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08/27/2022 20:49:43Re:Sess mom turns him into dogSearching for a Fic...713
06/05/2022 20:08:10SearchingSearching for a Fic...356
05/06/2022 00:50:48Re:Searching for an Elusive FicSearching for a Fic...630
02/17/2021 02:22:11Re:Looking for a specific ficSearching for a Fic...1507
01/27/2021 00:45:10Re:Any dog demon culture/pack fics?Recommendations2624
10/26/2020 19:41:22Re:Looking for a fic again IISearching for a Fic...931
10/05/2020 22:32:40Re:Looking for a MA fic involving public claimingSearching for a Fic...1569
10/01/2020 23:13:04Re:Ayame Sets Kagome Up w/ SessSearching for a Fic...1067
08/09/2020 00:14:13Re:Sesshomaru is an authorSearching for a Fic...1426
03/18/2020 16:42:39Re:Sesskag FicSearching for a Fic...1911
02/01/2020 17:05:58Re:Can't Remember PairingSearching for a Fic...1902
11/09/2019 20:57:43Re:Looking for fanficSearching for a Fic...2326
10/17/2019 01:29:03Re:Kagome/Inutaisho help!Searching for a Fic...2565
10/12/2019 22:24:02Re:Kagome/Inutaisho help!Searching for a Fic...2565
08/29/2019 00:28:17Re:PLEASE NEED HELP FINDING FIC!!!!Searching for a Fic...1739
08/27/2019 19:48:08Re:Christmas FicSearching for a Fic...1796
07/28/2019 02:31:53Re:Looking for the oneSearching for a Fic...2085
11/28/2018 22:25:49Re:Kagome/Sesshomaru/Inuyasha/Naraku storySearching for a Fic...3308
10/30/2018 00:06:59Re:looking for a sesshomaru/kagome fanfictionSearching for a Fic...2361
10/01/2018 19:52:37Re:2 OTHER FICS IM LOOKING FOR PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!Searching for a Fic...2194

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