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Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 3) - Fri 10 Jul 2020

Well, her life with Inuyasha didn't look bad but probably isn't what she actually wants. Now, her life with Miroku, hell, that will be hilarious. 

Sess Koibito (Chapter 3) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

This is such a great story idea! I am loving how you incorporate Sesshoumaru into each of Kagome's alternate lives/husbands. I can't wait for the next chapter with Miroku! What about Sango?! Haha!

Hannah (Chapter 3) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

Miroku is not who I would have guessed the third one to be. So funny. 

Redleopord (Chapter 3) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

Hope you don't forget this story! Miroku was a great potential husband to land a cliffy on. Can't wait to see how you work Sesshomaru into this one and what she's gonna learn about him next. 

merrrcurius (Chapter 3) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

omfg that ending lol yassssss

Ryo chan (Chapter 3) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

Miroku!  I thought it was going to be kouga lmao this gets better and better cant wait for the next chapter 

Nozomikei (Chapter 3) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

This is a neat fic idea!  I love how you're working Sesshoumaru and lessons into each jump, and I hope I manage to catch this fic again later to read more!

Shastuhh (Chapter 3) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

I loved this chapter, I also love the ending paragraph i noticed she noticed 4 kids in particular.... poly? What happened to Sango? Hummm i cant wait to see how it goes. I love how you fit our sess into the chapters so seamlessly I cant wait til he gets his own chapter from these little snipets i feel so teased but it also seems like Kagome is pucking up she might actually have feelings for him 

Mecca (Chapter 3) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

Omg noooooo!! Oh please, don't leave us on such a horrifying note as to have MIROKU as her next possible husband!!! *uncontrollable gagging* I just can't with that pairing LOL and all the kids!The basketball team they would've made together! What a nightmare lol! 

On another note, I absolutely loved how Sesshoumaru was integrated into this possible future. The hint of longing when they spoke of how Kagome would birth full-blooded pups if she mated a full-demon. As though that detail never escaped his consideration. Also, how he advised her to train herself because that's what he would expect her to do knowing how she was before. As though he had always paid attention. The fact that he was conveniently nearby to protect her and Keisuke was also kismet. I'd feel sorry for that Kagome in that particular universe because she couldn't ever be anything but Inuyasha's wife and Sesshoumaru's sister in law. But at least she would have a friend in him. Can't wait for read the next chapter (even if the thought of Miroku as her husband makes me wanna toss my cookies lol). 

Allison (Chapter 3) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

Great chapter!! I liked the way you explored her relationship with Inuyasha. She started to realize if they were together her crush and love for him wouldn't be the same and she has changed and he really hasn't. That can often happen with first loves so I really felt that. I loved Kagome's interactions with Sesshomaru I'm interested to see how her marriage to Miroku would turn out. Can't wait to the next update. 

Cammile Smith (Chapter 3) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

HAHA, that was AWESOMEE!!!!!!

Neelixonee (Chapter 3) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

That is horrifying lol

Nicole (Chapter 3) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

AHHHHHHH!!!! OMG,OMG,OMG!!! MIROKU?!?!?! What a way to end a chapter!! I loved this. It felt how I imagined her life would be if she had stayed with Inuyasha. Not bad, but stale. Settling. I really enjoyed her conversation with Sesshomaru after the demon encounter, and his reaction. I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter. Miroku?!?!? Please excuse me while I fangirl (lol) He may or may not be my second favorite... after Sesshomaru, of course ;p

Queen Bloody (Chapter 3) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

Wow ... Actually, this was not what I expected, but not in a bad way, really, I thought the relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha would be, I don't know, complicated? Well, ok, I guess I imagined that she would become some kind of submissive wife (it would be a disappointing reality if you ask me), but ... I liked it, I even laughed and made my brothers laugh when I told them about the chapter. (It should be noted that as a narrator I am a disaster, but as a comedian, uff I deserve an award), I am a little sad because the story will take time to update, but, I can wait, yep I will survive xd

Ahrin (Chapter 3) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

So happy you updated! This little spot of sunshine is something I look forward to. Please do continue! 

KEdakumi (Chapter 3) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

BWHAHAHA.... that last paragraph...poor Kagome.

SmilingFool (Chapter 3) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

OMG that was to funny and so cute....  At least Inu Yasha wasn't so bad as to the way he woke her up...  Her getting both Inu Yasha and Sesshomaru to finally bury the hatchet and become brothers.  Love the story, its gettting better with each chapter...  Update soon.

Neelixonee (Chapter 2) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

Idk who wpuld be worse, Inu or Hojo.

Naoko Ichigo (Chapter 2) - Thu 02 Jul 2020

Definitely, she's not happy with Hojo and I can't understand why she's still married. This isn't a good destiny for Kagome, so... Hojo is out of the possible boyfriend list. And now she's in a new world with Inuyasha as a husband. 

Anonymous (Chapter 2) - Thu 02 Jul 2020

woah! it took sesshou under five minutes to realize kagome was not kagome! and am i getting the sense inuyasha is abusive or...? hmmmmm dis is interesting!

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