Beach Day by mythicamagic

Chapter 1

Tumblr prompt; "Seeing you between my legs is so hot."

Warning: Smut


The crash of the surf meeting slick, slippery rocks roared in Kagome's ears. Smiling, she adjusted her fluttering sunhat, halfheartedly minding a hand down to her skirts as they fluttered high about her waist- occasionally flashing her underwear.

Feeling a little risque, she found she didn't care too much about her modesty today as she watched a distant figure burst from the ocean.

An inuyoukai shook his head, panting as he kicked for the empty shore. He glided through the water like a silver fish.

Carefully navigating down from the rock-pool, Kagome hurried across scorching sands barefoot, sandals in hand as she settled down on a green towel she'd spread out.

Sesshoumaru trotted over as a smaller version of his true form, water tailing from his soaking form and filling the miko with dread.

"Oh no- don't you dare!"

His animal features managed to look mischievous. Kagome swiftly rose. "Sesshoumaru-! I mean it!"

Too late.

The inuyoukai shook himself wildly- sending a spray of ocean water flicking all over her. Letting out a squeal, Kagome raised her arms, trying to shield herself in vain.

When he stopped, panting, tail swishing slightly- she glared and sat down with a huff. "Rude! And after I made us a picnic and everything."

Sesshoumaru shifted down on all fours, wet fur plastering to her thighs as he lay his head down upon them. She rested her hands on him, feeling the change as youki swirled around his form. The slick fur changed to long silver strands, his now nude body resting on the towel, curling around her.

"It is your fault for declining my invitation to swim."

"Jerk. So you figured you'd bring the ocean to me?"

"Precisely. I generously shared it with you. I'm a giver."

Kagome snorted, stroking affectionate hands over his severe brow- now relaxed with contentment- smoothing down over damp, broad shoulders and powerful arms, feeling the heat of the sun warming his pale skin, making the droplets on his body shine. His magenta stripes on full display seemed so much brighter, bathed in pure sunlight.

Sesshoumaru's lashes lay shut, arms looping around her waist with a rumble of contentment.

Sighing happily, the miko looked down the empty beach, watching the tide.

The perks of him being a lord were numerous, but a privately owned beach? Now that was some top tier stuff in Kagome's opinion. She'd never had the vast stretch of the sand all to herself before. It felt a little indulgent, and unnecessary.

And yet, she couldn't help but enjoy herself. Maybe take advantage of the setup. Just a little.

Biting her lip, Kagome slid a hand over his tapered waist, running over a hip and caressing the stripe riding low over his navel with her thumb.

White lashes fluttered. Sesshoumaru twitched, golden eyes slowly opening. His nostrils flared, sensing the spike in her scent as her imagination ran wild.

And he was always more than happy to oblige.

Turning his head into her legs, Sesshoumaru pressed a warm mouth to her thighs, kissing a path upwards. Swallowing, Kagome grasped the skirts of her sundress, slowly hitching them up around her waist and allowing him access as her thighs spread.

"You are surprisingly upfront today, miko," he purred, face disappearing between her legs.

"Ah-! Y-yeah's not every day we can do this sort of thing out in the open."

His arm tightened around her, guiding his mate to lay back, hand splaying at her spine to keep her slightly arched as a wicked tongue ran over the wet patch of her underwear. "So you seek voyeurism? Public sex? I did not think you the type," he teased.

"T-that's not it!" she growled, gasping when sharp teeth nipped a trembling thigh. "It's just- kind of freeing like this."

"Such a bold woman."

Her hands tangled in his wet hair, hips bucking needily. "Well I learned from the best how to be a little more shameless."

Sesshoumaru let out a muffled, silky chuckle that vibrated through her core, turning her insides into mush. His fangs came again- taking her panties between his teeth and dragging them down. A slick tongue then flicked against her folds, and Kagome cried out, arching up.

Panting hotly as he worked his mouth- pushing inside her and flicking a sinuous tongue against clenching inner walls- suckling at her juices, Kagome watched him, lost in a lusty haze.

"Seeing you between my legs is so hot," she breathed.

Golden eyes flashed, flicking up to her as his free hand reached, roughly kneading her breast. "It is not an unpleasant view from down here, either."

Smiling, Kagome tipped her head back, raven locks splaying outside of the fuzzy towel to curl atop heated sand. The sun blazed, white hot in her eye-line. Blue eyes slid shut, body feeling like an inferno.

Embarrassing sounds slipped out, loud. As loud as she pleased- for there was no one else to hear but her mate. She rode his tongue and gasped, making a high keening noise as she finally unravelled.

Sesshoumaru grunted, pressing his mouth hard against her sex and lapping up her release hungrily. Lifting his head slowly, the demon lord huffed with amusement, resting his chin upon her stomach as golden eyes danced.

"I should take you to the beach more often."


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