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Daapatemysoul (Chapter 64) - Mon 10 May 2021

I'm really hoping this next cgapter has some smut in it. We haven't had any since they mated and I'm sure they're both a little *ahem* riled up after that encounter. 

I'm totally obsessed with this fic. I think I've reread it 5 times already, lol.  I love your writing style and this fic is truly awesome. I love that Kagome has that strength. After everything she's gone through, she'd have to be tough. I don't care for stories where she's super shy and weak. Her own status would leave her quite strong and her time with the hachi would have toughened her up. 

I can't wait to see what happens next!  

Elementalkitsuneangel (Chapter 64) - Sun 09 May 2021

Hehe yeah kagome! Sesshoumaru got all hot and bothered seeing you be a badass bitch! Lol that rival didn't last long.

SmilingFool (Chapter 64) - Sun 09 May 2021

Oh man that was good...  Loved the fact Kagome was ready to beat down that half inu-dragon imagine the look on the lady Ryu when Kagome's family laughed with her...  Oh if only the dragon knew...  Oh well good riddens to the half dragon-dog.  Kagomes in for a night of hot sex...  lol... Again a great chapter loved it.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 64) - Sat 08 May 2021
Good riddance, I hope Lady Ryu stays away.

Young Kagome (Chapter 63) - Mon 03 May 2021

So is she going to be a gift to Sesshomaru? Like a concubine or something? I can't wait to see how this plays out!! 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 63) - Sun 02 May 2021
It's on, need the next chapter now.

SmilingFool (Chapter 63) - Sun 02 May 2021

Oh shit Kagome get in gear bitch is out to see Sesshomaru and snatch him best watch out those eyes of reptiles can hypnotise....  Damn I'd stop her then and there.  Gosh this was too short...  Way too short.

SmilingFool (Chapter 62) - Mon 26 Apr 2021

Wow that was insightful, the lady of the east is a dragon that likes to eat kids wow.  Wonder how Kagome will handle that one...  I don't know what to think on Inu Yasha except he's dangerous and wants Kagome he'll use whatever dirty trick he knows or was taught to kidnap her or mark her before Sesshomaru can claim her.  Kami I hope I'm wrong....  Loved the update thank you.

Young Kagome (Chapter 62) - Mon 26 Apr 2021

Awww I loved it!! Please update soon!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 62) - Sun 25 Apr 2021
Good, more.

teresa daniel (Chapter 61) - Tue 13 Apr 2021

Hi , i love yor fanfic  '' Desires Unmentioned  '' and i can't wait to read the rest of the storey. I am looking forward to your update and hope kagome tears Inuyasha  to pieces for tearing her clothes off and trying to rape before he killed her ...because it is obvious that she was dead for a minute there...but thankfully she revived and healed very quickly i might add ...thank goodness she did...that was not an ending she deserved after all the years she had diffended him, the friendship she gave and especially that she was one of the only people to ever except him as he was she deserves better than him. i'm happy she is with sesshoumaru. I hope they have many,many beautiful fullblooded pups together. i hope your storey is long enough to include there life together as they go thru time til at least they get to her time so her mom,brother,and grandfather can meet her whole family. i hope they have at least 10 or more pups...after all they have 500 years to make atleast a dozen pups. i hope the first pregnancy is a multiple pup birth with twins or triplets...prefer triplets ...either 3 boys or 2boys,1girl...i think his mother Satomi would love to have a girl to dress up.I bet a little girl will wrap Sesshounaru around her little finger..............ANYWAY....please update real soon..................... thanx.................TDAN

SmilingFool (Chapter 61) - Sun 11 Apr 2021

Oh that was good... At least Koga can respect Sesshomaru loved the retelling of his story and I'm sure if Sesshomaru really wanted to harm the wolf he would have done so long ago...  Better to have ally in him since he is willing to make Inu Yasha's life hell if asked.  lol yeah ally it is.

Stacie Bryan (Chapter 60) - Sun 04 Apr 2021

Ooohhh mated to sesshoumaru AND Koga there? Inuyasha about to go feral..



Stacie Bryan (Chapter 59) - Mon 29 Mar 2021

I love this!!!!! 

Young Kagome (Chapter 59) - Sun 28 Mar 2021

Looove when she tells how they met! Should really have been canon it's so cute. Please update soon! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 59) - Sun 28 Mar 2021

Oh I loved this chapter it was fun to read at least Kagome is learning about yokai in general.  great chapter... thank you.

SmilingFool (Chapter 58) - Sun 21 Mar 2021

Oh wow that was a fun chapter to read wonder way to meet others.  i loved how you wrote the Southern leaf's lords personality and his family...  loved it.

Minkey86 (Chapter 56) - Sun 14 Mar 2021

Great story and can't wait to see the clash between the brothers. Can Kagome have triplets? Stay safe!

SmilingFool (Chapter 56) - Sat 06 Mar 2021

LOL....  To funny thought Sango would try to slap Sesshomaru then again he'd probably end up choking her...  lol Miroku's an oddball always good for a laugh.  The story is going along great loved how Inu Yasha's name no longer affects anyone.  Well done thank you for updating.

Jade (Chapter 54) - Mon 01 Mar 2021

This is just wonderful. Excellent work! Looking forward to more!

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