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Nicole (Chapter 32) - Mon 03 May 2021

I love this so much! This chapter! Ugh! I can't wait to see where you go with this.

elementalkitusneangel (Chapter 32) - Sun 02 May 2021

...that's it. Sesshouaru needs to stay away from these people. they're all toxic as hell and kagome seems to be just fine trying to hold on to her toxic friendship with inuyasha. Drop her and find someone who is a better person who actually has the balls to stand for your relationship.  If she can stand up to her friends how the hell is she going to go up against the people in sesshouaru's kingdom that will definitely look down on her for being human? As she is now, she could never, she's too immature and needs to grow up.

Young Kagome (Chapter 32) - Sun 02 May 2021

Dumb Miroku. They're all dumb to me at this point lol so childish. 

D (Chapter 31) - Sun 25 Apr 2021

Omg this cliffhanger is going to be the death of me. So goood!!!! I so ready for next chapters. My heart was beating so fast. As always amazing writing!!!

Young Kagome (Chapter 31) - Sun 25 Apr 2021

He knEWW!!!! Dumb Kagome all this work up for nothing lmaoo please update soon! 

Jynx (Chapter 31) - Sun 25 Apr 2021

Oh wow now that was funny something I thought would never happen but Inu Yasha prevailed where we all seemed to fail...    Wonder if it were Sesshomaru that told him or he found out on his own?  Can't wait to read more.

Inuaddict (Chapter 31) - Sun 25 Apr 2021


Young Kagome (Chapter 30) - Sat 24 Apr 2021

Eri came through with the common sense! I'm so glad Dokuga is back up. Please update soon! 

Valasaurus (Chapter 29) - Wed 14 Apr 2021

Good luck to anyone solving the equation. I'm fed up with Kags hurting sess. If she won't come clean and commit to monster co- *cough* sess, then I definitely will :D

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 29) - Mon 12 Apr 2021

Okay, not as bad as I was imagining in my head. Still... the Sword of Damocles could drop on her head at any moment what with all the juggling she's been doing. Let's face it, our Kags isn't the smoothest criminal, amirite? ;) Enough of the horrid, stale aphorisms, sorry. I will eagerly lap up the next chapter of Vice, cuz Holy Wow, and patiently await the next exciting, nail-biting installment of this fine story. You have us all eating out of the palm of your hand, m'dear, just don't make it hurt TOO much, 'k?



Young Kagome (Chapter 29) - Mon 12 Apr 2021

We are def all fed up with her lol. I do when authors make them more human instead of all powerful and magnificent, though those are great too. I'm not even gonna try to solve math lmao good luck to anyone that does! Please update soon! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 29) - Mon 12 Apr 2021

I still think she's a bitch to leave in the night letting Miroku fill in the blanks just so she can run home talk to her mother take a pregnancy test and all that.  Why doesn't Miroku tell Inu Yasha then things could be more dramatic having him go after Kagome and argue with him in the future where she can cry and sit him till her little heart aches...  Yeah yeah that would never happen.   Anyways you have my update on what I THINK about the twit being Kagome.

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 28) - Sun 11 Apr 2021

WOW, so cool that your beautiful story "Only Human" has been nommed for such a terrific award!!! Then again, that story is SOOOO worth it. I cannot remember being so wrung out upon finishing a story - except perhaps Resmiranda's "Tales From the House of the Moon." Yeah, it was that good, and it's on my faves list forever.

Back to this 'little' nugget... poor Kags. She can't catch a break anywhere, can she? Yeah, she's a bit cowardly about the whole thing, but she KNOWS that dog-boy is gonna go ballistic, especially cuz it's his hated BROTHER. *sigh* She's so very screwed here. And with her friends in on the act, pushing her to tell, it's almost inevitable that it'll get blurted out in a moment of incredible stress and everything will get blown to hell. Sessh will be pissed, her friends will be pissed, Inu will be pissed, and she'll be so screwed. Unless a miracle happens and Inu manages to straighten up and acquire some maturity? I'm so afraid to read the next update!! But I will anyway, cuz... yeah... Susie story!



Jennn (Chapter 28) - Sun 11 Apr 2021

Ahh!! I can't wait for the next update! I'm guessing since you said no sesshomaru for awhile she will keep stalling... but I cannot wait for the next chapter

elementalkitusneangel (Chapter 27) - Sun 11 Apr 2021

girl at this point you don't deserve him. if you are that much of a coward that you can't even try to defend your relationship and just run away, you don't need to have a relationship. you are too immature for this. I just want to slap her. Sesshoumaru, you deserve better

Valasaurus (Chapter 27) - Sun 11 Apr 2021

Mannnnn kagome truly does not deserve sess. Inu never cared how he hurt her, so why does she care so much to the point that it's messing up things for her

Borommakot (Chapter 27) - Sun 11 Apr 2021

Thank you for the update! I like to make hot italian sausage from scratch so I know the aren't any icky preservatives. The New York Times recipe I use is below. 



1 pound coarsely ground pork shoulder, not too lean

1 teaspoon salt (or not)

1 teaspoon oregano, dried

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1 teaspoon crushed fennel seeds (or whole when I'm lazy)

½ teaspoon hot red pepper flakes, or more to taste

1 tablespoon mild paprika (I tend to use smoked)

3 garlic cloves, minced

Black pepper



1) Mix ingredients together evenly. 

2) Cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days, or freeze for future use. (Or use immediately if you're impatient like me)

SmilingFool (Chapter 27) - Sun 11 Apr 2021

I still can't believe she hasn't told Inu Yasha she should have told him in the beginning like Sesshomaru wanted but now she's a coward running from a problem she created..  What an idiot.  Its'best to tell it who cares if they get mad if they are a true friend they'll get over it if not then they weren't meant to be friends at that point.  So its all on her.

Allison (Chapter 26) - Sun 03 Jan 2021

Great chapter! I'm honestly surprised it took this long for Sesshoumaru to give this ultimatum. It makes no sense that Kagome insists they keep things private for Inuyasha for this long. It's kind of unrealistic that Inuyasha never caught on. Hopefully, Kagome tells Inuyasha right away. I feel he will probably let on that he sort of already knew was just waiting for her to say something. 

Valasaurus (Chapter 26) - Sun 03 Jan 2021

And I oop. That ultimatum tho!!

he's definitely right and shouldn't have to live in the shadows waiting to tell a grown ass hanyou about their relationship 

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