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Kathy (Chapter 35) - Mon 08 Jul 2024

I'm so glad Sesshomaru will strip that man of any work and prestige. This was a sweet chapter 

cristinPacheco8 (Chapter 35) - Fri 28 Jun 2024

Me gustó mucho el capítulo, Sesshomaro se quedó con ganas de destriparlo yo le hubiera hechado acido en sus partes eso seria peor que la muerte

REDWOLF (Chapter 35) - Fri 28 Jun 2024

Glad you updated.  For some odd reason my review for this chapter went for the previous chapter...odd. 

REDWOLF (Chapter 34) - Fri 28 Jun 2024

Wow. .. I was so surprised that you updated because last night late I ran across this wonderful story and said to my self "I wish this story would get an update" and you did , YOU UPDATED! I guess you heard my thoughts telling you to update, lol, thank you . I'm glad Sesshoumaru let that evil man have it mwahaha it's a wonder that every one there didn't mess on their selves.  

SmilingFool (Chapter 35) - Fri 28 Jun 2024

Such a wonderful and lovely chapter glad Seashomaru destroyed Sasaki Hajime lively hoodto make the man suffer like he made Kagome suffer.

Kathy (Chapter 34) - Tue 26 Mar 2024

Oh damn!

LovemeUsui (Chapter 34) - Tue 26 Mar 2024

OMGGGG how i have waited for this! Can't wait for the update. 

Anonymous (Chapter 34) - Tue 26 Mar 2024

Ooooooh! The long-awaited confrontation! I am so looking forward to the next chapter! I love this story!

Gasp (Chapter 34) - Thu 21 Mar 2024

Omg I almost forgot about this guy!!! Can't wait for what's next!

REDWOLF (Chapter 34) - Thu 21 Mar 2024

Wow...can't wait for the next update.

REDWOLF (Chapter 34) - Thu 21 Mar 2024

Wow...can't wait for the next update.

cristinPacheco8 (Chapter 34) - Wed 20 Mar 2024

Que interesante que está ahora que tiene delante al maltratador de Kagome que pasará, me gustó mucho este capítulo y espero que actualices pronto

Kshadeslady (Chapter 34) - Wed 20 Mar 2024

Well DAYAM!! That was quite the twist and surprise at the end of this lovely long chapter.  That was awesome! 

Nanyin (Chapter 34) - Tue 19 Mar 2024

Yep, the woman in me is squealing so loud here. Take care of what's yours boo. ????

Jennifer (Chapter 34) - Tue 19 Mar 2024

Oh no! Its finally happening!

Miss C (Chapter 33) - Tue 13 Feb 2024

Finally caught up! Looking forward for the update!

Young Kagome (Chapter 33) - Fri 27 Oct 2023

Idk if it's a trauma response but things seem too sweet and I'm expecting heartbreak soon lol. I love how patient he is with her! That convention was anything, but it also gave them an idea on how far they still need to work to get the world up to speed with different species. Loved this chapter! Please update soon! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 33) - Wed 27 Sep 2023

That was a very sweet and funny chapter. Overwhelming grandmother and the baby expo!? I knew that was going to be a horror! LOL All those first time parent angst all rolled into one huge place! Most of that stuff you don't need but the stuffed dog was perfect! 

Tai (Chapter 33) - Sun 24 Sep 2023

So sweet!!!!

Kathy (Chapter 33) - Sun 24 Sep 2023

That is so sweet! The baby convention had me overwhelmed and I don't have a baby. 

Kagome also said "her" when talking about the baby. Does it mean it's a girl? So cute!

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