The Heat by Queen Taisho

In the Storm

"Achoo!" Kagome rubbed her nose and trudged forward, her tiny green skirt clinging rather suggestively to her thighs as the rain continued to pelt her shivering form relentlessly. The stines beneath her feet seemed to roil as she muddled along in the dark. Nightfall had long ago set in and by this time Kagome had realized that Inuyasha had no idean where she was if he'd even noticed that she had never come back from the hot springs.

A root caught Kagome by the ankle and with a muted yelp she tumbled forward, her hand quickly disappearing into the mud, her face following soon after.

Kagome sat up and spat into the mud, grit and dirty water sliding gown her face as the rain washed some of the mud off of her grimy face.

"I'm so gonna sit that dog earred idiot when I find him again!" She huffed angrily and tried to stand only to slip and fall bottom first back into the mud. "Why didn't I stay home this week?" She sighed and wiped her face clean of mud as best she could and tried to stand once again.

After successfully pulling herself upright Kagome took careful steps out of the mire and continued in the direction she thought her friedns would be.

Nightfall had long since fallen and the rain did nothing to help her already poor vision in the seemingly endless darkness that surrounded her. Inuyasha had to be looking for her by now. Then again, he was usually off in search of Kikyo whenever she needed him most and now was definetly when she needed him. She sighed heavily and continued trudging forward through the muck.

If only I had waited for Inuyasha to come back before going to look for that jewel shard. She though wistfully, said jewel shard now was nowhere to be found. it's prescence seeming to completely blink out of existence the minute she got close.

By that time, however Kagome had ventured a long ways away from the hot springs, her towel and clothes still hung in the tree she'd left them in. Kagome ducked her as a low hanging branch suddenly came into view seconds before she was clipped by it in the forehead. 

"Ouch." She cringed and rubbed her forehead, a slight stinging beneath her fingers making her aware of the small cut just above her eyebrow.

"Okay. I am seriously going to sit Inuyasha like a thousand times before I go home." She grumbled and came to a sudden halt once more as a pulse ran sharply through her seemingly electrified veins.

"The...shard?" She breathed and turned around, the pulse thudding through her in time with her heartbeat as she walked towards the center of the pulse.

She continued to walk forward, never noticing the mud become something purple and spongey. A few more steps in and Kagome felt her stomach roil at the disgusting scent that invaded her entire body.

It was only after looking up that she noticed that the rain had stopped pelting her, a foreign liquid dripping from the ceiling of the cave and coating her hair in a slimy stinky blob. 

"Ew." Kagome balked as the her foot began to sink into the purple thing beneath her feet. 

"What is this thing?" She asked and walked up to one of the walls, slime running steadily down the pink and purple fleshy blockade.


And suddenly Kagome knew exactly where she was.


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