Old Flame by mythicamagic

Chapter 1

Tumblr prompt: "We're not just friends and you fucking know it."

Rated MA for language and eventual smut.


There wasn't much that could rattle Kagome Higurashi.

She remained adaptable, resolute, and forthright throughout most stressful situations, having stepped up to the plate to assist Mama with housework and babysitting after her father had died. She could experience surprise, sure. Mock tests could throw her until she dug her heels in. A guy could ask her out and she'd recover soon enough- slap away a non-consensual kiss or thigh grab easily.

But bone-shaking, heart-stopping, crippling shock? To be blind-sighted by complacency? Only one demon proved capable of doing that.

"Why does it not surprise this one to find you still emerged knee-deep in the fossils of the past, Kagome?" the syllables of her name slip-free in a quiet, resonant baritone.

Kagome jolted, stiffening. Gradually turning within the museum hallway- caught between alarm and confusion- her breath halted.

Gone were his golden eyes and the silver stream of long hair. Instead, he wore contacts, hair short, black and slightly tousled from the wind. Despite all this, if Kagome relaxed her eyes- she could see the suggestion of glamour hazing his appearance, a murky white outline around his hair hinting at its true colour.

Sesshoumaru's cold, handsome face was practically unchanged. Perhaps there were the faintest shifts- his body appearing slightly more built, features just a tad older in the firm line of his jaw.

He presented her with a small potted plant, since he knew she hated cut flowers. The seriousness with which he offered the tiny white flowering bulb almost made her smile, almost. "Congratulations on graduating."

"Thanks," she said automatically, unable to stop staring. She cautiously accepted the gift, skin managing to avoid his touch as though it were a live-wire. "How'd you hear about that?"

"Your mother told me."

"O-oh," she blinked, realising he must've gone to her house first before tracking her down at work. Kagome swallowed, conflicting feelings arising. Shaking them off, she drew her shoulders back and turned flippantly to stride down the hall. "So how's things? Nice weather we're having, huh?"

"It has been a long time, miko," his voice turned solemn, filled with something inexplicable as he followed, keeping pace easily. Kagome pretended not to hear the silky reverence in his tone. "Is there not anything more...substantial, we could be discussing?"

She hummed, "less than five-hundred years isn't so long."

"The centuries dragged. I felt every day as though it were a month."

"I'm sure your mate kept you occupied."

"This one would not know, I never mated."

Kagome stiffened, grinding her teeth. "Oh," she muttered. The life she'd pictured for him fell away, crumbling into ash. Somehow she wasn't comforted by it.

"You have a boyfriend," he rumbled, a statement not a question.

"Mama told you that too?" Kagome asked, walking to an exhibit and setting the plant down in favour of gathering her notes, expecting another round of kids fresh off the bus to arrive at any minute.

"No, the hickey on your neck that you've tried to hide with make-up served as enough evidence," he pointed out, vaguely amused.

She reddened a touch, tugging her collar up self-consciously. "Observant as always."

"It is only a recently acquired skill. Looking back, this one was quite blind during our time together," he hummed. "Lack of experience. I understand plenty now. Would you care for coffee? Strictly platonic, of course."

"... I don't think that's such a good idea, do you?" Kagome gripped her papers tight. "I wouldn't appreciate my boyfriend meeting up for coffee with an ex."

Sesshoumaru's eyes glinted, smiling slightly. "And you would not lie by telling him we were friends," his gaze warmed as though savouring something, sweeping ageless attention over her with a lingering, intimate air that made her remember warm lazy mornings spent in his arms.

Kagome's hands tightened further, crumpling the organised papers, fingers shaking. "We're not just friends and you fucking know it."

He exhaled, voice soft. "You have not changed."

Her heel drew back, tucking the notes under her arm. Sweaty palms smoothed over her neat blue pencil skirt and blouse. Six years wasn't enough. Not nearly enough time to get over him.

"Guess not," she dismissed, refusing to give a snippet of passion. But the acid was there, simmering beneath her tongue. She couldn't help but glance at him. "...Feels like a waste; you not even mating a pureblood. I thought it meant a lot to you."

"Pureblooded heirs meant a lot to me," Sesshoumaru clarified. He stepped closer, and Kagome shuddered, moving back to maintain distance.

Noticing this, the demon stopped. Regret hazed his carefully arranged expression, before he inclined his head, dark bangs hanging forward. "This one did not intend to open old wounds, miko."

"Then what did you want?" her voice shook.

"To show that I have...changed. It was foolish of me to let you go."

"You were just upholding your beliefs. It's not like you ever said you wanted Hanyou kids, I just assumed you'd be fine with it since we were fucking," Kagome bit out. "Of course, getting your kicks and actually raising half-breeds are two totally different things. I shouldn't have figured you were over your bigotry- that I'd solved anything by being a really good lay."

"This Sesshoumaru was wrong-"

"Well lucky you, I didn't get pregnant during our magical time together, so we dodged a bullet there. It was just miscommunication. A young relationship. I'm over it."

She didn't feel over it.

"Look, you've seen me. Can that just be enough? Let's end it here."

Sesshoumaru moved closer, gazing at her fervently. He opened his mouth to say more, before it clicked shut, jaw clenching. "If that is what you wish."

"Yep, I'm super busy," Kagome pretended to check her watch, not registering in the time.

"I have an office downtown," he shifted. "If you need a 'non-friend' I am easy enough to find," pausing as he turned- Sesshoumaru slowly reached out. He tucked the tag down at the back of her blouse that had stuck up slightly at the back of her collar. "Some habits are hard to kick, hm?" he uttered softly. He'd used to do the same thing all the time whenever she'd worn modern clothes in the feudal era.

Back when she'd been his.

Kagome's breath shuddered. "I'm not going to come to your office."

"Perhaps that is a good idea," a tempting mouth hovered close to her ear. "Otherwise there would be no witnesses to save you, and I'd have to demonstrate the full extent of how much I've missed you, Kagome," his voice barely contained the purr of longing that rolled out between them as he pulled away. Sesshoumaru then turned. He took his leave silently and regally, like nothing had happened.

As though he hadn't just sauntered in and shattered her all over again.


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