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Goldie Fawn (Chapter 65) - Sun 29 Mar 2020

Omg! Lol Sess you did it again! XD 

Tilayha (Chapter 63) - Sun 22 Mar 2020

Let's just call it a Nikki. It is the Japanese word for both journal and diary : )

KouseiJL (Chapter 63) - Sun 22 Mar 2020


I love their journals! So protective and so much ownership, but only the best for your angel daughter!! 

LunaeriaDawn (Chapter 63) - Sun 22 Mar 2020

I love this! This is the cutest story I've ever read especially with naraku being a decent guy. I also the love their nickname for kagome.

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 63) - Sun 22 Mar 2020

Buahahah! XD a diary has a lock on it, a journal doesn't! Lol just kidding. Yes, the manly roomates would keep journals and never ever be caught with a diary (especially Kagome's ;0 ) 


"... I wonder when they will find the others." O_O how much of a body count do they have?! 

Lauren (Chapter 62) - Sat 21 Mar 2020

Awww Naraku is planning on sewing Kagome some clothes in between torturing stupid boys. That's so sweet?

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 62) - Sat 21 Mar 2020

Omg Naraku's diary! XD I feel sorry for anyone who dares read it.

Sandra sirake (Chapter 61) - Wed 18 Mar 2020

Hola perdón por no comentar aunque sigo leyendo la historia no me la pierdo por nada...ya que has pedido que te tiremos ideas se me ocurrió que siempre son los chicos los que se fijan en Kagome, que pasaría si kag se fija aunque brevemente en un chico que le guste, o como toda chica en un amor platónico, un actor o algo así...tiro esa idea jajaja pobres Sesshomaru y Naraku

Ruth Gustafson (Chapter 61) - Tue 17 Mar 2020

Prompt bunny..   fun time at the beach and Kagomes in a bikini, now go!

Lauren (Chapter 61) - Tue 17 Mar 2020

Who were they fighting now? Silly puppies

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 61) - Tue 17 Mar 2020

Yes Kagome...just fight club. XD


I waaaas wondering something. How did Kagome get assigned to share a dorm with them. And why did the boys tolerate it? ????

Lauren (Chapter 59) - Mon 16 Mar 2020

Thanks for posting the chapters in their correct order, but it wasn't noticeable since the story jumps around a bit. LOL Inuyasha got a new dorm? Lucky. Too bad his father knows where it is.

Lauren (Chapter 59) - Sun 15 Mar 2020

LOL You always put Inuyasha in the middle of Sesshomaru and their father's antics. Poor thing.

KouseiJL (Chapter 59) - Sat 14 Mar 2020

Ahahahaha!!! So fun! Excited Inupapa, jealous Kikyo, Inukimi and Naraku machinations, Sess/Kag fluffs, this chapter had it all! Poor Inu won't have a hand left by the end of the day...but, oh well. I'm always so excited for your updates m'dear! Thank you for giving me something to procrastinate for another few minutes! XD

Sayuri (Chapter 57) - Sat 07 Mar 2020

Oh... Magic!???????????? Bless Naraku! 

Lauren (Chapter 55) - Sun 23 Feb 2020

LOL So sweet. 


He could've fit!!!

Gee (Chapter 55) - Sun 23 Feb 2020

Yayy! Thanks so much for this chapter! 


Haha the part when they had to sing my heart will go on was hilarious ???? 

Sayuri (Chapter 54) - Thu 20 Feb 2020

I so love the story! <3 Keep it up, you're doing great :D

Tilayha (Chapter 54) - Sun 16 Feb 2020

I am sooooo enjoying the role you have given Run, Hakudoshi and Kanna. Thank you for making them fierce fluff balls : D

KouseiJL (Chapter 54) - Sun 16 Feb 2020

You have given me a newfound love for Kanna and Hakudoshi as bunnies.  ...and I think I need to get video of my bunny huffing and giving side-eye etc. Because every time I read this, I see some of his personality coming out in those two. I always look forward to your updates! This short snips are perfect because it gives me something to look forward too between study/job hunt breaks!! Thanks Janees!! 

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