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Step Into Love by StormieLikeWeather

Delivery Gone Wrong

Step Into Love
SessKag Week Day 1: Carnation - Fascination, distinction, love

Delivery Gone Wrong

Wandering around the college campus, Kagome sucked in a breath and steadied her quickly beating heart. There weren’t many students left for spring break. She certainly wasn’t at her own college, so what was she doing at this one?

Playing delivery girl for her new stepfather. She didn’t mind bringing a package to her new step brother. In fact, she was kind of excited to do it. When Daichi-san requested the task, she leapt at the prospect, because she still hadn’t met her new older Brother. What would he be like? 

Unfortunately, she’d gotten lost. Most of the buildings were closed. There was a large sign in the center of campus with the names of buildings on it and a map, which would have been helpful if she knew exactly where to go. 

There was another unfortunate issue. She had somehow forgotten her step brother’s name. Glancing down at her cell phone, she noticed Daichi-san had still not responded to her questions, and the battery life was steadily declining. 

The first rain began to fall, and she sighed. Her shoulders sank. There was no way she’d be delivering the packages without even a name or clue where to go, but she’d be stuck here for awhile if the weather man had given any indication that morning. She planned on spending the storm hours getting to know her new family member. But now...

A door slamming caught her attention. Her eyes gleamed. An open building. The rain picked up, drenching her small frame as she ran across the large grassy median between the rows of buildings. One wrong turn of her heel on a step and she went down. “Ahhh! Noo!” Her hip collided with the cement stairs, the two packages in her hands went flying into a nearby bush.

“Can you walk?” The question came with an offered hand. She could barely hear his deep voice through the clap of thunder.

Suddenly she wasn’t alone, but she couldn’t make out much of the man through the downpour. “I think so.” Her cold hand pressed into a warm palm. His long fingers captured her. A gentle hand on her other shoulder helped her to her feet. 

“You’re not putting any weight on your left ankle.” His face was shadowed by the hood of his black rain coat, but she could make out the worried slant of his lips. 

Kagome winced, “I’m scared to try...” Even without the weight, gravity made it ache. “It hurts already. Ohh!” 

Without any warning, he lifted her into a strong embrace, “We can’t stay out here,” and carried her into the building. 

Her cheeks burned. Stunned. “Um...T-thanks...” Even through the thick raincoat she could feel the heat radiating off his body. His arms were thick with muscles. She felt weightless in them.  

The walls of books were a dead giveaway, they were in the college library. Each breath smelled like old paper. The lights flickered. Her grip of his shoulders tightened. He moved quickly through the rows of shelving until they came to a study area with benches and chairs. 

He placed her onto a padded seat and stepped back. “You can sit here.” Peeling off his raincoat, the man had her blushing a deeper shade of red. The mysterious stranger. The guy was freaking hot.

Silver hair pulled back into a thick bun accentuating the masculine angles of his face. Intense amber eyes peered over at her, as she nervously fiddled with the hem of her skirt. 

He was wearing a grey button down with a black tie and black slacks. His eyes were contemplative but his expression was indifferent. “I will return in a moment.”

“O-okay.” She bit her lip. His long strides quickly took him from her view. Her phone buzzed loudly, alerting a dead battery. Great. Stuck in the library with a stranger. -If he returned. At least he seemed nice. The thought of being completely alone in the massive building gnawed at her. An open silent space. Her pulse pounded in her ears. The lights flickered again. If they went out, she’d be fumbling around in the dark to find her way to the exit. She ran her hand over her ankle and winced. The idea of trying to put weight on it felt like it’d be a mistake. What if she made things worse?

“This is from the break room,” A hand towel landed on the chair arm. For being so tall and muscular, he was rather stealthy. She hadn’t noticed he’d returned until he spoke.  

“Thanks.” She took the towel and dried her face, hissing as her foot shifted. 

 “Do you mind if I take a look?” He didn’t wait for her to say yes as his tall frame kneeled and he took her foot into his hand. Gently he removed her sneaker. “Too bad the ice machine is broken. Your ankle is starting to swell.”

Her heart raced, breath hitching, “W-what are you...” His knuckles rolled over the sensitive bottom of her foot. 

“Can you move your toes?” She wiggled them in her sock. “Good. Here, press.” He held his hand steady as she pushed against his open palm. “Tell me if it hurts.”

“J-just a little.” She bit her lip to hold back a giggle. Each stroke of his fingers had tingles washing up her leg. He focused all his attention on her injured foot, studying the roll of her ankle, asking if any movement caused her pain. 

Finally, he glanced up at her, “Lucky for you, it’s only a sprain. How is your hip? I saw you fall, the landing must have hurt.”

Her face felt hot. His questions were so personal. “It’s likely bruised, but I’m sure it’s fine...” Would he be wanting to massage that as well? Her nose felt like it was going to bleed any moment now.

His eyes narrowed, but he didn’t press further. Long fingers brushed over her lower leg as he gently placed her foot back on the floor and helped her back into her shoe. “Do you live on campus? I don’t mind helping you back to your dorm.”

“N-no,” Her expression turned grave, “I don’t actually go here, I was here bringing... oh no!” Her hands covered her face, “I was bringing some packages to my step brother, and they are probably ruined now.” Her heart sank, Daichi-san trusted her to deliver them and now... “I-I dropped them when I slipped.” Rain-soaked. How could she be so careless? 

Warmth met her knee, “Do not try walking on your own while I retrieve your items. What do they look like?”

How embarrassing! Her eyes were wide and worried, “Oh! You don’t have to do that, I don’t mean to inconvenience you at all! You’ve already done so much for me, I couldn’t possibly ask you to go out into that storm!” 

A faint smile touched his eyes as he slipped his coat back on, “It’s no-” The lights went out in an instant. A moment passed in complete darkness as they waited for them to flicker back on. They didn’t. “Unfortunately that means the electronic door locks will not open, and the safety doors will alert emergency respondents.”

“Oh?” Kagome ran her fingers through her damp hair, “That means we are stuck here, doesn’t it?” The pitch dark felt unnerving in such a large unfamiliar space, especially with a stranger. She bit her lip. Her fingers dug into her palm. 

“Your packages are stuck outside.” Fabric rustled and she realized he’d pulled out a phone. It flashed brightly. A large empty battery signal. “Is your phone charged? Mine’s dead.”

“I wish...mine’s dead too.” Why hadn’t she charged it on the car ride here? Whyyyy... Thunder pounded outside and hail began to pelt the windows. She held back a cry. Normally it wouldn’t have bothered her so much, but at the moment she didn’t feel completely safe. 

A small stream of light erupted in front of her, it moved closer. “All I have is this book light. I had intended to get some studying done, however it would be unkind to leave you in the dark alone.”

“I-it’s alright.” She swallowed the knot forming in her throat. Her nails bit harder into her palm, “I don’t want to impose upon you any more than I already have. I-I don’t mind waiting by myself until the lights come on.” What a big liar. 

A scoff echoed in the empty building, “The lights will likely be out for some time. Be honest. Do you really not mind sitting here alone in the dark? You said so yourself you do not attend this school. The area is unfamiliar to you.” He added in a whisper that slithered up her spine, “You are so nervous your voice quivers.”

He had a point. Several. Thunder resounded again, and lightning lit up the room through the windows. His thoughtful expression was visible for only a moment, but it made her feel unreasonable all the same. If she were honest... “If it’s no trouble, I’d prefer to stay together.”

“Good.” Warm arms captured her against his firm chest, “My materials are on the third floor.”

Her face felt so hot. She’d never get used to being carried so intimately by someone. It was a good thing the lights were out so he couldn’t see just how badly he affected her. Her fingers curled into his shoulders. “You’re not going to drop me on the stairs are you?” 

His laugh had her uncomfortable. “I’m not the one here that has issues with stairs.” 

She glared at his shadowed face. “I just mean...”

“I know, it’s dark.” His fingers caressed her arm, “I can see well enough to make it up the stairs, and you are not so heavy that I would drop you.” Hot breath seeped into her hair, “Just keep your body close and try not to worry.” He shifted her weight. Instinctively her arms wound around his neck. Her nose grazed his silky hair, the clean familiar scent of her favorite shampoo blossomed. “Yes, like that.”

“O-okay...” It could be a mistake, but there was something about him and being pressed so close to his body that left her speechless and completely trusting. The warmth lulled. He was being so kind. “Thank you,” She whispered, leaning into his shoulder as he carried her through the dark building.  

He moved through the space like he knew it well. “It’s nothing.” The deep whisper filled the quiet of his steps. 

“Hmm,” She smiled, her blush intensifying as his hands squeezed her closer, “Maybe to you.”

They made it up the first flight of stairs. Despite the intensity of the storm, moonlight slid through the clouds and poured in from a wall of windows. They paused. His golden eyes glowed as he peered down at her flushed face. He tilted his chin, a slight smile appearing on his face, “I have a feeling I’m not going to get as much studying done tonight as I’d hoped.”

“Oh? Because the power is out?” She bit her lip as she peered back at him.  

“Right.” Lightning struck close by. “We better get away from the windows.” He walked away from the moonlight and into the darkness, “Will your brother be worried when you haven’t shown up?”

Kagome shook her head, “To be honest, I don’t even think he knew I was coming. His dad decided spur of the moment that he wanted some things brought to him.” She pulled back a bit to look at him, “You aren’t asking me that so you can cut me into little pieces without anyone noticing, are you?”

“No,” He laughed, “Although...I make no promises about big pieces.” 

Her eyes went wide. “Um...”  

“I’m joking.”

“That’s a really dark sense of humor you have.” Her arms crossed over her chest as she scowled at him.

“Yeah,” She could feel the smile in his voice, “I guess it is.” Suddenly he tripped up the next step and she flung her arms back around his neck, plastering herself against his chest while he laughed.  

Blue eyes narrowed. “That wasn’t funny.”

He was grinning, “The little eep sound you made was very cute.”

“I’m starting to worry that I might not make it out of here alive.” They made it to the next wall of windows. His warm eyes gave her chills. 

Her heartbeat raced with the heat of his whisper, “People afraid for their lives usually are not smiling.” 

“I’m not...” Her fingers covered her traitorous lips. His laugh did things to her she didn’t want to admit. This strange sexy man. She bit her lip and hissed, “Better hurry so you can get to studying.” She wondered what exactly this guy would be studying. Mortician books?

They made it to a nook on the third floor. A window on the far wall lit up the area enough to see piles of books and notes sitting beside an open laptop. “I had no idea this campus was so trustworthy.” He helped her onto a large cushioned bench against the wall. 

“Normally I wouldn’t leave these things out, however, the campus is almost deserted this time of year, and I had forgotten my favorite pen.” He waved what looked to be an ordinary black pen in the air.

She laughed, “Ah, couldn’t leave a favorite pen.” 

“Not for anything.” He looked proud as he sat it on top of a nearly full note book. 

It was admirable, the effort he was putting into whatever he was doing. She pulled a book off the top pile. A medical journal. A bright yellow tab stuck out. Kagome opened it to the page, reading out loud, “The Effects of Partner Presence and Sexual Stimulation on the Appraisal of Vagin-”

He slapped the book closed, face an endearing shade of red. “You shouldn't read that.” 

Her own face felt hot too, but the title had nothing to do with it. “Now I’m curious,” She flipped the book back open to an accompanying illustration, and giggled as he snached it away. “What exactly are you working on?”

“If you must know,” He moved the stack of books out of her reach, “I’m writing a paper on sexual stimulation and infertility. It's an important assignment.” His glare was unnerving. 

“Interesting,” She bit her lip. So the sexy dude was into sex stuff. “I will do my best to offer moral support while you continue your studying and research paper.”

A small smile eased the intensity of his eyes, “That would be helpful.” As he took a spot on the bench, he bent down, and handed her a hoodie from his backpack. “Here, you can use this for a pillow. It’s getting late.” 

“Thanks.” Their fingers brushed. The touch stirring up emotion she dared not think on.  

“It’s nothing, I’ve taken responsibility for you while we are stuck in here.” He cradled her legs in his lap as he pulled his laptop closer while plugging in a portable laptop charger. “You can be my little sister for right now.” He winked. 

Her face flushed and she covered it with the sleeve of his hoodie. The smell of coffee filled her nose. She could picture this guy drinking lots of coffee. He knew the library well, and was studying over spring break. He had to be an excessive coffee drinker. Her heart felt strange as she peered over at him. The nice stranger that decided he wanted to keep her company through the long dark night. The thought made her toes curl. 

“Why are you watching me?” He murmured, keeping his eyes on the screen as he typed away. 

She bit her lip, “I was just thinking.” Of things she’d never say out loud. Ever.

He tilted his head at her, curious, “About me?”

Her face felt on fire, “Yes... I just don’t understand why you are being so nice to me?”

With a small shrug, he started typing again. “I want to be. If I want to do something, I do it.” When he glanced back at her, the look in his eyes gave her pleasant chills, “And I do it well.” 

“That’s good.” She laughed, trying to hide her embarrassment. “I’m glad you didn’t decide to ignore me.” 

“Hn.” The indifferent sound came with a contradicting grin, “Feel free to go to sleep. I will wake you when the lights come on.” Warm fingers stabilized her ankle as he pulled off her shoes.

“Sure.” She yawned, and winked. “Good night, Big Brother.” Weirdly, calling him that made her ache low in her belly. Who would have thought she was that kind of perv...

“Goodnight, Little Sister,” He tweaked her pinkie toe, his expression roguish as she hissed.      

She covered her face back up with his coffee smelling hoodie, “Don’t do that.” Even though she was tired, it was hard to fall asleep so close to the strange guy. He was so attractive. The day had gone so weird. She bit her lip and pressed her palms against her hot cheeks. 

At some point she must have fallen asleep, because she woke up in a completely different position. The sound of a heartbeat against her ear. Warm arms held her tight against a firm chest. Her palm splayed over a shoulder. She blinked. This had never happened before. 

Sunlight filled into the shadows of the room, but the lights were still out. The electricity had yet to return. Her fingers shifted down his chest. His nipple grazed her palm through his shirt and she bit her lip. 

“It is rude to feel people up without asking first.” 

Wide-eyed, she bristled, “That’s not... I wasn’t...” His intense eyes had her tripping over words.

“Shhh,” His strong hand pushed her back against his chest, “I’m only joking. It’s still early, stay still a while longer.” Warmth seeped into her. So inviting. 

“Fine.” She leaned back against the comfort. It was so strange, but it felt, oddly enough, very welcoming. It was nice to wake up to being held, likely even nicer if they were lovers. 

As if he were thinking the same thing, he suddenly asked in a sleepy murmur, “Are you dating anyone?”

Her face flushed, “I don’t even know your name, and you are asking if I’m single?”

“I do not need to know your name in order to know what I want.” He spoke into her hair and her entire body trembled. 

Her face burned as her whispered confession slipped, “I feel drawn to you, but we’ve only just met...”

His voice grew an octave deeper, “My name is Sesshomaru Tanaka, and I would find it most pleasing if you would let me get to know you more thoroughly.”

“Sesshomaru...” She pulled back and looked at his face. His name was so familiar. His features were familiar. That silver hair...

He swallowed hard. Amber eyes on her like she was prey in his arms, “If I had known the things you saying my name would do to me, I’d have told you sooner.” Warm fingers eased along her forearm, exciting every nerve in their wake. She trembled. That deep penetrating was so familiar. 

It was the same one her little step brother used when looking at ramen. It was the same look her step father gave her mom when he thought no one was looking. Oh. No. She bit her lip and held her hands against her flushed cheeks. “You might want to rethink that...”

His grin didn’t lessen as he brushed strands of her hair back behind her ear. “I’m not the sort of person to rethink these things. Especially not if you feel this connection.” His fingers gathered her hands from her face and held them in her lap. “I do not intend to give up easily.”

“Sesshomaru, I...” Suddenly he leaned closer, capturing her nervous words against his soft lips. Her lashes fluttered closed as she sunk into the delicate heat. It consumed. The gentle press turned firm. His tongue whispered over her bottom lip. His large warm hand captured the side of her face. Fingers slipped through her hair as he drew her closer. When he pulled away, she felt emotion well up in her chest. She touched her fingers to her lips. The handsome grin on his face had her heart aching in ways it never had before. Suddenly she couldn’t look him in the eyes. It hurt too much to say what she had to tell him, because she liked him too. “My name is Kagome Higurashi.”

“Hn.” His smile slipped, but then he laughed, still holding her hand. “You are feeling hesitant then, because your Mother is now married to My Father.”

“Well, yes.” She furrowed her brows and looked up at him, “We really are brother and sister.”

He brushed his knuckles over the side of her face, “My dear little sister, I do not plan on letting you escape me so easily.” His thumb caressed her bottom lip. Looking at her with such passion in his eyes. She thought she might burn up right there.

As she blushed back at him, stunned, the lights buzzed back on. 

“Hn.” Glancing up at the lights above, one would think his favorite toy had been stolen by the scowl on his face. “Kagome, I will return you home.”

“O-okay...” Though something told her he wasn’t through with trying to seduce her, she was glad he put things on hold. Another kiss and she’d really be gone. Her heart pounded. She pulled her fingers from his grasp and held them against her chest, as if that would stop him from hearing the sound or stealing her heart. The sexy stranger turned out to be her new step brother. Fate was cruel. She watched him pack up his things with a slight frown. Why did he have to be her brother? 

“How does your ankle feel this morning?” He asked while organizing the stack of books on the table into two different piles.

“It doesn’t hurt much,” She tried pushing into the floor and pressed her lips together, “I think I can manage walking on it. Whaa-”

He took her foot into his hands and slowly rotated the socket. “It’s not swollen any longer, push against my hand again.”

“Okay,” She sighed, following his instructions. “Are you going to go to med school when you are done here?”

“I am.” He ran his knuckles along her skin and she bit her lip, the sensation was even more enjoyable without the steady throb. “Put on your shoes and try standing.”

He held her hand as she stood. His palm so warm. She could imagine it warming up other places on her body. “It’s better, not perfect, but I can manage. You really don’t need to take me home, I can drive. W-why are you looking at me like that?”

Amber eyes narrowed at her, his lips a thin line. “I want to take care of my little sister.” 

“Aren’t you taking the whole big brother thing a bit too far?” Did he want a romantic relationship or a brotherly one? She bit her lip. Blue eyes searched his face. She didn’t understand him. 

He sighed, running his fingers through the strands of bangs that had fallen loose from his bun. “Returning you home safely is something I must do.” Looking up at her from his place on the floor, she found it hard to resist the gentle gaze he caught her with. “Not to mention it is Spring Break, and I have yet another new sibling to become accustomed to.”

“Souta.” Kagome nodded, “He’s pretty impressionable. Inuyasha seems that way as well. That’s a big reason why we can’t-”

His forehead pressed against her thigh, “Kagome, the fact that our parents are married is not a deterrent for how I feel.” His nose brushed against her skin. Hot breath spurred a tremble. “I am determined to get you to accept that it does not matter.”

When had her fingers caught into his silky hair? Her hands were traitors. She pulled them back, curling her nails into her palms, “You can try, but I’m not easily swayed, Sesshomaru.” 

“Perfect.” A soft tempting kiss teased her thigh just below the edge of her skirt. “Challenges are my specialty.”

“Ahhh,” She caught her gasp with her hand over her mouth, “Sesshomaru!” Her face burned. Her heart felt like it might explode. She was sure she’d die right then and there if he brushed his lips over her skin again. “We are going to have to go over some ground rules.” 

His eyes gleamed, smiling like a sexy demon while leaning back on his heels. “The more challenging, the better, Little Sister.”  

“You are so bad, Sesshomaru...” So, so deliciously bad.


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