The Dog Prince's Mate by raven


Word Count: 204

The man closest to her looked her over with a salacious gaze, making her shiver with disgust. “Priestess,” he greeted with a hungry smile, “perhaps you've come to purify the beast.”

Kagome’s teeth ground together. “Purify?” she repeated quietly. And then louder, angrier. “Purify? You disgust me!” 

“He's a yokai, priestess,” the man who’d been quiet pointed out. 

She wheeled. “And you's a human. He’s locked in a cage like some sort of—some animal! Do you not see the cruelty in that? Why would I purify him if he’s caged?” she explained. 

“But—” the quieter of the two men—who she hadn’t realized was so close to her—began only to be cut off by the loud snarl of the supposed inuyokai in the cage. 

The ground shook when the demon threw himself abruptly against the bars, ignoring the blood dripping from his wounds. The crowd, who had been so thirsty to see the yokai slaughtered and beaten, screamed and backed away, scattering left and right. 


She turned back and found the demon staring at her darkly, his intensity and power causing her to falter. 

Sharply, she turned to the two now skittish men. “Release him,” she demanded, letting the words crackle with reiki. 


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