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Sonny Rose (Chapter 28) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

This story is really sweet, i love It??????

Eleven (Chapter 28) - Mon 29 Jun 2020

I am so sad that this story ended, because I loved it so much! 

Bravo!!! Hats off ! Standing ovation, flowers and all! Thank you for this, I really enjoyed it :)

bookgirl813 (Chapter 28) - Sat 27 Jun 2020

Aww that was so simple and sweet to read. Thank you for sharing!

Kairou Watoshimi (Chapter 28) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

OMGGGG - This was such a precious story and made me feel all kinds of goo inside. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this with us <3 <3 <3

Kairou Watoshimi (Chapter 25) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

Ugh. I just love the way you write Kagome. You really bring out her warm and accepting nature and it just makes my heart go pitter patter. She is just so accepting and nice and precious and UGHHH. So beautiful.

Kairou Watoshimi (Chapter 17) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

Reading from Ah-Un's POV is SO interesting. And she's almost like a guardian figure for Sesshomaru and they way she describes Kagome. *kisses fingers* beautiful. Kagome is warmth. Ahhhh, I am so happy the dragoness approves. XXD

19. And I've never consciously drew in that conclusion about Sesshomaru adopting things to protect like Kagome does. Sesshomaru does keep interesting company, doesn't he? A human girl, a low-born demon, strictly speaking, we never see how he came with Jaken but he certainly doesn't need to keep him. And the fact that you had him connect with Kagome because she wants to keep Shippo? THEY BOTH HAVE SOMETHING TO PROTECT AND THAT IS JUST SO PRECIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL.

21. THIS SENTENCE. THIS. SENTENCE. "A human custom the young master wanted to respect for the sake of his soon-to-be mate." Sesshomaru wanting to respect Kagome's human side is just so precious to me. I had to pause and take in that sentence. OMFG.

23. "less he decided to sit on her belly to warm the egg." - I suddenly have a need to see this. 


Kairou Watoshimi (Chapter 14) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

Woop woop! I was totally a bit confused when I first started this but I got more and more excited as I read on. Baby Sesshomaru is SO FREAKIN' CUTE and you write him so well?! Like you have the CUTEST mini Sesshomaru. He is just so innocent and sweet and adorable AND YET HE IS STILL HIMSELF??? How do you do it?! And he is so curious! AHHH I just want to cuddle his preciousness forever.


Drosselmeyer (Chapter 28) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

I'm sad this is over now! It was one of the sweetest fics I've read, and I love how such a huge sense of family was woven throughout. Still so unique to have Ah-Un's perspective. I loved all the little moments, I love Ah-Un's quirkly and snarky observations. I really loved how we got a glimpse of Sesshoumaru in his childhood and then his developing relationship with Kagome. It was so fun seeing very real moments in a relationship from the dragon's perspective. LOVE all the baby stuff. This last chapter esp. and how in the end Ah-Un is broody and wants another of her own. And three cheers for the image of Sesshoumaru holding a newborn!!! Lovely job, VS. Thank you for adding such a sweet fic to the SessKag fandom!

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 27) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

Hahahahaha, they're hiding! That is too funny. I love how this is like a flashback to his childhood. Such a kid thing one would do with a pet. But here we have Sesshoumaru noping out with his dragon. Love it.

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 26) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

Sheesh, VS. Whip my emotions back and forth in 100 words why don't you. I was breaking for Rin, and the sheer elation with that last sentence!

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 25) - Wed 24 Jun 2020

Oh my gosh, the idea of girl time is precious. I love that. And I love how Ah-Un is back to "I'm keeping her." lol

Redleopord (Chapter 28) - Tue 23 Jun 2020

Made me smile! Thank you!

Lauren (Chapter 28) - Tue 23 Jun 2020

So sweet! Ah Uh caught baby fever. At least Kagome's daughter will have someone to play with. 


Such a cute random story. 

Lauren (Chapter 27) - Tue 23 Jun 2020

Mood swings can be startling. ???? At least they can hide together

Lauren (Chapter 26) - Tue 23 Jun 2020

Poor Rin, feeling unwanted. Of course Sesshomaru still loves her! 

Lauren (Chapter 23) - Tue 23 Jun 2020

LOL Sesshomaru sitting on her stomach would be hilarious, but she answered her own question. Silly dragon 

Lauren (Chapter 21) - Tue 23 Jun 2020

That's sweet. To let her take part in the wedding, let alone having one, shows  so much emotion and importance on Sesshomaru's part

Lauren (Chapter 20) - Tue 23 Jun 2020

How sweet and romantic. 

Lauren (Chapter 18) - Tue 23 Jun 2020

Sounds like someone is wrestling with their feelings. Sesshomaru better not remain in denial for too long

Lauren (Chapter 17) - Tue 23 Jun 2020

So Ah Un adopted another one? For such a grumpy dragon, she sure likes kids

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