Chills by Sereia

Chapter 1

Part of the "Enemies to lovers: someone is injured + dialogue" Tumblr prompts

Prompt: Sesshoumaru is Injured - "Right now, you’re all I have."

Inspiration: "Chills" by Down with Webster


Snowflakes twinkled like starlight, catching the sun's rays as they swirled around her, a wayward breeze slowing their descent. The morning was crisp and bright, laughter mingling with the sound of skiers sliding along the freshly groomed pathways.

It was the perfect day for winter fun; clouds still littered the sky, but they provided the necessary cover, saving those who had chosen to partake from any harsh reflections.

She should've been enjoying herself, but Kagome Higurashi was in a foul mood. If she'd known her best friend's invitation to the local ski resort included his loathsome older brother, she would've declined immediately.

Sesshoumaru Taisho was everything Inuyasha was not. Her college friend was brazen at the best of times, but he counteracted it with crooked smiles and a fierce protectiveness that had Kagome constantly wondering about the difference in their upbringing.

They were technically half-brothers, their father having remarried when Sesshoumaru was relatively young. There seemed to be no animosity between his mother and Inuyasha's parents, but Kagome and stoic Taisho heir had gotten off on the wrong foot from the beginning, and nothing she'd tried had changed things.

And she had tried. 

She'd greeted him with smiles and friendly waves, even going as far as to scold Inuyasha when he'd insulted him.

Nothing worked.

Every attempt had been met with sneers, an upturned nose, or silence, grating on her nerves each time their paths crossed. Inuyasha had told her to leave it alone, that it was just how he was, but Kagome had refused to believe anyone could be that much of an asshole.

Taisho had set out to prove her wrong. For close to seven years.

How was she supposed to enjoy her mini-vacation when Mr. Stick-up-his-ass was not only on the same mountain but at the same resort as well?

A snowball hit the back of her head, pulling her out of her musings and instantly cooling her ire.

"You know you're going to pay for that, right?"

Inuyasha smirked, tossing another one up and down. "Not when you're that distracted. Come on, K'gome, you're supposed to be having fun, and you've been standing there for five minutes looking like you stepped in dog shit."

"Close enough," she muttered, brushing the snow from her beanie. Readjusting her poles, she pulled herself forward, muscles relaxing as her skis slid easily along the path.

"Which run do you wanna do first?" he asked, snapping his bindings into place. "You still need a warm-up?"

Kagome shook her head. "I'm good. We should probably hit the diamonds before lunch." The more challenging runs were always better first thing in the morning—before the tourists packed the snow into perilous patches of ice.

Inuyasha's snowboard didn't do too well with moguls anyway.

Flashing her a grin, he led her towards a steep incline, pushing his bangs out of the way before sliding his goggles into place.

"Race ya?"

Kagome didn't give him a chance to countdown, zipping past him. Her skis cut through the grooves, and she felt the familiar burn as she turned hard. She didn't let up, pushing herself down the entire run, laughing as Inuyasha's curses and claims of false starts faded away.

She'd enjoy this trip if it killed her.


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