Reviews for Your Entertainment by Sereia

Fubuki (Chapter 1) - Tue 26 Apr 2022

Please, please tell me you are not leaving this a oneshot


Valasaurus (Chapter 1) - Tue 26 Apr 2022

Loved this! 

WickedLittleGirl (Chapter 1) - Sun 24 Apr 2022

I loved this. Wow! Made me wish if we're part of a longer story.

daapatemysoul (Chapter 1) - Sun 24 Apr 2022

God damn woman, I'm so grateful for your writing! I'm not the best at remembering to review, but I've read much of your stuff and loved every bit of it. This one was easily a favorite- though I confess I'd love to see an epilogue where they have fun hunting down the lizards for their crimes. ;) Maybe I'm just a bit vindictive. 

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