Reviews for Rainbow Road by Sereia

Tessitura (Chapter 3) - Wed 27 Apr 2022

5his chapter is my favorite 

anika (Chapter 1) - Thu 05 Aug 2021

Me encanto!

susie (Chapter 7) - Mon 02 Aug 2021

Gah!  The writing is so good!!

You really pulled me in.  She pushes him towards making a good match, even if it isn't her... but it is!

loved it.

Nilee1 (Chapter 5) - Sat 31 Jul 2021


Neelixonee (Chapter 4) - Thu 29 Jul 2021

Oof!  I'd love to see chp 4 continued!

kaoruhana (Chapter 4) - Thu 29 Jul 2021

Gah, this was so lovely and adorably sweet!  I think you just gave me cavities from the fluff!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us!  It was so lovely!  The part where Sesshomaru interrupts her internal monlogue had me laughing and cracking up, and then, when he tells her that is too much honesty for one night.  I can't add emojis here but XD  that was such a good line!  

I'm loving all of "Rainbow Road" so far, and I can't wait to see what's next!  

kaoruhana (Chapter 3) - Wed 28 Jul 2021

Ooh!!!  This was such an interesting take on the prompt.  It's really sad that Kagome has to suffer such DV, but I am glad that she was able to get out of it and that Sesshomaru was able to help her.  I think this story could easily be expanded to a longer fic.  Thanks for sharing this with us!  

bookgirl813 (Chapter 2) - Tue 27 Jul 2021

That was really a fun read!  I liked the deviousness of Tsubaki, Kagura as her annoyed boss, and Kagome being more than she seems. It figures she knew what ailed Sesshomaru and set him to rights!

kaoruhana (Chapter 2) - Tue 27 Jul 2021

Oh my this was so so sweeet at the end!  I loved the last bit of dialogue and banter between them!  This story was really nice especially how you managed to make Sesshomaru and Kagome retain their powers in the modern world.  And the bit about the tea and Kagome catching it and creating a plan!  That was amazing!  

Thank you for sharing this with us!  

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