Calamity Tempest: Miko's Melody by ForgettableFox


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There was a storm rolling in.  

The Jeweler could feel the wind picking up along the cliffs and the slight smell of ozone invaded his senses as he gazed over the tumultuous sea far below. Looming just past the forested tree line, a stone archway led down to a rocky cove. The narrow path would take him to the Ryugu Sea Cave and the Ningyo clan who resided deep within.  Turning away from the cliffs, short teal hair and furry white wings rustling in the breeze, he casually strolled through the lichen laden archway. The sheer trail wound its way through the cliff side and the increased wind blew his sea-green haori to and fro. The summer sun retreating behind intimidating black clouds.   

Not many were permitted to visit the clan within their stone sanctuary, but he always saw himself as the exception, never the rule. His ability to manipulate powerful jewels and the souls within them, made him paramount to the Ningyo. His travels typically took him throughout the mainland but once a decade he made sure to visit the Ningyo to evaluate and maintain their most precious treasure, the Calamity Tempest Stone.  

After completing the treacherous descent to the cove beach, his orange eyes lined with thick purple stripes peered back up the cliff to scan the tree line. There, the Jeweler saw his most loyal servant waiting patiently amongst the trees. The sika deer youkai blended in perfectly with the surrounding forest. Even the keenest youkai eyes would have a difficult time distinguishing him from the foliage. His rack of antlers, dark brown skin, and piercing green eyes made him appear to be part of the towering black pine trees which littered the coastal forest. The servant’s aura was tightly concealed, the only trait to give him away was the faint smell of wet moss, which was his signature, yet it only camouflaged him further in this setting. 

He gave his servant an almost imperceptible nod which was slowly returned with a tip of proud antlers. Everything he had worked so hard for, years of training and scheming, came down to these next few hours. His second step to achieving his destiny was to get a private audience with the newly crowned Queen of the Ningyo – Shinkai.  

The first step was poisoning her mother, Minato, which posed little challenge to one with latent poison abilities. His lineage from his father’s side ensured all sons had that power. The Jeweler’s poison powder was not only extremely effective, but ran on nigh untraceable. Years of fanatical training and experimentation on weaker youkai ensured his ingrained powers were honed sharp. 

Continuing his course across the pebbled shore he came to the barrier which protected the entrance of the Ningyo clan’s hideaway. A violent wind rushed past him into its cavernous depths causing an eerie echo to follow in its wake. Straightening his windswept hair as best he could, he touched the pulsing azure barrier, causing his own orange youki to pulse in response. The barrier, recognizing him, disappeared and allowed him to enter. After stepping into the cave, the barrier replaced itself to prevent any unwanted visitors from following behind.  

The Ningyo clan were a recluse group of youkai, preferring to keep to their own kind and exploring the vast oceans and sea kelp forests surrounding their sanctuary. The Ryugu Sea Cave led to a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers which the clan used as their home. The main antechamber was one of many which led directly to the sea. This allowed the Ningyo to reach other parts of their home deep beneath the waves. Of course, this was no problem for the amphibious youkai. While in the water, bipedal legs transformed into fins and lungs could breathe the saltiest ocean water with the same gusto as the purest air. The most powerful female diayoukai of the clan also carried themselves on batlike wings, which propelled them through skies and seas.  

Those females always put him on edge, especially Shinkai.  

Word had reached him that upon her mother’s death she had inherited the queen’s abilities. These skills were passed from mother to daughter immediately upon the current queen’s demise. These abilities chose indiscriminately as to who would ascend the throne, as neither power nor birth order seemed to predetermine who would receive them. Having examined the stone extensively over the years, and speaking with the voracious soul within, Ikuchi; he had done his best to convince the entity to make Shinkai the next bearer.  

Of course, luck typically was never on his side, that’s why he had to plan for every eventuality.  

‘It’s not often things go exactly as planned,’ he sighed, resigned to the task at hand; it was just a shame he had to do it himself.  

The Jeweler never liked to get his hands dirty if he could help it. 

The Queen of the Ningyos had three very particular set of skills which allowed her to rule with absolute authority over the Ningyo and the sea. The first ability was the use of the Calamity Tempest Stone which would imbed itself in the center of current queen’s chest. This stone gave the user the unbridled power to call forth and direct ferocious storms at will, both on sea and land. The reigning Ningyo queens had a long history of destroying coastal villages or passing ships which displeased them by using the Calamity Tempest Stone to inflict their wrath. The downside was that the stone needed to be a fed a near constant flow of special youki causing the user an insatiable hunger.   

That’s where the second ability came in – Devour. The stone required youki marred with either sexual or violent energies to maintain its terrible powers, and keep the soul of the beast trapped within its confines. The stronger the aura was tinged, the more satiated the stone would be. Without it, the stone would drain the queen’s finite youki causing fits of madness until the stone ate its fill…or death, whichever came first. Devour allowed the queen to pull youki from others to feed the stone’s voracious appetite, instead of her own.  

In days of old, the Ningyo Queens would terrorize all that came in her path to feed the stone, leaving trails of blood and gore in her wake. Over time, they shifted to more pleasurable pursuits. To ensure that their clan retained their strength and no one was ever drained at full, the Ningyo Queen maintained a harem to meet her every need; and thus, keep the stone satiated, and the madness at bay. 

However, when a new queen was crowned, the madness was almost immediate and the need to devour youki to aid the transition prevailed first and foremost in her mind. Through the centuries, the Ningyo perfected the transition period and rarely did they suffer any losses to their ranks.   

As the Jeweler navigated his way through the dim familiar warren, he reflected that the last inherited ability was the most terrifying of the three – Siren’s Song. While all female Ningyo had the innate ability to somewhat control lesser males with their hypnotic melodies, only the queen had the power to fully control any male – be it human or youkai, regardless of physical strength or youki powers. 

He had to tread lightly to ensure that awesome power was not used against him. One wrong move and all the hard work would be for nothing.  

He turned left and breathed the dank cave air deeply into his lungs, holding it slightly before slowly exhaling through his teeth, steadying himself. It was too late to turn back; things were already in motion. As the tunnel brightened, he could hear the sounds of moans up ahead. 

While the former Queen Minato had a penchant for kindness and was renowned for her serenity and fairness, Shinkai did not inherit those qualities in the slightest.  Rather, the Princess exuded a devil may care attitude, preferring to indulge in anything which caught her eye, regardless of the consequences. Her younger sister Mizuki, on the other hand, was sweet and shy, always worried about the trouble her older sister inevitably got into. It made for a complicated dynamic between the royal diayouki and the Ningyo clan as a whole. Now with Minato dead, the Jeweler was interested in seeing how that dynamic had shifted with their new queen in place.  

The Jeweler turned right and passed through an archway made out of deep-sea coral and shells, the vibrant colors reflecting off of a ruby chrysalis which hung from his neck and gave his wings a tinted hue. He had made it to the antechamber at the back of the cave system. His burnt orange eyes scrutinized the room, assessing everything within.  

Chiseled stone steps led from the tunnel entrance down to the cave floor. The back half of the cave was open to the sky and partially submerged into the sea. This allowed for the gentle lapping of ocean waves to flow across the floor and spill into pools spread throughout the chamber. A myriad of rainbow of sea anemone lived within each pool, full of life. Small fish swam between the tentacles while crustaceans climbed upon the surrounding rocks. The setting sun would have made for a beautiful sight from this angle, but low dark clouds reminded him of the impending storm. A rumble of distant thunder only confirmed it.  

A dozen different Ningyo were spread out throughout the pools, both male and female in their different forms. Mostly nude bodies adorned with precious jewels. The Jeweler recognized many pieces that he had made. A set of black pearl earrings which gave the wearer the ability to speak to birds. A thick golden chain studded with polished oni bones which assisted in finding a recently misplaced object. A ruby ring that sang sweet lullabies when kissed.  

Parlor tricks, all of them. Commissioned to satisfy an ageless boredom that youkai were prone to. None of them represented the Jeweler’s true abilities.     

In the center of the room was the largest and deepest pool, on the ledge of it sat a red coral throne and upon it, the new Ningyo Queen. Shinkai was a sight to behold. Currently in her humanoid form, head thrown back in pleasure and legs spread wide to give better access to the Ningyo male below her. The male was in his fish form, sharklike tail waving languidly in the water as he feasted from her core, causing Shinkai to make appreciative noises the longer he continued. Her raven tresses were uncut and unbound, they flowed across her shoulders and into the pool surrounding her. Porcelain white skin faded to delicate purple scales along her arms and legs only to end in black claws. Her batlike wings were fanned out behind her, showing their full length. A resounding 15 feet across, they too were scaled with a smattering of different shades of purple throughout, ending in wicked black talons on either side. She made eye contact with the Jeweler and moaned salaciously, her tongue wetting her full red lips and long lashes lowering into a hooded gaze. None of the other Ningyo seemed to notice or care that their queen was being pleasured in their presence.  

“Devour” she sighed throatily as she climaxed, flexing her claws into the short grey hair of the Ningyo male between her legs.  

He too groaned his appreciation and continued to indolently lick her as she came down from her high. A visible piece of silver youki left him and traveled to the black iridescent stone lodged between her pert breasts. She breathed contently and opened her dark violet eyes fully. 

“Thank you Kaito, that’s enough.”  

The Ningyo male, Kaito, gave one last lick and a heated look, before slowly submerging himself under the water, hands running over her legs as he descended from view.  

The Jeweler knew Kaito wouldn’t go far, the Ningyo had been Shinkai’s personal guard for as long as he could remember. He was an ever-present shadow, constantly lurking right beneath the surface. 

“Now presenting, Lord Azamuku! The Demon Jeweler!” announced a humanoid Ningyo guard posted at the coral and shell entranceway.  

The Jeweler strode evenly down the steps, his own furred wings held tightly to his back giving him the appearance of wearing a dashing white cape. Upon reaching the edge of the pool, he kneeled, lowering his gaze into the cobalt pool awaiting recognition. There he made eye contact with Kaito who smiled threateningly, giving the appearance of having too many teeth in his mouth.  

Lurking shark indeed. 

“Az! It’s been a decade! My, my, where has the time gone?” Shinkai twined her legs gracefully closed and folded her wings delicately, dipping her toes into the pool below.  

It took all of his control to not roll his eyes and sneer at the childhood nickname. The then Princess and the Jeweler had a long and complicated history together. Its abrupt end was due to a failed mating request almost a decade ago. Claiming one male could never keep her satisfied for long, Shinkai dismissed his proposal in lieu of having a more casual relationship. No strings attached sex was her preferred method of relationship, with many and often. Wounded pride kept him away unless absolutely necessary. The Calamity Tempest Stone required continue care after all. His work never complained about his single-minded ministrations and devotion, so he dedicated himself to it from that point on. 

Plastering what he hoped was a sincere looking smile on his face, “It has, my lady. I was sorry to hear about the passing of your late mother last week. Queen Minato will be sorely missed, it is always a tragedy when a great lady moves on to the netherworld. As soon as I received word, I hurried here to ensure the Calamity Tempest Stone transitioned smoothly.”  

He raised his eyes to catch hers. “I am at your service.” 

Shinkai regarded him seriously. Once relaxed features hardening and both wings and youki flaring menacingly.  

“It is a tragedy, one that I believe to be of no accident or result of natural causes. She fell ill and perished within months. Something like that reeks of treachery.” Violet eyes met orange and the smell of ozone laced the air.  

“Tell me, what do you know of my mother’s death?” she hissed, a melodic waver entered her voice, the threat was clear:  

Tell me what you know and if you do not convince me on your own accord, I’ll make you talk until you do.  

The Ningyo throughout the room snapped their heads to the Jeweler and began to hiss as well, turning the once peaceful room into a serpentine cacophony. Beautifully inhuman faces turned into something more sinister and feral. Elongated fangs within their suddenly grotesque fishlike faces made them seem more deep-sea monsters than angelic sirens.  

“My Queen – “  

Shinkai scoffed, “Az, you’ve been sheathed inside of me more times than I can count, please, drop the formalities.”  

“Little fish –“ he stood from his kneeling position. The knee of his silver hakama and the bottoms of his wings damp from the sea water covering the floor.  

Her face softened and lost some of the hard edge at the pet name.  

“I was making my rounds in the mainland when I received word. I had some mild correspondence with Queen Minato this past spring when I sent her the finished koi bracelet which she had commissioned.” He nodded to Shinkai’s left wrist, where upon it sat the very same bracelet.  

Two delicate butterfly koi gave the illusion of swimming tranquilly around her pale wrist. The first was a white koi with lavender scales peppering its body. It carried exquisitely sinuous fins and seductive amethyst jeweled eyes. The other koi was a pale shade of pink with black scales forming stripes down its back. The delicate fins gave the fish a graceful air with sparkling bright morganite eyes. The bracelet was beautifully crafted and a held a special place to the late Queen Minato, as each fish represented her daughter’s tailed forms. 

“I received her thank you letter and confirmation that I should come to examine the Calamity Tempest Stone on the full moon of the Summer solstice, next month. That was the last I heard from her. I was deeply troubled when I heard of this mysterious illness and how quickly she faded.” 

The hissing abruptly stopped as the Ningyo awaited their queen’s decision. Horrific features regaining their ethereal composure once again. There was a beat of silence between the Jeweler and the queen where only the waves could be heard lapping into the cave and thunder rumbling outside it. Faintly, the patter of rain could be heard striking the ocean outside.  

The Jeweler unfurled his youki tentatively to stroke the Tempest Queens heated lilac aura.  

Mild madness lurked within her violet eyes. She was in her element, with the storm close to raging outside, the dark stone yawned like a chasm within her porcelain-colored chest. Even after its recent feeding, the impending squall made it more ravenous than usual. The bottomless maw constantly clamoring for more sustenance, never appeased. She shivered upon the contact that his youki provided, the comforting caress was familiar and seemed to pull her from her slight insanity. 

“I see. Then it is as you say.” She said softly, no hint of her Siren’s Song in her voice. Her own youki caressed back playfully. The other Ningyo in the antechamber slipped soundlessly into the sea.  

“Come, let us get this examination over with. Kaito, ensure we are not disturbed.”  

Her guardian rose from the depths, “Yes, my queen.” He turned hard slate grey eyes to the Jeweler. 

Ignoring her guard’s icy glare, the Jeweler smiled in earnest, a cavalier grin which caused the three red stripes on either cheek to bunch handsomely. He walked around the pool to offer his hand to the waiting queen. She reached out a clawed hand, the koi bracelet shifting quietly over her scaled wrist. Heat entered the Jeweler’s gaze as she stood from her throne, her lithe nude body proudly on display for his perusal. Her inky tresses cascaded passed her elfin ears, over the front of her shoulders and down her back between her wings, continuing to trail past her knees. Erect dusky lavender nipples peeked through the curtain running down her body. She smelt of salt and ozone. It was difficult to distinguish where she ended and the rolling ocean storm began based off of her scent alone.  

He could feel the hunger in her aura radiating off of her. The hunger was almost tangible, a dark thing creeping beneath her skin, panting fervently with an unreciprocated need to devour all which beheld it.  

No words were spoken as she stepped down from her pedestal and hand in hand, she led the Jeweler down a side passage which led to the royal family’s accommodations. A heavy stone door opened on its own accord and the Jeweler was led through multiple rooms befitting a siren queen and her family. The final door at the end of the hall was imbedded with calcite and platinum, depicting a scene of a winged female Ningyo with a tail of a lionfish, luring youkai and men to drown beneath the rolling waves.  

The Jeweler hoped that the scene wasn’t a glimpse into his own future.  

Once again, the door opened on magic hinges and the pair entered Shinkai’s private chambers. The Jeweler had been in this chamber many times when doing the examination on Queen Minato. However, the room took on a charged air with his past lover’s aura dominating the space. The room was dimly lit by bioluminescent coral which were strategically placed throughout the chamber. Tapestries portraying the Ningyo’s lusty and violent history lined the walls while petrified wood furniture tastefully adorned the room.  

The massive bed was the crown jewel of the chamber. With enough space to fit six grown youkai comfortably, its exquisite craftsmanship was apparent from every angle. Its four posters towered close to the high cave ceiling, made entirely from manipulated dark volcanic stone and aquamarine gems. The opposing textures and colors flowed elegantly together creating natural looking waves throughout the bedframe. The silk sheets and furs were layered heavily upon one another, adding a sumptuous level of comfort and softness to the solid looking bed. 

The Jeweler’s burnt orange eyes skittered to another pool which lay to the far right of the room. The azure barrier protecting the cave system rested beneath the surface of the gently churning water. The Jeweler knew that this particular pool led directly to the sea outside and provided the queen with her own private entranceway, free from any prying eyes.  

Shinkai released his hand and began to walk slowly towards the bed. Her tresses cascading between her wings hiding her backside from view. As she reached the end of the bed, she began to crawl on all fours, her wings expanding slightly to keep her balance. From his position, the Jeweler could see the dark lavender scales surrounding her sex which were still damp from Kaito’s earlier ministrations.  

Shinkai threw a seductive look over her shoulder, “Where would you have me?” she inquired smoothly.  

“On your back in the center of the bed is fine. It will make it easier to examine the stone.”  

“Always so serious, Az. You know what they say about all work and no play.” She pouted her full bottom lip.  

He smiled handsomely and gave her a short bow. “You know you have always made it difficult to complete my duties. At least this way I know I will have completed my obligations prior to any other … tasks that you would have me complete before I take my leave.”  

“How long are you staying for?” Shinkai asked as she nestled herself into the mountain of furs and silk. 

“Not long, I have other obligations elsewhere.” He walked towards the looming bed and sat on its edge, removing his black polished boots.  

“Ah, well, it’s good to have you here. You know, you’re always more than welcome to come visit. Even if it is not for business, and just for pleasure.” She gave an evocative smile and winked. 

The Jeweler made his way across the bed towards her, his movements slow and deliberate. It reminded Shinkai of less complicated times, before she was queen and the burden of leading her people was stifling to her free spirit. She often thought about what life would have been like if she would have accepted his mating mark and formed the bond with him. If she was being honest with herself, his devotion frightened her and made her feel like a fish caught in a net. A feeling of intense claustrophobia and with no escape in sight.  

She inwardly laughed, being queen, she now suffered the same fate either way. How the fates mocked her. She never wanted to lead but with her mother’s illness and death, responsibility was thrust upon her when the stone nestled itself in her bosom.  

The Jeweler’s hand touched her shoulder gently, pulling her out of her reverie.  

“How have you been feeling since the transition? I can feel the stone’s aura, it seems to be well fed.” He gave her a knowing look.  

Shinkai and the stone were like kindred spirits, they both had a boundless appetite. Their joining just vindicated her behavior. 

“The insanity when it first entered my body was a bit startling.” She stared at the cave ceiling, letting the memory wash over her, “It’s like the stone had taken over my body and I couldn’t decide between rending the flesh off the bones of those presented to me, or fuck them, or both. Luckily Kaito was there to keep everyone safe and ease the shift.” 

She sat up and leaned forward, her hand reached out to his cheek and rested there. A clawed thumb stroked along his stripes.  

“I’m so glad you’re here. Watching mother slip under the waves of her illness was so frightening. We’ve never seen anything like it before, Az. I’ve just been so lost without her. Mizuki has spent the last week since mother’s passing in her rooms. She refuses to see anyone. I don’t even think she’s eating. I’ve been so caught up in the transition that I haven’t had time to see her.” Tears began to collect in the corner of her eyes and her shoulders slumped as she lost all of her previous bravado.   

‘How far you’ve fallen, Shinkai. How far you have yet to go.’ The Jeweler intoned gleefully. 

He ensured his features were laced with the right amount of sympathy.  

“Do you want to talk about it?” he placed his own hand to cover hers upon his cheek.  

She squeezed her eyes shut, willing the tears away and feigning her usual carefree attitude. 

“Perhaps later,” she smiled saccharinely and slid her hand away from his and used a claw to trace one pointed ear. “I’d like to be done with this and get reacquainted. We have much to discuss and it really has been too long.”  

That response elicited an unsolicited shiver from the Jeweler. She always did know all the right buttons to push.  

Heat entered his gaze and he nodded, “It really has. How much were you told of the examination?” 

A slight frown marred her features, “To be honest, not much. Before now I never had an interest in the stone or its care.” She once again made herself comfortable on the bed, lengthy locks coiling around her.  

“Fair enough. You honestly won’t have to do much. I will be using an incantation which will lock your youki away. From there a bit of my paralysis powder to ensure you hold still while I examine the stone with my own youki. You’ll be able to speak, but won’t be able to move.” He began to strategically place different precious gems around her body. “The experience can be a bit jarring, wouldn’t want you lashing out with your power on accident,” the Jeweler straddled Shinkai’s nude waist causing her to grin like the Cheshire cat and tilt her hips to rub against him. 

The Jeweler rolled his eyes. She really was insatiable. 

“I will be speaking with the soul, Ikuchi, who resides in the Calamity Tempest Stone and confirm that nothing is amiss. Any cracks that I find with his barrier while within, I will seal. Too many and the stone could shatter, killing you and releasing the beast to cause mayhem and endless storms across the land, consuming all.” 

She gave him a flat look. “No pressure.”  

He gave a crooked smile, fang peeking out, “No pressure. I’ve been doing this for a long time.” 

“Az, ever the optimist. Well, failure never looked good on you, so I’m sure you’ll concentrate to get the details right.” Shinkai closed her eyes, revealing delicate lilac scales over her eyelids. This action made her unseeing to the dark glower which the Jeweler couldn’t control.  

He cleared his scowl, lest she see, “Yes, of course. We will begin now.”  

Doing his best to ignore her enticing form beneath him, the Jeweler began to recite the incantation. The precious gems which encircled her body began to glow and flicker like a flame, causing otherworldly shadows to convulse on the walls around the room. A preternatural wind entered the space while the Jeweler recited his spell. 

With a gasp, eyes opening wide and violet serpentine pupils dilating, lavender colored youki exploded out of Shinkai then proceeded to surge into the ruby chrysalis hanging from the Jeweler’s neck. Suddenly, the room darkened, the shadows dissipating around the chamber in a smokey haze. The siren could not stop the whimpering which came unbidden from her lips.  

She panted heavily, panic creeping into her eyes.  

With her youki locked away no longer providing the stone nourishment, it pulsed angrily. An oppressing aura permeated the room. The Jeweler needed to move quickly. The longer the soul within hungered, the quicker he would spread his madness. And since Shinkai no longer had any youki with which to diverge its attention, it would resort to eating her life force. 

The Jeweler held his hands above her and whispered, “Paralysis.” From them, a fine blue dust fell along Shinkai’s body, causing her to stiffen. 

“Hanging in there?” 

She tried to get her breathing under control, “I’ve been better. I think you could have used a stronger word than jarring.”  

“Trust me.”  

“I do.”  

He couldn’t help but notice her tongue which peeked out to wet her lips. A memory of the things that tongue could do had him momentarily reeling. 

‘I’m focused on the wrong things. Now’s not the time for complacency. Focus!’ 

With the memories fading fast, he focused his own youki on the stone. He began feeding an orange tendril into the blackhole, concentrating fully on the task. He’d been familiar with the beast within for decades now, but it didn’t make him any less wary. 

He placed his hands on either side of the stone, gently pressing into Shinkai’s collarbones, and entered a meditative state.  

It was time to speak to the beast.  

Pushing his conscious through his youki into the stone, he entered the monster’s lair. 


The plunge into the Calamity Tempest Stone was always a horrid experience.   

The Jeweler was plummeted beneath the surface of oily black waves. Sinking quickly beneath the consuming depths, tumbling under churning waters, he quickly became disoriented. Infinite blackness stretched in all directions, the urge to breathe tightened nonexistent lungs. The pressure increasing around him felt like a cataclysmic force upon his chest. Pitch brine coated him like a second skin, looking for any invitation to enter his own consciousness and consume him from the inside. Ikuchi would love nothing more than to possess him and free itself from its bindings. 

A current tossed him through the sea like ragdoll. After what felt like an eternity, he felt the speed of his submergence lessening and he released a burst of youki to illuminate the underwater crypt where the leviathan resided. The Jeweler gazed down into an effervescent chasm, the boiling water causing the ocean to swell around him as the creature breathed shallowly. As the Jeweler descended to float above the crevasse, he entered a barrier surrounding the beast. Immediately, the pressure around him eased significantly and the feeling of drowning dissipated.   

Sensing the Jeweler’s presence, it began rousing itself from its twilight sleep, forgoing its darkling dreams of consuming the world, and unfurling its scaled coils. A massive obsidian scaled drake lifted itself from the abyss on two powerful front legs, yellow talons gleaming. If not for the Jeweler’s youki light, it would have been impossible to differentiate the leviathan from the endless void in which it made its home. Two curling horns sat atop its head, surrounded by spines. Fangs the length of the Jeweler’s arm were made apparent as the beast opened its muzzle in a horrible yawn. Snake-like tongue twisting out to test the waters. The creature’s coils sheened with the oil that it constantly secreted. The beast gradually opened its eyes, crimson pupils slitting. Its ravenous aura saturated the space surrounding them. 

‘You have returned.’ 

The darkling drake’s gaze was foreboding.  

“I have, oh great Ikuchi. I see that you chose Shinkai as the stone’s successor – a wise decision.” 

‘Yes, she hungerssss much.’  

Suddenly, Ikuchi lunged forward and snapped his jaws mere inches from the Jeweler’s face. The drake moved faster than any creature his size had a right to.  

‘What offering bring you? I am wassssting away as we sssspeak. I hunger.’ 

Without preamble the Jeweler summoned forth more youki and forced it directly into the open maw. The beast seemed to purr, momentarily contented. 

“Ikuchi, it is time. I ask that you lend me your power and that of the Calamity Tempest Stone to aid my ambitions.” 

Ebony waters swirled menacingly as the beast tilted its head, considering the Jeweler’s request. 

‘And what would I receive in return for my giftssss?’ 

The Jeweler did not hesitate, “Your freedom.” 

Sensing no deceit from the Jeweler, the beast dipped its colossal dragon head in a short bow. 

‘Then it is yourssss.’ 

Ikuchi closed its crimson eyes, coils slithering through the water, and sank itself back into the embrace of the inky chasm from whence it came.  

‘I await your return.’ 

And with that, the voracious aura surrounded the Jeweler and he was skyrocketed out of the oily sea… 


As his consciousness returned to his body, he laughed. A hearty guffaw which brought tears to his eyes. He’d done it. And the creature had so readily agreed without even questioning what he’d need his power for.  

Shinkai’s worried voice broke his train of thought, “Az, everything alright?”  

There was no need to continue the ruse any longer.  

“Everything is just fine, little fish. The great sea serpent Ikuchi has just agreed to let me use the stone in exchange for his eventual freedom.” He leaned forward, moving his hands away from the stone to cage her body with his, “So you see, everything is going according to plan.” His handsome smile did not reach his eyes. 

“I – I don’t understand what’s going on. Release me at once!”  

No longer able to resist her form, he reached a hand between them to cup her breast, rolling the dusky nipple between finger and thumb until it pebbled, “Unfortunately, that will not be possible, as I still have a need for you. And with your youki tucked away I won’t have to worry about that Siren’s Song of yours.”  

He ground his hips against hers suggestively and laughed at the horror which coated her voice, “Why are you doing this?” 

Rage transformed his face into a dreadful mask. 

“Because you refused me! I would have devoted my life to you and after I confessed my love, and offered the mating mark, you denied me! And for what? The ability to fuck whomever you wanted? I hope it was worth it. None of those males love you like I do. I could have been enough, but you never gave me the chance.”  

He bared his fangs. “So, I came up with a plan to make sure that you never deceived another male again with this traitor body.” He released her breast and ran his hand down her side, parting her legs with his knees, “It started with your mother’s untimely demise, I needed her out of the picture so the stone would go to you.”  

The Jeweler delved his fingers harshly into her slit, grinding the heel of his hand against her clit; her body unable to recoil from the intrusion due to the paralysis powder. She began to sob.  

“The koi bracelet she commissioned was laced with my poison, the longer your mother wore it, the more toxins entered her system.” 

She screamed, grief turning her feral.  

His teal eyebrows turned down, lips quirking with a sad smile, “Can’t have you alerting the guards, now can we?” he tsked and tore her tantalizing tongue from her mouth.  

She gagged on the blood which spewed from her lips, tears running down her cheeks, unable to stop the assault to her body. 

With dread she realized that he was working her body to orgasm and cried harder at the betrayal.  

The Jeweler threw the tongue across the room, his own wings flaring with pleasure at the havoc he was causing her.  

“It took me several years to convince Ikuchi to pick you after Minato’s death. But once he understood that you both lusted and hungered, he couldn’t resist the feast you’d provide him.” He chuckled darkly, “You’re both such gluttons.” 

She wrenched her eyes shut, a growl sounding deep in her throat, as she orgasmed onto his hand. 

She couldn’t meet his eyes. Her pain only inflated his male ego more. 

“What a shame, I suppose you never did last long with me. Consider that my parting thanks. It seems we’ve run out of time.” He wiped his hands on the silks as pounding began from the other side of the door. 

“Queen Shinkai, is everything alright? I thought I heard screams.” Kaito yelled through the door. 

“I’m in the process of pleasuring your queen, since she seemed so unsatisfied by your work Kaito! Come back later!” The Jeweler called, running his tongue along the column of her blood-soaked neck, up to her elfin ear.  

He whispered coyly, “I’ll stop at nothing to make all my dreams come true, little fish. I’ve designed a bright new future and I plan on making it come to fruition. A little planning, a lot of revenge, and last but not least…” he shifted closer to her ear until she could feel his vile lips brushing against it, “Your soul.” 

An anguished gurgle shook her frame. The Jeweler shifted off of her and took back his position straddling her waist. Gazing wistfully upon her body once more, he removed the ruby chrysalis and placed it into her blood-filled mouth. Needle-like fangs attempted to render the flesh from his hand, but he was too quick.  

The Jeweler began the next incantation.  

Once again, the gems glittered with otherworldly light causing grotesque shadows to dance deliriously around the room.  

Shinkai did her best to free herself, but with the paralysis power still in affect and her youki locked away, she was helpless. His magic had always been strong but she never in her wildest dreams thought he would use them against her. As a last breath of defiance, she spat blood directly into his face. This only caused the Jeweler to laugh maniacally, a deranged countenance entered his orange eyes.  

The preternatural wind whipped throughout the cavern and then… 

She vanished. 

Where once a beautiful siren lay prone upon silks and furs, only a ruby chrysalis and the smell of salt and ozone, remained. The tongue which had been tossed careless on the ground, the blood which was splattered on every surface, even the feminine juices from her forced orgasm had all disappeared upon the completion of the spell.  

No physical evidence of her existed. 

“My memories never did look good on you, little fish.”  

He carefully picked up the ruby feeling the turbulent auras within. Both Shinkai’s being and that of Ikuchi now resided within. 

On to the next phase of his plan.  

The sound of adamant guards battering at the door reached him, “On the count of three, push!” ordered Kaito. 

Gathering the remaining gems which were scattered on the bed, he slid to the edge, bare feet touching the cool stone floor.  


He picked up his boots and strolled casually to the exit pool. 


He sank beneath the water and pressed the ruby to the azure barrier. 

“Three!” The guards broke through the door. 

He made his escape.  


The Jeweler never liked to get his hands dirty if he could help it. 

Bare feet sauntered along a rocky coast several miles north from the Ryugu Sea Cave. The storm was in full effect. Waves crashed along the beach and rain pummeled his body. But he seemed unaffected by the elements berating him. There was a mighty roar of thunder and lightning streaked across the heavens. Illuminated by the flash was his servant kneeling among the rocks, his hand outstretched patiently.  

The Jeweler stood in front of him and placed the ruby chrysalis in his palm. 

“Kakumaru, have you succeeded?” 

“Yes milord, Inuyasha and a portion of his pack have been led to the rendezvous point. It seems only the miko and the monk are with him.” 

“Excellent. Then you know what to do.” 

The Jeweler then launched himself on white wings into the squall. 

“Of course, milord.” 

And the servant melted into the darkness to do his master’s bidding. 


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