at him, intentionally stretching her arms above her head. "Was I supposed to?"

His eyes roamed over her body. "I need to go back to work."

A seductive smile tugged at her lips. "I'm not stopping you."

"A temptress as well as a liar," he growled, dropping his towel before pouncing on her, her laughter quickly turning into a moan as she pulled him closer.


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