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No Other Will Do by Azaray

Chapter 1

Sesshomaru landed gracefully in front of the village that Rin resided in. He had not been there for some time with his duties in his lands. Trying to fix the carnage left behind from Naraku had taken longer than expected, but he finally had his lands in full control again. It was time for him to visit her and take her on another journey of his lands.

“Lord Sesshomaru,” Rin greeted him as he entered the tiny hut. It had been four years since he last visited her. She was almost eighteen in human years and had reached her full growth. His visits had come to a halt in hopes to allow her to experience normal human traditions without youkai influence. He wanted to see if she would choose to enter his society or stay with the humans.

Sesshomaru glanced over her and saw the kimono he last gave her was too short now. Her face no longer childlike, but slimmed and a spread of freckles on her nose from days once traveled in the sun. She was well beyond the age that was normal for humans to take on a mate. Yet here she was without one. He gave her a nod in his usual greeting as she came to a halt in front of him. “Rin,” he simply replied. It was only when she closed in on him that he could smell the faint scent of male on her. It was not enough to show someone claimed her, but she had a companion that was close to her.

“Rin had wondered when you would come,” she spoke with a smile while bouncing on her toes. “You took so long; this Rin believed she would never be able to ask.”

“Ask what of this Sesshomaru,” he inquired as he looked around at the meager dwelling. There was not much except for the folded futons, and bottles full of herbs and medicinal potions. It would seem that the old miko was teaching her to be a healer. A healer fit Rin well as he recalled her attempts at wanting to heal and take care of him when they first met.

“This Rin has only you as a father figure.” She started to fidget and twist her fingers in her hands before looking back at him. Her fingers showed signs of hard work with dirt hiding under her nails and calloused tips. Dropping her formal speech to finally ask what she held in for months now, “I wish to marry Kohaku and want your permission.”

This was unexpected as his eyes returned to her face. He stood there for a while unsure of how to respond while she patiently waited. I had not realized she would grow to love another human… I see now, she had only viewed me as a father and nothing more. It was a strange sensation in him as he expected her to return to his side. He had no plans to take her as a mate, but did not want to let her go either. She had stayed longer with the humans than during their travels, it was only natural to want a human mate. The boy had traveled long enough with them for him to become familiar with his values and honor.

“Very well, he proved himself to be a worthy human. This Sesshomaru expects him to honor and protect you in his stead. Come.” Without waiting he turned to leave the hut and walked to Ah-Un, pulling off a large package. He handed the package to her and she accepted it with a bright smile.

“These kimonos should make up for the years this one has missed. It will be sometime before I return again.” He looked her up and down before speaking again. “When I return, you will most likely have bared pups of your own.”

This statement caused Rin to blush and nod in response. “I will not be here when you return. I am moving to his village with his sister and her family. Where will my lord be traveling this time?”

“Hmm. This one is now in search of a mate as well. The lands are vast and no female has caught my attention.”

“Oh,” was all Rin could say before Sesshomaru turned from her. “Wait my lord!” She rushed in front of him with her arms out.

He halted. “What is it?”

“I have a request….” She lowered her arms and her eyes followed suit, staring down. “It’s about Kagome. Please take her on your journey?”

“The miko? I will do no such thing. She is Inuyasha’s mate now.”

“But you are wrong,” she shouted out. The scent of tears hit his nose before they broke surface. “She claims she is his mate, but I haven’t seen him do what a mate should. And I’ve caught him with other females.”

Why should the miko concern my ward so much? It makes no difference to I if Inuyasha does not stay faithful. No doubt a trait he inherited from our father. “No.” He started to move around her when her hands grasped his sleeve. “Rin…”

“Please my lord! She is miserable though she does not say it aloud. I cannot bear to see her waste away for a love that will never be returned.” Her voice lowered as she pleaded again. “Please, do it for me. She will not be a burden; she is strong and can help you in your search.”

“She will be a burden no matter what you believe. She was weak during the entire journey together with no remarkable powers. And this Sesshomaru needs no help in search for a mate.”

“It’s unfair that she should go her whole life without ever knowing what it’s like to feel true love or to carry a child of her own! When I leave, she will be left alone and is unable to return to her own time!” Quickly Rin covered her mouth knowing she was pushing her luck and gave too much information. “I’m sorry Lord Sesshomaru, I shouldn’t have pushed this on you.” She wiped away the tears and plastered a smile on her face as she bowed. “Best wishes on your journey and I look forward to your next visit.”

Sesshomaru dipped his chin before turning and walking off with Ah-Un following behind. As he walked through the forest, his mind could not stop replaying what his ward told him. Rin rarely speaks out of term to me. And return to her own time? What did she mean? This does not set well in my being. She is of no concern of mine, however… Inuyasha taking other females does concern me. I cannot allow the spread of our great father’s blood to just anyone.

Just as he was getting ready to take off to the skies, a great power collided with his youki . The power was battling his youki before suddenly calming and almost dancing around him. As fast as it came, the power retracted back to its origin. His eyes bled red with the impact and he growled trying to control his inner demon from coming out. “I have never felt such power,” he growled out when he finally contained his inner demon. “Its power was equal to my own. I must find it and determine if it is a threat to my own being.”

Leaving Ah-Un behind, he raced towards the direction the power came from. The trees flashed past Sesshomaru until he came to a clearing with only one person standing alone in front of a well. He stopped, leaving a large distance between the person and himself. Her back was to him, but he knew it was the miko due to her garments and long black hair. There was nothing remarkable about her and yet the power source came from this direction. Could it have fled before he was able to get there? Impossible for anything to outrun myself. The miko felt it too if she is here. It must be hiding in the well. His eyes narrowed on it as he recalled it being the bone eater’s well. Many demon remains had fallen prey to it so it was possible for a demon spirit to linger. The power though was immense if it came from the dead.

“Miko,” he finally spoke causing her to startle. She wasn’t expecting him from her body language as she tensed up and turned to look at him fully. Something was off if she was surprised by his presence. She was a miko and could at least feel youki. Was she putting on an act or truly did not sense him? Maybe she was concentrating on the source of the power and forgotten her surroundings. It mattered not to him.

“Oh, big brother. I didn’t expect to see you.”

He frowned. “Do not speak words that are false. Your scent proves that my foolish brother has not taken you as a mate.”

The words stung and he could see it in her expression, but she recovered quickly. “I don’t know what you mean. It’s been so many years since I last saw you up close. Is there a reason you have come to see me? Or just passing by?”

The miko’s words forced him to remember the last time was during the battle with Naraku. He never attempted to speak to her since her return to the village nor did he inquire to her sudden disappearance into the strange portal. She was a mere human and was of no concern to him. He walked towards her, though his eyes were on the well. “You felt the power from this way, did you not? You are a miko at least and should have felt something.”

Her brown eyes slightly widened before she shut them from sight and waved her hands. “I don’t know what you are talking about. There’s no power to be found here.” While her words were nervous, she seemed to shift her body to block the well from his view.

“Miko, for someone that has traveled with my half-brother, you don’t know much.” He stopped before her sensing her nervousness. She seems to be trying to protect the well. Perhaps there is a power emitting from it. He spread his youki out, searching for the source. The well felt odd to the touch, but nothing stood out till she stepped in his path again. His youki moved to her body and seemed to be drawn in to her before it collided into a barrier and dispersed on its own accord. He jerked his face up to her when he felt it. She is projecting a barrier. Why?

“I’m not sure what you mean, but there is nothing here to see. I’ll be taking my leave now before Inuyasha returns to the village. He won’t be fond of you lingering around even if you two have come to terms with each other.” She passed by him and began to walk towards the village.

Sesshomaru watched her hair swaying behind and couldn’t help, but take her appearance in. Something was off with her and he couldn’t figure it out as his nose took in her scent. She does not smell of death nor does she seem to have aged since I last saw her seven years ago. Her scent isn’t the same either. It seems like cherry blossoms unlike before. I don’t even scent Inuyasha’s musk on her. It would seem Rin was correct in her suspicions. No matter.

Turning around to the well, Sesshomaru placed his clawed hand on the edge. He threw his youki out again and found no power other than lingering demon bodies long past. A glance over his shoulder confirmed the miko was almost to the edge of the forest when a thought struck him. She was the one with the power and the barrier had been hiding the scent of it. Before he could think much of it, he went for the strike.

Author Notes:

Hope everyone is enjoying my story so far. Disclaimer, I do not own any of the Inuyasha characters. This story is just pure fun and for the enjoyment of my readers. I promise that this story will continue without interruptions or long lengths in between chapters.


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