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Jess (Chapter 41) - Sat 21 Mar 2020

I can't get enough. I love the angst and everything in between. Makes it so relatable, so real, and so riveting. Please continue to write, not just this story, but stories in general. Your words and story telling are fantastic, grammar, tense and lexicon are on point and I thoroughly enjoy reading your work. I am also a big fan of slow burn relationships, especially as complicated as theirs is. Congrats on getting married and stay safe!! 

Makuro767 (Chapter 40) - Thu 13 Feb 2020

0 -100....

This story start out light hearted and happy to depressing for me. 

And now I am recalling reasons why I stopped reading Dokuga last year and the year before that. SessKag kept getting more and more depressing for me as of late. I miss those light hearted stories...????????????


But I kept repeating my mistake. I love this story, been waiting for more chapters to binge read it...

And now I regret it.


I'm sorry, depressive story is just not my cup of tea. My life is depressing enough and this really triggers me. I have been in Kagome's shoe of being the manipulated one and I hate it. What a splash of cold water.


Great writing, interesting plot longer for me. But I'm sure your readers enjoy the thrill ride.

KShadeslady (Chapter 40) - Tue 11 Feb 2020

I figured that Sesshomaru was behind the attacks. He likes to pull strings. Always an interesting dynamic with Kagome and  Jyohaku. 

Neelixonee (Chapter 40) - Fri 07 Feb 2020

Oh shit, did she figure it out?

Archerdiana (Chapter 39) - Fri 10 Jan 2020

What a choice for Kagome. A hatd one but maybe the right one. I'm happy Jyohaku coukd do something nice for them too, opening up and quitting the drink.

Sorry for Sesshomaru and waiting on the bridge. I agree that human ethics would be a little kost on him, but he did fund Nazis, so I'm okay with him suffering a little.

You did wonderful with the Paris arch ;)

Peridot Miko (Chapter 39) - Wed 01 Jan 2020

New year, new chapter! I really feel like this story is smoldering and a major wildfire is about to erupt. Please forge on!

Gee (Chapter 39) - Wed 01 Jan 2020

I feel vad for Sesshomaru, but he put himself in that situation so I feel bad for all of them actually. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 38) - Thu 26 Dec 2019

These chapters have been really good. That's okay, as long you have things in the right place, it should be fine. I never got to paris, would still like to go, just to see the main sights and spend a day or two in the Louvre. LOL. 

joliebee (Chapter 38) - Thu 26 Dec 2019

Kagome seems like some type of masochis. Its like she didn't think With her brain when she's in love, or does she have any to begin with ????

witty (Chapter 38) - Tue 24 Dec 2019

Kagome, Kagome, Kagome. Here I was trying to defend some of your actions since entering this farce of a marriage but then you leave the poor man behind?!?! How selfish can you be?

Great chapter!

Archerdiana (Chapter 38) - Tue 24 Dec 2019

Cliché honeymoons! <3 don't worry, your Paris works ok. You're right about the pickpockets and nastiness too

I'm glad they at least got to see some of the city! I feel bad for Jyohaku being treated as a kid, and Kagome having to ah curate the whole trip. Looks like they almost had a moment where they could enjoy themselves.

She's not going to make it in time, is she?

You know I'm weak fir Ichiro, and I'm glad he burned the mannekikyo. Squatting, like Inuyasha.

Kohuei is Miroku? Does that make Amari Sango? Is this why she pinned for Naraku?

Very nice chapter, although maybe some breaks between scene changes could make it easier to read ;)

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 37) - Sun 08 Dec 2019

I truly don't understand Sesshomaru's motives or want he wants. He's trying to stir the humans of different countries to destroy themselves but he's willing to fly to Paris to see Kagome. I'm not sure how this will all connect and end but it will be fascinating. 

Archerdiana (Chapter 37) - Sun 08 Dec 2019

Well I mean, it he looks like Joaquin Phoenix...

Jk. Jyohaku, of course has been through a lot -even running the temple was against his wishes- I guess I never looked back on just how much. He started out a pretty good friend to Kagome. Of course whatever ia hoing on inside their marriage is far from that. I hadn't realised how I would hate to be in his place and feel both guilty and pitiful.

I understand Kagome's clinging to her plan, even if I don't understand well where it's going. Does she? Is she really willing to bury Jyohaku and go back to Sesshomaru? And then, does she know his involvement in South Africa?

There's a weird interpretation of soulmates I get when I read their interactions. Soulmates as in sharing a soul, and being completely co depending.

Great chapter!!

Archerdiana (Chapter 36) - Mon 25 Nov 2019

It's like Narumi and Kagome could work if only they didn't try to.

Sesshomaru misses her, doesn't he?

Neelixonee (Chapter 36) - Mon 25 Nov 2019

Man, I so want Narumi and Kagome to have one good go.  Settle the history repeating.  I'm not crying, you are!

Mecca (Chapter 3) - Mon 25 Nov 2019

Ah, my goddess. I love the fluffiness at the end of this chapter. How cute can Sess get? Now I'm super curious as to what kind of dynamic these two will have. Is he in love? Because to watch someone eat pancakes for hours usually means love right? Lol I love this story so far. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 35) - Tue 19 Nov 2019

That must have been hard to write. Just enough details to make one uncomfortable with the whole thing. I feel bad for Amari. She will never see the bigger picture. This abyss keeps getting darker. 

Neelixonee (Chapter 35) - Tue 19 Nov 2019

How dare you keep the frisky lemon from us!

Archerdiana (Chapter 35) - Mon 18 Nov 2019

Ok i kneeeeeewww the South Africa mentions would play a role. Are we going into a new arch? I love that this has grown so much. I want to see him destroy stuff, actually.

Jyohaku and Kagome is a lot like NaruKik here for me, which I loved. Spider like shivers indeed. It's also probably really bad that I relate to being with someone as self punishment, but I'm also glad to see something like this in fanfic. This makes for a flawed, mature Kagome which I don't get to read often -and I'm always in awe when I find her in your fics. Great chapter!

Letty (Chapter 35) - Mon 18 Nov 2019

 I do not think Sesshoumaru swings that way. That is really OOC.


The idea that Onigumo/Naraku's reincarnation married Kagome and is sleeping with her makes my flesh creep. I wish that priest would die soon.


Sesshoumaru injured or killed others to help Kagome attain the shrine because he is her dog/lackey? If he was her soulmate, why would he hand her over to another person? If he is not her soulmate, then is he a parasite leaching her life force?


In cannon, he placed Rin in a human village in the end for her sake eventhough there were hints she could choose to decide where to go later.


So why would he then take Rin from her partner then kill her? I still can't comprehend the thinking behind such actions. I also found it hard to believe the Killing Perfection can easily be killed there by humans. Recall that most holy folks can't kill him either in the manga and anime. He can walk through holy ground and pass through holy barriers.








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