Reviews for Kookaburra by DeadlyGlacier

Gabby (Chapter 1) - Sun 09 May 2021

I enjoyed this ... i will check out your page for more 

The-infamous-one (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 May 2021

I roared!  Honest and truly.   That was  funny as hell. 

Betsy (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 May 2021


Elle Jene (Chapter 1) - Fri 30 Apr 2021

You may have actually murdered me with this idea. I literally just rewatched that episode this morning and was dying laughing. This killed me all over again. 

Mecca (Chapter 1) - Fri 30 Apr 2021

This had me howling! oh my gah xD I loved it! Thank you for making me laugh <3

SmilingFool (Chapter 1) - Fri 30 Apr 2021

Oh man that was good to good...  Should make that one into a short story...  I can imagine the trouble she'd be in with that mouth.  lol

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