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Allison (Chapter 23) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

I really enjoyed this chapter. I will admit last chapter I was a little frustrated that this excursion happened. I felt it was pulling away from the story but I was patient. Now I see why that chapter was needed to get to this. Loved this chapter. I liked that Sesshomaru told Kagome the truth. He didn't have to tell her she would have never known but he was completely honest with her. She never really got that with Inuyasha so I hope that helps Kagome see that Sesshomaru is serious about her. 

I'm glad that Inuyasha is also seeing that there might be something more too. Because he has never seen his brother act like this for anyone. I'm glad to see the quick update and the story is moving along. Hopefully, Kagome and Sesshomaru get closer and they meet the others and have news for Rin this next chapter. Great chapter can't wait to read more of this story. 

Mecca (Chapter 23) - Wed 08 Jul 2020

Once again, awesome chapter. So sad Coronacation is drawing to a close, but very much enjoyed the longer chapters while they lasted. I love how close Kagome and Sesshoumaru have become and how brave he was getting her out of there. I thought for sure she as going to get molested at least a little bit but Sess made sure that wasn't going to happen. Pretty funny how Sess got her to smoke some opium xD


It was annoying though how turned off Kagome was when Sess told her about having to kiss Juzo's wife - it was literally life and death and she was being so immature about it. Sigh. She needs to grow the f up and be a bit more understanding. The fact that he even bothered to tell her about it spoke volumes as to how honorable he is, and that's what should have counted, but instead she was like "well, I could've lived without knowing about it..." Nah. Time to put on the big girl panties and suck it up because shit happens and sometimes you have to do things you really don't want to do in order to survive, and she needs to come to terms with that. I dunno, maybe I'm asking her to grow up too fast or asking too much of her, but it was just a kiss and some groping. Maybe it would've been a lot more off-putting if he actually had sex with the woman, but that didn't happen. Perhaps she is holding Sesshoumaru's human virginity as high up on a pedestal just as she's put hers up as well. 


Like how Sess is still so deadly even as a human, and uses what he can to his advantage. A demonic diamond necklace definitely sounds like a weapon, and the fact that he murdered someone to protect her also speaks loads even when it hurt him to do so. Just a lot of tells as to how he feels about her already. Inuyasha asking, "Do you love her?" was a sweet conversation. Glad he could at least enlighten his brother the basics of what love can be so he can get it through his head that that's what he's actually feeling. 


All that said, I am dying to know what happens next. Love how painful this slow burn is....! I'm such a sadist lol Thank you for putting so much work into this story! I know I'm not the only one who appreciates your effort and time. <3 

Niomi (Chapter 23) - Tue 07 Jul 2020

What a wonderful chapter. So much drama, suspense, and love all in one. It felt like a story in itself because of the highs and lows and finally, a sweet conclusion. Bravo writing not only in Sesshomarus POV during the rescue, you had to think and strategize like the true fighter he is. The trio sleeping inside the tree, smoking opium and singing Ain't No Sunshine is truly one for the books. You continue to amaze with significant moments like these. Also, Inuyasha speaking on behalf of all of us - THANK THE LORD. Now only if Sess can stop being so stubborn. You even made him confess his moment with the other woman! My goodness.. the feels are real, what a tough topic. But talking about it definitely gave me closure! I'll just pretend like you did it for me, hah. Looking forward to more!  Thank you for being so dedicated to this story, and US during this time. You've definitely spoiled us. Wishing you the best! Enjoy the subshine and fresh air :) hope to hear from you again soon ????

FayeMegan (Chapter 23) - Tue 07 Jul 2020

I already love a supportive InuYasha. I hope they find Rin soon and that Sesshoumaru can be back to his demon self.

Storm (Chapter 23) - Mon 06 Jul 2020

My favorite chapter!!

Young Kagome (Chapter 23) - Mon 06 Jul 2020

Looooved this! This is my favorite chapter yet!! Lots of admission and loving feelings they're all so cute and dedicated to each other and I love it lol. Lots of progress in my opinion! Don't worry about not updating as much we'll be here waiting! I'm curious why they didn't cross when it was just a stream so they'd be on the right side? Anyways amazing chapter and please update soon!! 

Lauren (Chapter 20) - Mon 06 Jul 2020

Well that was interesting. Why the hell did Inuyasha jump across like that? He knew it was an old rotted bridge, but putting two hundred plus pounds of force behind each jump was a good idea when two more people had to follow him? Such a dummy. And Kagome still hasn't learned to take care of herself, running after Inuyasha like that when he could take the fall. Now the three of them need to waste two more days circling around the river to the village. 

Ahrin (Chapter 23) - Mon 06 Jul 2020

Bless you! You had this out so quickly, and at such high quality! Thoroughly enjoyable read. I want to re-read the chapter in order to savor it more. Please do get some fresh air and enjoy yourself a bit-- you've been working hard on this! The smoldering build-up is absolutely delightful. I look forward to your next update! You've got my vote \^o^/

Miss C (Chapter 23) - Mon 06 Jul 2020

Great Chapter

Koree (Chapter 22) - Sun 05 Jul 2020

Geez I'm pissed at Inuyasha he definitely shouldn't have wandered off especially in unknown territory being human . They were being followed so a confrontation was going to happen but every would be in physical capacity to deal with this new problem . Lol is it weird I was getting upset reading that Sesshomaru was going to sleep with the wife... yes I know it's to save the others but I was offended like it was me xD even reading him kissing her had me annoyed lol anywho amazing chap loving the quick updates

Young Kagome (Chapter 22) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

How're they gonna get out of this one!! So much time being wasted but Inuyaaha should be back in business soon so there's that glimmer of hope but everyone has weapons against demons so idk how much help he'd be. Ugh you loooove torturing us with this suspense! Please update soon!! 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 22) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

Also! I'm very curious of what triggered his brief transformation before and whether he can do it again sometime soon. And whether Kagome's priestess abilities will allow her to heal herself (the water purifying trick  gave me hope lol) oh well, I'll wait and see! 

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 22) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

For this chapter? I don't hate you at all! This was brilliant. Love the change of scenery, danger, development all around. It really makes you sit there and think that him becoming human was more a blessing than a curse. Otherwise, how else would he have found out that a war was secretly being waged by magic wielding humans and traitorous youkai? This was meant to happen. And now it seems having humans ally with Youkai will be the only was to see the magic? Yeah, my soul needed this. This was good.

And not gonna lie, you had me there for a moment with that wife. Sessh is kinda a virgin in this body and a part of me is like, 'noooooo, lose it to Kagome!!!' But...if it saved her from being passed around like a campfire story, then fuck he shall.

Mecca (Chapter 22) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

The pain... will be worth it.... *dies* haha oh my god Susie, you little... awesome fic writer! How the hell is Sess supposed to pull this off, I have NO idea but I can't wait to see how he does it... IF he does it... Hopefully you update VERY soon... like this weekend xD 

Bear (Chapter 22) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

This is such a great chapter!!! I'm dying to fing out what's going to happen next!!

Niomi (Chapter 22) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

HMM.. if Sess really ended up sleeping with Juzo's wife.. and Kagome made a stink about it, I wonder how I'd feel. Clearly everything he did was with good intentions - to protect/save her - so can she really blame him? Most of us seem to want a mature Kagome, but if it was my man.. I don't know if i'd be mature enough to handle it. I wonder what your other readers think ???? haha, welp, good thing it didn't happen and we don't have to worry about it :D also, his Miroku-like getaway moment was hilarious.

Niomi (Chapter 22) - Fri 03 Jul 2020

Oh my god!! The drama! You are too good at building suspense. Im sure you find it sooo amusing toying with our emotions!! MY GOSH. Sess must have blue balls by now, after so many close encounters. I loved how this whole chapter focused on his perspective. The greater insight on his mind and way of thinking was good to know. Look forward to more. Thank you for these long chapters! Wow, you're out doing yourself 

Ahrin (Chapter 22) - Thu 02 Jul 2020

Excellent!! It will be difficult waiting for your next update, but I'm already looking forward to it! Thank you for your hard work!

Jennifer (Chapter 22) - Thu 02 Jul 2020

When is Kagome going to grow a backbone and start saving herself and others?

Koree (Chapter 21) - Wed 01 Jul 2020

Omg progresssssss lol I'm so happy they are kinda dating lol . I think Inuyasha & Sesshomaru needed that talk althought it went left towards the end I'm glad they talked & somewhat cleared the air . Ughhhh definitely didn't expect the ending 

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