Reviews for Happenstance by Sage McMae

Sora-chan (Chapter 8) - Tue 11 May 2021

I love this story so much, I never realized how much I wanted it till it's here. I have so many questions, and I'm willing to wait but I'm impatient and eager lol. All the spiders, kaguras burn and what happened to her that summer. Hitomi, does kags get to make her wand? Why do I feel like something's gonna happen at the quidditch match, and the equinox draws closer.


Man this is such a great story, I can't wait for the next chapter


SmilingFool (Chapter 8) - Tue 11 May 2021

Oh  l do love this story its moving along nicely....  It seems Sesshomaru is letting Kagome through his own wards to protect his heart.  Wonder what he thinks when finds out Kagome's a natural witch...  Can't wait to read more...  Update soon,.

Sora-chan (Chapter 1) - Mon 10 May 2021

Ooh I'm so excited about this. This story just reeks for amzingness already.

Thank you for gifting us with this!

Libitinaluna (Chapter 7) - Thu 06 May 2021

Oohhh!!!! Please write more soon!! Its getting good!!

SmilingFool (Chapter 7) - Thu 06 May 2021

I love this story its never a dule moment...  Wonder if Kanna is Naraku's spy keeping Kagura in check....  hmmm gotta wait and see.  Oh that spider in the supply room Naraku's doing now he knows Kagome's up to somethig.

S4toonee (Chapter 7) - Wed 05 May 2021

I am such a huge fan of Harry Potter, so I'm absolutely invested in this story. It didn't occur to me for a story back drop, but I love it. Will be watching for updates......Wonder about Twlight for a possible version....something to think about.

SmilingFool (Chapter 6) - Mon 03 May 2021

That was a wonderful chapter loved it...  Sometimes I get the feeling Sesshomaru is jealous of Koga...   lol  good job loved the update thank you.

kaoruhana (Chapter 5) - Sat 01 May 2021

I've been remiss in leaving a review, but I love what you have written so far, and I am ridiculously excited whenever I see you've updated this story   I think my favorite thing so far is how you've given the Japanese magical community a reason to be in England instead of just placing them  there randomly.  I can't wait to see where this story goes and hoe Kagome and Jinenji's joint classes will run.  


KH :)

Elle Jene (Chapter 5) - Fri 30 Apr 2021

Wow. Just stopping by to say how amazing this is. You are such an excellent author :) 

Mecca (Chapter 5) - Fri 30 Apr 2021

It's ridiculous how good this story is, sigh. Please update soon! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 5) - Fri 30 Apr 2021

Wow that was a great chapter loved it...  Wonder what Sesshomaru thinks now that he read some of Kagome's mind .....  He's a fool he shouldn't have mentioned the why she blamed Naraku then he could have poked around inside her head longer to get what he wanted..  lol He's a caring stubborn one..  lol  Update soon.

SmilingFool (Chapter 2) - Mon 26 Apr 2021

I like the turn of the Harry Potter story...  I wonder what the plot is though besides Kagome being a natural witch...  Can't wait to read more.

Anonymous (Chapter 4) - Sun 25 Apr 2021

Oohhhb!!! Please write more soon!!! LLOOVVEE THE COMBINATION!!!

S4toonee (Chapter 3) - Sat 24 Apr 2021

Oh I just love this setting and I can hardly wait to see where this goes. 

Tazsmith (Chapter 3) - Fri 23 Apr 2021

The AU I never wanted and didn't know I needed. I hope you never abandon this story. It really is that good. I'm anxiously waiting for the next update. I have no idea where you're going take this story but I'm glad to be along for the ride. 

Jade (Chapter 1) - Tue 13 Apr 2021

Ok. But. This is really good. 

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 1) - Tue 13 Apr 2021

This is amazing!!! This is a great cross over, can't wait for more!

Mecca (Chapter 1) - Tue 13 Apr 2021

HOLYYY CRAP, this is amazing!! I sincerely hope theres more on the way! I'm irrevocably hooked!

Taylor (Chapter 1) - Sun 11 Apr 2021

Angela (Chapter 1) - Sun 11 Apr 2021

Just the first chapter and you've gotten me hooked! I love HP and to see the IY characters in that world is so magical hahaha Cant wait to see what happens next!

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